I hope you are all proud of yourselves! We are! For two years we have all kept this anniversite running with Il Volo news, photo’s, video’s, history, geography, recipes, reviews, editorials, poetry, and your amazing, informative and heartfelt stories and comments.

We have all “Shared the Love” of those three young Gentlemen from Italy enough to be viewed

725,000 times. 
162 countries *
have looked in on us Including The Vatican City!

With the many, many new Il Volo sites springing up all over the world in the past 6 months, we are happy we are still read an average of

1,000 times a day.

What?  You thought there were only about 20 of us?

Tomorrow Kelly will announce something new and special to begin our third year.

Congratulations you wonderful Crew!

Special thanks to our Affiliates: All About Il Volo, All Things Il Volo and Team Il Volo

Thank You,



News Contributors:
Lisa Joy
Mary Strickler
Regina Hanna (Gina)
Music Reviewer/Education Contributor:
Myron Heaton
Art Contributor:
Elizabeth Vancoevorden
Contributing Authors:
Danielle Ciarelli ~ Jeannette Giglio
Jana VandeLaare ~ Kathryn “Kitty” Mason
Food Contributor:
Leelee (Alicia)
Julie Bernache
Varied Contributions Provided by:
Ann Scavo


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29 thoughts on “HOORAY FOR US!”

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary! To all of you who keep us up to date with the guys on this page. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Thanks for all you do in keeping us informed; for the great articles, videos, etc. Keep up the great work and know how much all of your efforts are very much appreciated!

  3. “Life is sweet because of the
    friends we have made
    And the things which in common we share;
    We want to live on, not because of ourselves,
    But because of the ones who would care.
    It’s living and doing for somebody else
    On that all of life’s splendor depends,
    And the joy of it all, when we count it all up,
    Is found in the making of friends.

    Thanks to the creators of this site and all the many people that are now sharing the joy of following three young men thru their journey in life.

  4. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Words can’t express how grateful we are for all your hard work to keep us informed. THANK YOU!!! And, if you are in the DMV area, MPT(22) will air Il Volo Live at Pompeii today (8/8) at 6:30 pm and tomorrow at 3:30 pm. WETA(26) will air it Aug. 16th. Lovely weekend to all!

  5. Happy anniversary Il Flight crew. Thank you so much for all that you do for all the Il Volo fans. It is gratefully appreciated! 👍

  6. Thank you all for your input – poetic, silly, serious, tasty, candy for the eyes! I’m so grateful that this site is here for me to come to each morning to start my day in such a positive, lovely way. You never fail to make me laugh or cry – or both! – and fill me up once again with the wonder of Il Volo! We are truly blessed by this gift from God. Let’s keep on celebrating with the Flight Crew and Il Volo. Fly high Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio!

  7. GRAZIE to all of the Board for all that you do! This site is a labor of love and devotion for three amazing young men who are changing the world one song at a time. Happy 2nd Anniversary to all! Gina, I love the poem you shared. I am so grateful for all of the friends I have made here on this wonderful site. Coming to the site every day is pure joy!

  8. Happy Anniversary and my heartfelt thanks for all you do! I am so happy I found The Flight Crew. You bring so much to our love of Il Volo and not just with your photos and videos etc. You have so many interesting articles and information about Italy and its wonderful people and you share your sometimes funny and beautiful feelings and stories about Il Volo. (Yes, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I could cry) We certainly relate to so many of these feelings even though we can’t express them as well as you do. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have brought so much love, peace and happiness into so many lives and you help share that.

  9. I couldn;t start the day without this wonderful site. A heartfelt thanks from me. My life has been so enhanced by all the input. Luv U all. Joanie G

  10. Congratulations!!!! Marie, you and your contributors have done an outstanding job! Hope to get back in the loop soon.



  11. Congratulations on your two year anniversary!!
    You keep us involved in the many adventures of our guys and there have been so many. I marvel at them being so young and having accomplished so much – with such poise and charisma. Unbelievable, but true.
    Thank you all for all you do to inform us and to honor their ongoing career steps, one by one. We always have a front-row seat to see and hear the latest news, videos, pictures and we all appreciate the time and effort that goes into this.

  12. Happy Second Anniversary to Il Volo Flight Crew!!! Thank you for creating this wonderful site!!! You make me laugh, you make me cry, (sometimes). So appreciate the labor of love you put into each article which is posted. We are all here together because of these three amazing young men sharing their wondrous music & their love & zest for the pathway of life they have chosen !!! Grande Amore to all my Il Volo friends today!!!

  13. Congratulations on your anniversary! I thought I was a newbie here but if you are only two years old, I must have come along near the beginning. I don’t always have a lot to say but my heart responds to your silliness, love and admiration for Il Volo.

  14. A big congratulations on your 2nd anniversary what a great site the Flight Crew has put together you guys put the same passion into this website as IL Volo puts into t their music.It’s so nice to find people who feel about IL Volo the same way I do you’re the best. Have a great day. and Thank you so much for all that the Flight Crew does.

