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Myron, Jeannette and their Las Vegas group are working hard to secure some special events for all of us during the Il Volo Las Vegas Concert on March 25, 2016.  They will continue to update their site.  Please read below, “vote”, and be sure to check back often with the site link below.


Today’s Update


The Myron Heaton Il Volo Committee is in the process sealing the deal for our faire banquet for all who come to see Il Volo in LV.. I have updated the website to the latest information available… If you are planning to attend the Il Volo Concert in Las Vegas we would like you to visit the site and vote…

We need to get a count of how many fans will be attending before we can the secure the Banquet Room for our guests and then post the price for the Fan Faire Banquet… Barbara has the link to this site and we want to show her there is a serious showing of fans from all over the USA coming to LV for the concert… This may help us have Il Volo do the meet and greet at our party… You never know… Numbers talk.. So please help me get to word out for folks to vote for the informal Fan Faire Banquet and post comments too… It will all help our efforts to have Il Volo at least stop in to say hello or if we are truly lucky, do a meet and greet with us … Il Volo will have three back to backs, Az, LV, and LA… That is why there is no promises about the guys being at our Fan Faire but with enough people showing support just maybe we will get a drop in by them… I am saying a prayer that we can get permission to have the meet and greet as part of our event…One can dream you know……/18/grande-amore/

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  1. There should have been a CHECK for “I WISH AND WOULD GIVE UP MY LAST GOLD TOOTH’ to go to your banquet.” I sent out your information to people I know who go to Las Vegas and who think I have “dementia” for being such an avid pushy fan.
    Will have to settle for Dallas.

    1. Gina, I felt the same way last year when I would read the posts on this blog and saw how many flight crew fans made plans to meet at an Il Volo Concert… But please do not give up your last gold tooth, you would not want to be toothless when watching Il Volo sing to you and steal your heart… I will have to give serious consideration for a box to check for
      “I WISH AND WOULD GIVE UP MY LAST GOLD TOOTH’ to go to your banquet.”

  2. I guess I’m a little confused here. I went to the site and voted, but then realized it looks like the same vote taken last March. Are we double voting here? Just want to make sure I do it right and not re-vote. Anyone else have any input on this? Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. The votes you had taken in March was to help us see if there was enough people who would come to Las Vegas for a concert and Fan Faire… Those votes helped us show the Il Volo Management team that If Il Volo came to Las Vegas fans would too… Now that we have the conformation that there will be an Il Volo Concert on March 25th, these are new questions to help us see how many people will attend the Fan Faire Banquet, and also see how many will be attending the meet and greet…

      I hope this helps clear up the confusion… The site has been updated but the appearance is the same… I will try to make information more clear when I update the site again… Thank you MaryJane, you comments help me to improve our site…

      1. Jeannette I and my son & so-in-lw are going to I hope I made it clear that we will be at the concert & meet & greet & banquet. the facebook said to click that so that is what I did so is that where the information is going?

      2. Jeannette I should have given you the names of my son & son-in-law their names are Steve & Stefan. I am ecstatic that this is progressing thanks for you hard work

      3. Not to worry Loretta, that will come later… We are just in the first stages of getting the show on the road…

  3. I got on to Myron,s site and voted . I think. Anyway I will be at the banquet in L.V. See you there. Joanie G P.S. There will be two of us.

      1. Marie, I want to thank you for putting our request to visit our site up on the Flight Crew so quickly… The excitement last night after our meeting with the Palms Rep. to secure the beautiful room for our Il Volo Banquet was so overwhelming that I wanted to get the website updated quickly for all to see… I did not think about updating more than just the questions for the poll… All these comments have helped me to realize our site needs more updating… Thank you again for being such a great support of the dream to have a big convention for our fans…

      2. Several of us have waited a long time for this! Jeannette and Myron, thanks for all the hard work organizing this. Let us know what we can do to help!

