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Note from Myron:

LAS VEGAS, IL VOLO, tickets on sale Friday, August 28th at noon.

The Pearl Box office:  (702) 944-3200
Not sure about M & G. 


Now Jane

Well, Piero pulled a good one on Ignazio during the Cheiti concert the other night.  Incase you missed it while singing Surrender, Piero comes strolling out for his initial part of the song wearing the same black t-shirt outfit as Ignazio.  Ignazio loses it big time!  What fun!  Here they are once again giving us 110% of just who they are.  Ignazio leans on the piano laughing his head off while Piero just strolls around singing away with a sly smile if you look close.  These two are definitely the pranksters of the trio.  They simply feed off of each other which is so fun to see.  This is one of the most endearing qualities they ALL possess…they simply ARE WHO THEY ARE.  No false pretense here. Let’s see, this would be the one millionth reason why we love them so…but who is counting?  Keep the fun coming guys.  You make our day, EVERYDAY!



 Move over ABBA here comes Ignazio and Piero grooving to Dancing Queen!

 Watch that hip action along with the arms.
They look like they’ve been doing this for years, but were they even alive when Abba was at the top of the charts??

No, they were not, but Abba DID win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and back then were noted to be the most successful group EVER to take part in the competition.  That was until THIS YEAR when IL VOLO hit their stage!!  We all know who will step ahead of that place in history!

Keep on dancing guys.  We love every move you make!!



 If you look real close above the right ankle something looks a lot like a tattoo.

Now Marie says it’s HER NAME…

Allene says it’s HER NAME…

Mary B. says it’s HER NAME!!!

 Who are we  to believe??

 ( I say it’s a clump of sand stuck to his skin…but then what do I know?)

a jane


A Mother and Son.  A bond so close, a connection so deep.

A mother keeps her child in her heart forever.

No matter how famous or how many miles apart,

He will always hold a place in her heart no one else can ever fill.

a jane 1


38 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Jane”

  1. Nice job Jane! This is so much fun! That’ll teach Mary to go out of town just to see her new granddaughter.

    The video where Piero “punked” Ignazio has to be my new favorite video! First of all, it’s great to see them having so much fun! It’s great to see Ignazio’s wonderful laughter. It’s really funny though to watch Piero and that satisfied smirk on his face throughout the video! LMAO for sure!

    Jane, that is MY name on Piero’s ankle. It matches my ankle! How sweet of him to do that!

    1. I guess we’ll just have to take a closer look this winter when they come on tour, but you will see him first so I will have to trust that you will not make him change it before I get to see! 🙂

      1. Why would I make him change it? It’s ok that he has my name on his ankle. Can’t blame him. I’m very hard to resist.

        Someone tell Ignazio that!

  2. and Jane isn’t that’s one more reason why we love the guys so is how really funny they are. When they have fun we all have fun. They make me laugh a lot.

      1. You know what? I just realized, that could be JOYCE’S name on his ankle as well, but she is actually in ITALY NOW so SHE will have the first chance to check this out at one of the TWO concerts she is attending!!

  3. Thanks Jane !! Great videos !! It is priceless watching Ignazio and Piero cutting up together !!! They have so much fun together !! Sometimes I wish that Gianluca would let loose and join in too.

    1. Someone has to hold on to their dignity! LOL 😉 Don’t let him fool you! He was the one starting all the trouble in Detroit. Besides…I saw him smirk in the video. He is the consummate professional and he wants us to know that.

  4. That is sweet joaniefl2. Gianluca has so many mother hens out there watching over him. But, Marie is right, he was being just as devious in Detroit as the other two were. 🙂

    1. Marie and Jane–Thanks for reassuring me that my sweetie is indeed having fun !!! I see that fun side of him on Pericsope with his family and friends but only every so often during their performances. I just want him to be happy all the time which I know is unrealistic. Oh My !!! There goes the mother hen again !!