  15. I had a pen pal from Australia when I was in the sixth-grade! Who would have ever thought I’d have this many within 2 years?? Many thanks to everyone involved in this remarkable endeavor! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! I ♡ the Flight Crew!!

  16. I Wish Happy Second Anniversary to Il Volo Flight Crew ! 🙂 An anniversary is a good occasion to look back on what you have done. You can do this with satisfaction and happiness because you have always done a very good job. 🙂 I always been impressed with your dedication to share with love all your stories, poems, videos, photos, feelings, news, informations, projects (as book for boys) with other Il Volo fans. 🙂 People with perseverance, dedication, commitment, determination, fortitude and resilience rarely need to be wished good luck , but I wish you good luck, many enthusiasm, forces, inspirations….simply all the best, in the continuation in your work on this website, and that in the future you will be celebrate many other beautiful anniversaries with an ever increasing number of fans ! 🙂 Your enthusiasm, passion, love,admiration for Il Volo is a beautiful example , what kind of magical power has the music that comes from the heart and soul and how it is beautiful to get to know through it many nice, gentle, sincere, modest, honest people. 🙂 t’s amazing how three young gentlemen were and are able to bring,with their music and personalities, such splendid feelings and emotions to people around the world and how they can spread good energy, love and pleasant sentiment with their voices and melodies to our hearts.and minds. 🙂 <3 <3 <3
    I wish beautiful day full of great moments to all Il Volo fans and also Piero, Ignazio, who will be recognized today as honorary citizens of Roseto and Gianluca who will be recognized as“Ambassador of Roseto degli Abruzzi in the world”. 🙂

  17. Happy 2nd Anniversary. Can’t believe two years have already come and gone. Seems like it was just yesterday this site was created. Keep up the great job in keeping everyone Il Volo happy.

  18. Congratulations and many thanks to all the contributors!! It takes lots of time and effort, dedication and love for Il Volo to continue this wonderful site day by day. Very much appreciated, I also am a daily reader of this site. Once again grazie mille from flag number four on your stats.

  19. Happy, Happy Second Anniversary! Thank you so much for giving me a place I can talk about my love for Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio with out being met with raised eyebrows and rolling eyes. And as a bonus, I have met many, many new friends who feel exactly the same way about our boys. I look forward every morning to reading what’s new on the Flight Crew site.

  20. THE US TOUR SCHEDULE HAS BEEN POSTED ON IL VOLO MUNDIAL FACEBOOK and they are coming to DALLAS, AUSTIN AND SAN ANTONIO. All three cities I can make the trip to. Wish it was next week.

  21. A Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Board, and to all of you around the world who follow this site. Marie, you were right! I had no idea! It’s pretty scary to know that when I write on here, which you have so graciously allowed; I’m not just sharing my thoughts with those whose names I see here, but with people all over the world. In reality, whatever I might convey in my words, can ultimately affect so many. I repeat, that’s scary; but at the same time, what an opportunity! It’s here that I can share the admiration I have for three outstanding young men, not even from my country, whose aim it is to bring beauty, love and respect, to as many as they possibly can . That is their goal; that is their dream. Thank you, FLIGHT CREW!

  22. A big huge THANK YOU to the Flight Crew! Right now I have zip idea how exactly I discovered this wonderful site but it has been such a huge blessing for me. I too start my day with checking out the latest on the Flight Crew and while I have only met a few of you in person, I feel like I could easily sit down with anyone of you and just start gabbing away. IL VOLO has blessed my life and The Flight Crew keeps me informed, amused and thrilled day by day.

    Thank you, Thank you thank you! Or as the guys might say: Mille grazie!

    Your pirate,

    1. Congratulations Flight Crew for giving us so much information on these young men for 2 years. Right now I am watching IL Volo from Pompeii on PBS and enjoying the show very much.
      Thanks again for all the hard work you do to give us so much information <3

  23. Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Flight Crew Board & all contributors, readers, & posters. To quote my favorite Pirate: “IL VOLO has blessed my life and The Flight Crew keeps me informed, amused and thrilled day by day.” Actually, “amused” is not strong enough. Some days what I read here makes me LOL!! Thanks so much.

  24. My sincere thanks and appreciation for all the Flight Crew contributors! It hardly seems like two years–but then again Il Volo time never seems to be very long.
    Concerts are over before you can catch your breath, and years fly by with the blink of an eye!
    Mille grazie to everyone who comes to this site to share, learn and love!

  25. Happy Anniversary and I thank all of you so much for all your hard work and for starting this site. I found it by accident early last year when I was googling something about Il volo. Thanks again and many many more years to come!

  26. HAPPY,HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY to the amazing board,contributors and the entire Flight Crew family !!! I remember well the day I found this site. There was a little Flight Crew post, I can’t remember where, that I happened to see and when I brought it up my life changed forever !!! This was in October 2013 right after I had been to a concert in Orlando and I had nowhere to vent my Il Volo passion !! Here we all share and understand this passion and love we feel for these amazing young men and are able to express it freely and openly with each other.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the news,music,photos,videos,poems and stories that I start my day with every morning !!!💕🎶💕🎶💕

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