Celebrating The Middle One!

Today, I have decided, is Ignazio Day on the Flight Crew Website! Yes, I can do that.  I control the publish button.  Well, actually, Kelly and I do.  Jana only thinks she does.  Most of you will be surprised that I haven’t done this before.

What prompted it today is the video below!  Our “International Star” must be very proud to be counted among this number of top professionals!  What an honor for our Big Guy!


I love pictures of him (of all of them) with children.

Ignazio and a friend

He’s so funny!

a ignazio dayClick Here ⇒https://instagram.com/p/5tVl_nF8y-/


Says, “Racing is my third passion.”  Obviously, his first passion is music and his second has to be me.  Humm, I thought his family would be in there.

a ignazio day 2Click here ⇒https://instagram.com/p/5wZzeqMRO8/
Stop that, Young Man!  You’re going to give me a Heart attack!


You have to admit these little snippets are adorable!

a ignazio day 3

Click here⇒https://instagram.com/p/5tm8E8MRMy/

and Here ⇒https://instagram.com/p/sZ5sIysRHn/

Even when he’s not singing he’s pretty amazing!


He cooks!  I mean food…this time.


When showing you Ignazio videos, I will ALWAYS add this one!


How about this from Taormina – Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia.


And finally, when his comical side ceases we get to hear his operatic side, Core ‘ngrato, with that other guy.


Well, Ignazio Day just made my day!  Thank You for allowing me to indulge in my favorite sport!


46 thoughts on “Celebrating The Middle One!”

  1. I thought every day was Ignazio Day. It is for me anyway. Everything you wrote sounds like it came from me except his second passion which of course would be me. Ha. He is amazing in every way. Somehow I love him more every day.

  2. Marie, You have made my day and my heart grows fonder for Ignazio. You have said it well and I loved the little snippets you have shared with us. He has had my heart since I saw IL Volo several years ago. I don’t know why these young men wrap our hearts around their little fingers, but they do. Have a wonderful Blessed day!!

  3. Marie, feel free to celebrate in this way any time you feel like it!! I love all three, but there’s just “something in the way he moves” ( lyrics again) that moves me!! His ability to go from utter foolishness to absolute fabulousness in his music…blows my mind! Well, enough said! You know, and so do others!! Thanks, perhaps one day, I’ll get to witness this phenomenon in person!! Hope my heart can stand it!! Dot…..

  4. Marie, this is such a fun post! You have captured the essence of Ignazio! My favorite part being the last video clip AND music. I do believe I saw a fleeting glimpse of YOU in the original spot! He surely had YOU on his mind when this was filmed. The captivating look in his eyes and smile just have MARIE written all over them. 🙂 (Do I now earn points for having said this about one of our illustrious leaders?)

    1. Jane, I am sending you my Visa. Feel free to use it anyway you see fit. You are my new best friend and I will love you always. My sister is bringing you the Visa. You may keep her too.

      1. Mary, Jane saw ME there! She saw him smile at ME! She knew he was thinking of ME! Of course she’s replacing you! She’s a way better liar than you!!

      2. Yes, I’ll take Deb AND the Visa! I’ll get them both back to you by March when you may need them in Miami. Oh, by the way…I hope when Ignazio’s tour schedule slows down we can sign up for individual cooking lessons. That marsala chicken looks so good and he wouldn’t need a chef’s apron on. Would spoil the down home look he sports in the tank top. 🙂
        Mary, you can still be MY best friend if Marie has moved you to a different location on the scale .

  5. Marie, just wanted to let you know and all Il Volo fans here in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale that WXEL will be airing the Pompeii concert this Saturday at 8.00 p.m. Ch 17 in my area Deerfield Beach. Excitement building and I cannot wait for Saturday….another grandmother fan.

    1. As hard as it is to believe, Marion…after all I’ve been through to see it…I will have my first glimpse of the Pompeii video Monday night! When it was on the screen in front of me in Detroit I was watching something else!

    2. Also in Palm Beach County FL it will be airing on WPBT2 ( channel 437 & 2) this Saturday night at 9pm and 10:30pm and Monday on WXELD ( channel 440 & 6) at 8pm and 11pm. Marion I can’t wait either !! So exciting !!

  6. I’m including Marie for the Ignazio Day because she is always there.. She is the best and we bow down . 😅👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻😤😣😜😻

  7. Aww, thanks Laura Lee. You are sweet. In case you’re wondering …the best time to bow down is if you’re in front of me at an Il Volo concert.

  8. What a journey we’ve had following this beautiful young man from the dimpled darling boy he was to the handsome, talented person he is today. Such a privilege to having been a part of his growing up and seeing the changes along the way. The story of the three young men of Il Volo and the evolution from their individual humble beginnings to their joining together unexpectedly at the contest; how they grew up together while developing their talent and followed their destiny of bringing their message of love and joy to the world is amazing and wonderful.