  5. I’ve seen a close up of that tattoo of Piero’s before and I do believe it is a a bit of music with the notes having the initals of his family members hmmm… let me think….Oh yeah one more thing MY NAME IS ON HIS ANKLE! MINE!

    gheeze, the nerve of some folks!

    1. You are right, I saw on one photo that he has tattoo with the initials of the names of family members with treble clef and notes as an expression of love for music and family.

  6. Hi everyone I just spoke with a girl who works at the box office at the Palms Hotel and she just told me the most expensive ticket prices directly from the Palms Hotel was $111.50 and that’s for the main floor I think row A-H and something about box seats. Man Oh Man I can’t believe how reasonable they are. Can’t wait till next Friday.

  7. Jane: Loved your post. Especially the picture of Gianluca and his Mother. Two beautiful people. I was going to say that it was MY PICTURE on Piero’s ankle, but I cannot tell a lie.

    Marie: MY PICTURE is somewhere on Ignazio’s body!!! Do you want to know where it is? I’ll never tell!! (Maybe)

  8. Jane your post is very nice and funny, guys still entertain us with their jokes and good-humored teasing. 🙂 The words about mother and son I really like and are true 🙂

    1. Milá Lydko!
      přijmi přání všeho nejlepšího k dnešnímu svátku,abys byla stále zdravá,veselá,aby se ti splnilo všechno,co ti udělá radost.Pozdravuj také maminku,děkuju jí za podporu a přeju jí také hlavně zdraví.Hezky si to s rodinou a přáteli oslav! Video se mě moc líbilo,bohužel tentokrát se mě ho nedaří stáhnout a uložit.Video s Ignaziem je taky prima – má ten nejkrásnější úsměv na světě a dnes ten úsměv patří jen tobě!!! Z.

      1. Google translation of Zdena’s comment”
        Dear Lydko!
        accept my best wishes for today’s feast, it was still healthy, happy that I fulfilled everything I do radost.Pozdravuj also my mother, thank her for her support and wish her well mainly zdraví.Hezky it with friends and family celebrations! Video liked me, but unfortunately this time I can not download it and uložit.Video with Ignazio is too classy – it has the most beautiful smile in the world today and that smile belongs only to you !!! Z.

      2. Ďakujem za gratuláciu :-). Prajem ajTebe Zdenka krásny deň ! 🙂 Mimochodom ja som si už v predpredaji objednala nové CD Il Volo, ktoré vyjde 25.9. a veľmi sa naň teším ! Som si dala taký darček k meninám, hoci na album sa ešte načakám. 🙂 Napíš, ktoré video sa Ti nedarí stiahnuť ? Maj sa čo najkrásnejšie ! Srdečne Ťa zdravím ! 🙂

      3. Translation:
        Thank you for the congratulations :-). I wish you too Zdenka beautiful day! 🙂 Anyway I have already ordered in advance Il Volo new CD which will be released on the 25th September and very much look forward to it! Gave it myself as gift on my name-day, although on the album I will wait more than one month . 🙂 Which video goes wrong to download? Feel the most beautiful ! I sincerely greet you. 🙂

      1. Also, my mom thanks you and greets you…She wishes you all the best ! 🙂 She also loves Il Volo and just today she gave advice to her friend, who is sad, go on internet and find Il Volo Grande Amore, they sing like angels and they help improve your mood and heal your sadness, it is beautiful music that brings you the amazing emotions. 🙂 I must add that her friend is lady from Ukraine. So we spread, a little bit,the popularity of boys to the world. 🙂

  9. This was quite a lot to read of the exploits of our gang. I think I will stay safe and just say that the photo with Gianluca and his mother is wonderful and, as we all have have noted, you can sure see the continuous line of beauty in that family. First time I met her I was struck by how petite she is.

    1. Myron
      On the Palm’s site they are showing VIP packages also now. Does that mean the meet and greet is included with the ticket. When do you think we will know about the m & g at the banquet?

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