    1. Thank you, voting is not a commitment it is so that we can get a an approximate head count so we can accommodate all who plan on attending the Fan Faire Banquet… We appreciate all the votes and comments…

      1. You all have been so wonderful and supportive of this. Part of our whole goal is to show that they have huge support mechanism here in the the USA/Canada.

        re: numbers – this survey is to give a guide for the long term reservation of the room. Eventually there will be an actual reservation with Pay Pal form to fill out and that will have to be very precise.

    2. Thank you for voting… We are just trying to get head count so we can go forward with our plans and get all our ducks in order… It is just a tool to help us…

    1. The update for the Il Volo Concert and Banquet went up late last night so the new poll has just started to get hits… I want to thank you for voting…. And helping me see that some changes can help clear up the confusion.. Thank you

  4. Dear Marie, what fun this would be, but alas, I am 2000 miles away. I am trying to find an affordable ticket in Pennsylvania. I live in Ohio, but Cleveland in February is chancy at best. We live 4 hours away and still get the effects of Cleveland’s lake effect snows! You made add my love and kisses to the boys, however!

    1. I live in Ohio, Sandi. That’s why I’m attending Miami, Ft Myers and Vegas. Hope you get to see them closer to home and give them those kisses yourself.

    2. So is Pennsylavania Sandi! I have a grandson whose birthday is in February and who lives in Pennsylvania and the last time we drove there to be at his birthday party we were driving at around 5 miles an hour through a blizzard. Visibility was next to nothing, it was quite a harrowing drive! We couldn’t find a place to stay so we kept on going until we got to Philly.
      I don’t think whoever made these tour date has ANY conception of weather in the USA in February!

  5. Jeannette, I am ecstatic in hearing your great news of the get together!! I so appreciate ALL of your hard work and efforts to make this happen. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you in Las Vegas! Let us know if we can do anything for you besides show up! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much MaryJane… There will be many things that the fans can do when this all comes together… Myron and I shared some ideas how how to have this event be more exciting than just a dinner and fans chatting with each other…We want to have special things going on for all to enjoy… As time goes on we will get some ideas in place and ask for ideas as well… We are on step one right now and was we progress you all will be part of the process to make this a super special event …

    Just know there is a pirate sized hole in all these plans.

  7. I wish you good luck that you may be successful in organizing Il Volo Banquet ! 🙂 I am sure that many American fans will support you , and with your determination, diligence, admiration, love, creativity and positive energy you can achieve your goal and the boys from Il Volo will come to greet you at the banquet ! 🙂 The dreams are filled, so believe in it, and go for it with faith in the ” wishing” end. 🙂 Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca certainly appreciate your efforts, support, love and interest for them ! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful message and your warm support… This was Myron’s dream and through his determination, perseverance and hard work it is becoming a reality… I feel very privileged that he asked me to assist him, and I have enjoyed every moment of the process leading up to this project… The reward will be on March 25, 2016 when we meet our Il Volo family and enjoy with them the Fan Faire and the Il Volo Concert…

  8. I am planning on attending the Las Vegas concert and banquet and have voted. Thanks so much for planning this.

    1. Thank you so much… Please share the site with other Il Volo fans, we are looking to have a wonderful turnout for this event…

  9. I voted on Jeannette’s FB post last nite! I commented that my grandson, Micheal, & my daughter, Elizabeth will be going! I mentioned Carol Coates may come with us also. We are
    going to go on Thurs & stay 2 nites at the hotel. Now you have names for us. This will be wonderful!!!

    1. This is great news Anne, You will have to go onto the site and put in four votes … I am so happy to hear that Carol is coming to … She is just a treasure … She has been worried about getting a ticket.. .Be sure to share with her that there is no news yet on ticket sales for the Las Vegas Concert… I hope you all will be coming to the convention as well… We look forward to seeing you and your family…

    2. That is great recruiting. I sure do like seeing some more guys on our list. This place holds 2500. So I think that a lot will come from the VEGAS / PBS station when they replay the Pompeii special later this year.