  9. I just love our endearing Ignazio and I really love that you made this ” Ignazio Day” Marie !!! You made my day “for sure” (as Gianluca would say !!). I have been laughing my way through all of your posts and agree with everything that has been said about our dimpled wonder !! So far his journey has been as incredible as he is with no end in sight !! Ignazio and his brothers will continue to conquer the world for many years to come !!

  10. Every day is Iganzio for me, as he has always been my most favorite (even though I do love all three of the guys). This was a real treat, Marie! I enjoyed it all, and will be going over it as many more times as my day allows! Thank You!!! <3

  11. Marie, you either make me laugh and/or cry, and I always appreciate it! Yes, EVERY day is Ignazio Day to me, too…he is such a beautiful combination of talent, looks, intelligence, sweetness, and wonderful goofiness that I find SOOOO attractive. He’s MY “Wild Thing”, you know, and I’m so glad he’s in the world! <3

  12. Marie: I was just ready to have my lunch, but now I have to wait until my heart stops racing and I stop SWEATING!!! (I usually perspire, but “he” makes me SWEAT!) Every day for me, too, is an Ignazio day and also Ignazio nights! Thanks so much. (By the way, reading all your hilarious posts, I have to tell you that you have the greatest wit and sense of humor!) Take Care

  13. Marie, I was sitting beside you in Detroit remember, and I know what happens to young men that bow down in front of you, only with their backsides to you! A very surprised Ignazio, and Piero! And a surprised and shocked Jane and me! But a very happy Ignazio Day to you, Marie!

    1. Thanks Allene. I have to admit I was a little surprised myself. But…everytime I think about it I get this goofy grin on my face that seems to make me pretty happy! Yep, there it is now.

  14. Ignazio has been hysterically funny during the entire Italian tour – from what I can understand in the videos which is less than perfect. So Marie, you are right: it was time for a “Celebrate Ignazio Day!” Whoever wrote that he’s been “unleashed” has captured his performances this summer and he has the audience in the palm of his hand. The whole way he handled what Piero did to him near the end of the Rome concert was wonderfully comical! But there is one point in which he is telling Piero off…!

    I often wonder what they say to each other onstage while they perform….

      1. Eileen, I first glimpsed Il Volo on a daytime show on tv. I immediately went to Youtube and watched O Sole Mio. Then..I..saw..this! That was it! It was the hook. I never left.

  15. Ignazio day! !Finally !! A day to show how absolutely Beautiful and unbelievably Gorgeous and AMAZiNG he is. Did I mentioned How funny he is too, oh yes that he is very much so. He has a voice of Angel and my favorite of the three. I feel like he tends to be over shadow bye the other two ,its nice to see a topic about him and people talking about him and show he there in the light .

  16. Eileen, More thoughts … maybe, because of that video, when Ignazio took me through the roof on that beautiful high note, is why he is so special to me.

    1. I did not know it was THAT video, Marie! Ignazio is the one who has changed the most and your videos show that. I love his sense of humor, but I love when he really gets into the music. There have been several videos of his duet with Gianluca, but this is my favorite from Brescia. Two beautiful voices and their chemistry is extraordinary. And then I think Piero says that on the day he gets married he wants them to sing this song!!

  17. thank you so much for these clips although the videos were without picture content, sound only which was ok until the last one (Barry White) because that one just sends me into an excitement frenzy. I just love it. Keep up the good work, and yes, every day is an Ignazio day for me too. I think it is his humour mixed with that shyness of his and the smile which reaches his eyes (mind you they all have that). Thank you again.
    x x x

    1. Hey Linda, please try again! No one else seems to have had trouble with picture and sound. Hope you get it! That Barry White one…yeah…a frenzy!

  18. I love that this is Ignazio Day! and I love all these videos and pictures. I had seen the duet of Piero and Ignazio singing Core’ngrato a few weeks ago. When the song started, I immediately started crying and I cried for three hours and twenty minutes. It was so beautiful. I guess I had alot of pent up stress from the last few months and this was very cathartic. I still tear up when I see it, but nothing like the waterworks that night.

    1. Linda, It’s so wonderful Il Volo can do that for you. I understand. They have done that for me too. They sing from their soul and it goes straight to ours. That’s what makes them so special.

  19. Marie, I, too, cannot get some of the videos, just a big black square. Also, am not able to get anything from Instagram; I guess it’s an app I don’t have? I’m sure you already know this, but name day is a real celebration in Sicily, as important as your birthday, if not more. Ignazio’s name day was July 31st, or so I read. The meaning of his name is “fire”, or “fiery”. No surprize there!! He certainly lives up to his name!! I do agree though that, for some of us, everyday is an Ignazio day!

    1. I read about name day. From either you or Gina. That and the first video, are what gave me the idea for the post.

      I don’t know what to say about the black video’s. They look ok to me, so I don’t know why. I’ll mess with them. Try again later.

      1. Gal’s, I went in and edited all video’s. Can’t figure it out. I know that sometimes the ‘Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” video loads slowly. That’s the best I got.

  20. Wonderful dedication to Ignacio. They make me laugh, they make me cry and put joy in my life every day. I couldn’t love them more than I do. It’s so wonderful to share our feelings on this site.

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