My Cat Molly, by Allene and a Lucky Christine

As you all know,  we sometimes get emails from The Crew that I just can’t help sharing.  Here are two ~Marie

My Cat Molly

  • Jul 28 at 12:22 PM
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14 thoughts on “My Cat Molly, by Allene and a Lucky Christine”

  1. How sweet is that, Allene?!? Your cat, Molly loves Il Volo too!!! She certainly knows good music! A classy kitty! Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Christine, you are a lucky lady!! You are going to a Taormina Concert and the Malta Concert too! I know they will both be fantastic!!! I will pretend I am there with you when the pics & videos show up onFB! Have a fantastic time!!!

  3. Allene, this story is so sweet! You have a very smart kitty with excellent taste in music!!
    Christine, have a wonderful time at your concerts. Wish we could all be there with you!

  4. Hey Allene! My best friend in life for nearly 17 years was my Sheltie named Molly. She was terribly afraid of storms! I’ll bet our Boys would have calmed her fears too. Thanks for such a cute story.

    Christine, what a fortunate woman you are! Not only for being included in the interview, but for seeing Il Volo TWICE and in such wonderful places. Good for you! Please send story and photo’s! Enjoy!

    1. From Wikipedia,

      A name day is a tradition in many countries in Europe and Latin America that consists of celebrating a day of the year that is associated with one’s given name. The celebration is similar to a birthday.
      The custom originated with the Christian calendar of saints: believers named after a saint would celebrate that saint’s feast day, or in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, the day of a saint’s death. Name days are more popular in the Catholic and Orthodox parts of Europe, as Protestant churches generally do not venerate saints. In many countries, however, there is no longer any explicit connection to Christianity.

      Thanks Gina and Lydka.

  5. Allene, very nice story 🙂 Your cat has the same excellent taste in music as you ! 🙂 Il Volo music has magical effects,not only on humans as it seems. 🙂

    you had the good fortune that you were at press conference ( I saw it on youtube). Certainly it was a great experience for you ! I wish you a wonderful time at the concerts of Il Volo and even better experiences, let your dreams will fulfill there . 🙂
    Tonight Il Volo will be at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival! They will delight the public of the Salle des Etoiles….Monte Carlo is my dream, to see this beautiful place in the future and because I am a tennis fan,I would like to visit tennis tournament Monte Carlo Rolex Masters , there is one of the most beautiful tennis complex in the world and it would be lovely to meet tennis players. 🙂 One Englishwoman, who I knew from the tennis page about Djokovic, his fan,she was in the Monaco tournament and she was rooting for me, for my favorite tennis player Čilič, she was also on his match, unfortunately he lost to Wawrinka,I was very grateful her for this nice gesture. But tonight I would also like to be in Monaco, if it were possible, but not for tennis…. 😉 Only dreaming……

    1. Lydka, can’t wait for Kelly to read what you wrote. She is a tennis freak!

      I would love to be in Monaco too! The Guys, The beaches, the casino’s..the money it would all cost…

      1. Thank you for the information, I did not know that Kelly loves tennis. In the past I was in the community of Djokovic fans,but it will be a year since I left it.I knew there a lot of nice and great people and sometimes I miss writing with them about tennis…..But the problem was that Čilič is closer to my heart than Nole and started him stronger supported since 2013 as Novak and members of this site did not like when I was writing about Marin. It was inappropriate to support him there,I guess it was my fault,but fans of Čilič join together only through social networks, so I can not communicate with them.Now I can not find the tennis page where I could write comments such as, for example, here or via Disqus. Oh, and it was quite dangerous to write that I love tennis from Federer , because most fans of Novak don’t like Roger,some even hate him… Unfortunately I don’t know play tennis, I don’t have talent for sport and as a child I could not play sports because of health problems. I have a delicate constitution of the body, I am very sensitive.
        I love more name day than birthday. 🙂 In my country we buy flowers, chocolates, small gifts for this day, when we celebrate someone’s name. 🙂 I congratulated Piero, so I could not forget on Ignazio ! 🙂 But I have a problem with Gianluca, because I do not know when is his day ? His name is composed of two names Gian, in my country Ján, name day is on June 24, and Luca, in my country Lukáš, name day is on October 18. I do not know how it is in the Italian calendar. But the names Piero and Ignazio have name day at the same day in Italy as in my country ( Piero, in my country Peter June 29 and Ignazio, in my country Ignác July 31). I will have name day in August and I have already received in advance gift from parents,necklace with my name Lýdia, my official name :-), but for friends and family I’m Lydka and I always at the first meeting say that I am Lydka, except formal and official meetings, then I’m Lýdia. 🙂

      2. I just found this : Non essendovi santi con questo nome, che è quindi adespota, l’onomastico si festeggia nelle ricorrenze di Giovanni (24 giugno per Giovanni Battista e 27 dicembre per Giovanni apostolo ed evangelista) e Luca (18 ottobre, Luca evangelista). Translation : There being no saints with this name, the name day is celebrated in the celebrations of John (June 24 for John the Baptist, and December 27 for John the Evangelist) and Luke (October 18, Luke the Evangelist). Hm, so I missed out the June date,but I still have two opportunities between October and December. 🙂

  6. My cat Molly is quite puffed up with pride that she has had her story told on the blog. Thanks, Marie. She also has a rather unusual favorite toy – a catnip carrot. You read it right, a catnip carrot.

    Christine, you are indeed a lucky lady. Two concerts! How I envy you. And wouldn’t it be great to be in Monaco! Our boys do seem to get to some exotic places.

  7. I, also have a cat that loves to hear Il Volo singing. My computer is in the bedroom, and whenever she hears the guys singing, she sits on the corner of the bed watching the screen. Sometimes, she will jump on my lap and nudge the screen untill I play another video, and then resumes her spot on the bed and watches. The “Kittys in this household know “fine” when they hear it, or see it! Ain’t no dummies here!!

  8. Christine! How wonderful for you to score those two concerts and so smart of you to be right on the spot for the press conference! I hope you have the time of your life at the concerts ahead. Please be sure to write and tell us all about it!

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