  10. I like the sound of this. Say,Marie, Did I send you an article on Friday? I meant to send it right before leaving to go up north, but Im not finding it in my send group on my kindle,so guess it didn’t go.I’ll be home tomorrow, and will check it out then.

  11. Does being there in spirit count? Someone, who shall remain nameless (she knows who she is), is taking up my time here in Florida so I cannot make it to Vegas as well, unless some miracle happens like the lottery. I, like so many others, wish I could be there. Hey – maybe we can Skype into the event (kidding).

    1. Well, who would do such a horrible thing? To take advantage of your gracious hospitality and then take off to Vegas without you? “She” must be just plain evil! It’s Ineke, isn’t it?

    2. Now that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a real long time! Or somehow stream it, I know you can do this because a friend of mine streamed her son’s wedding because the grandmothers couldn’t come for health reasons. The entire wedding was online in real time. From the procession to the dancing!
      There are so many of us who would love to be there and can’t.

      1. Humm. Penina, you are the idea woman. When I think about what Myron does, I’m betting he knows someone who could do something like that.

        Once he gets the main plans in order we can spring this request on him. Besides..that will teach him not to read ALL the comments on the site.

        I get to edit though. What I do in Vegas may need to stay in Vegas.

      2. I don’t know how expensive it is to do the streaming, but I am betting it can’t be all that much because my friend is a very economical lady! Maybe those of us who would want to watch can pitch in a few dollars each. It also would allow other fans who use this site who live in other countries to enjoy the event.

  12. Oooooooo I would LOVE to Skype to the IL VOLO Vegas party and at least “meet” some of your amazing crazy fans!, That would at least cheer me up a little.

      1. Hey – wait a sec – I thought of it. That makes us 3. (I know there’s more out there who would jump at the chance)

      2. We area committee of three! I haven’t the faintest idea how to make this happen.
        Do you?

      3. Not a clue, Penina. However, we do have some time to see if we can figure it out.

      4. I hear ya Penina, a committee we is! WE be nagging these lucky salacious scalawags and get them to keep us fans who through no fault of our own , we arrr the innocent unlucky lambs being deprived of Il Volo, and they need to remember us and share their party!

  13. LeeLee: This is the opportunity to thank you very much for your kindness to let us stay with you. I am so looking forward to meeting you!
    Penina: Do not worry, I have broad shoulders!
    Marie: Just wait! I will get you back!

    1. Ineke, I cannot wait. I’m looking forward to meeting you as well. As for your comment to Marie, I will be more than happy to help you in any way I can. We’ll plot on the side 🙂 (Marie’s not seeing this, right?)

      1. Penina I think it will be OK. I have known Marie as far back as the previous Il Volo site. She is the most ‘sweetest and innocent’ lady you can ever meet!!!!! Right Marie?

      2. I also know Marie from the previous Il Volo site. Although the dumb site rarely if ever let me SAY anything, I read Marie and Loretta’s MINE! MINE! MINE! battles all the time!

      3. Ineke, I’m hysterical laughing. Marie – sweet and innocent? Oh wait, were you serious?

  14. My friends, it is enjoyable to read all these discussions about your interest. It will be so great to have a chance to have this Nation-wide (and guest from out of the country as well) convention of Il Volo fans. Our hope here is that we will be successful enough to show them that they can come back to Vegas again the next year for an even bigger event with more fans.

    The old original plan hoped for it to become an annual event Also, maybe getting to the point that Il Volo has to do a short residency here for 3 or 4 nights or more.

    Let us recruit !

    1. Excellent idea dear Myron but please let us convince them not to come in winter and Holy Week!! I can’t stand missing this concert and yet I must! ARRRRGGGHHH.

  15. NEWS ITEM – Just heard from Pearl Box office: tickets go on sale Friday, August 28 at 12:00noon Pacific time

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