Miracles ~ Mary Bohling

Mary, do you remember this from February 2014?  It’s time to share it with others.  So nice to know He listened. ~Marie


I believe in miracles.
They happen every day.
The big ones and the small ones,
To help us on our way.
A miracle of healing, Lord,
I’m praying for tonight.
I feel Your love surround me
Like warm and heavenly light.
I’ve prayed my prayers, and now Lord
I’ve put it in your hands.
And there is something else.
I know you understand
The healing power of music.
So you sent the world a gift
Of lovely, healing music
To give our hearts a lift.
You sent three young Italians
With voices pure and strong.
They charmed us with their beauty,
They thrilled us with their song.
They took us with their singing
To places high above.
Music is the orchestra
Of Your abiding love.
Yes, I believe in miracles,
They happen all along.
The miracle of healing,
The miracle of song.


15 thoughts on “Miracles ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Beautiful words. Il Volo’s music truly has healed me and brings me such happiness. Thanks for putting a smile on my face first thing this morning.

  2. What a beautiful prayer & poem. You have captured all our feelings in this poem. There is so much hate going on this world I worry about them traveling and I pray God will be keep them close to his heart and wrap his hands around them from any harm and to keep them safe.

  3. Mary, this is just beautiful. You have such a lovely way of putting your heart into words. Miracles come in many forms… was it coincidence that put our three young men together at the same time in the same place? I think not. “Music is the orchestra of Your abiding love.” We have been truly blessed. Thank you for sharing this prayer-poem with us!

  4. Mary, this is a beautiful prayer, poem!! Thankyou so much!!! A lovely way to start the day, today we are flying home from SeaTac after visiting with my second son for a week!!! My two daughters & my Il Volo driver Grandaughter!! Have had a wonderful time!! The guys music has soothed & inspired me every day!!! 💖 💖 💖

  5. Really beautiful and true poem, prayer ! 🙂 Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂 Albert Einstein said :“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I like also this quote :Making a hundred friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you. 🙂 Life itself is a miracle, also our Mother Earth and all that is around us, but the biggest and most beautiful miracles are those that we can not catch by hands, but they touch our heart and soul ! <3 The best miracles are born of love, respect, sincerity, goodness, pure joy and enthusiasm…. Pay attention to the little everyday miracles,live and perceive them fully. I think that if we can not see and appreciate the little miracle, then maybe never come to us great miracle…Small miracles we are receiving from life every day, but a great miracle, we have to deserve….Music by Il Volo is also one of the miracles…..:-) <3

  6. Mary, really beautiful poem/prayer, and one that certainly says what is in all of our hearts. Thank you.

    Dorthy and Allene, please go back to “Words” to read my last comments to each of you. Have a great day!

  7. Mary: Thank you for the lovely prayer/poem. God gives us many miracles in our lives. Some that are obvious, and many more that we do not even realize have occurred. And Il Volo was one of his miracles to bring them together and to bring them to us. Thank you for a lovely post. Take Care

  8. What a beautiful poem, Mary! You poet ladies need to make a book of them, and send it to our Guys. I know they would be proud and impressed that they inspire such wonderfully written sentiments! Much love to you all! <3

  9. Mary
    Such a beautiful prayer/poem. There is so much talent on this site. Excellent writing with some humor, which is what we need right now.
    Thank you

  10. Mary, I just read your heartfelt poem/prayer. It was very beautiful. I truly believe in the miracle of music. Music has been my “happy place” most of my life. IL VOLO music has made that happy place that much sweeter and tranquil. I was also blessed this year with the miracle of my first grandchildren (twins!). And I just read about another prayer answered: IL VOLO is coming to New Orleans in March! 2015 has been miraculous so far & 2016 will be wonderful, too!

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