Notes From Myron plus Pre Sale Tips From Jana

Here is a ticket code for the concert that will get great seats.  Note the Password.
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Hi everyone,
Please pass this word around to any one planning on coming to Las Vegas for the March Il Volo concert.

I just got word from my person at the Palms that the Palms hotel is sold out for March 24 and 25 – Il Volo weekend.
Those of you that got your rooms already make sure that you have our group discount figured in.  If you don’t then please let me know so that I make sure that is taken into account on your bill.

Hotels to try:

Right across the street from the Palms is the 
Gold Coast Hotel Casino  702-367-7111 
and   the Rio Hotel Casino   866-746-7671

others fairly close are:  Flamingo;  Bellagio,  Bally’s;  Caesar’s Palace;  Mirage;  Venetian;  Paris;  MGM; etc.

Let’s face it !   Once Il Volo Management opened the starting gates  ” THE HORSES WERE OFF ”   Things have been moving very fast on our end but the management of Il Volo and Management of the Palms have moved at their own speed.



Note: See presale dates on “Who’s Going Where” – on the right under “topics”  or scroll down.


Jana found these tips.  We hope they help.



Ah, the age-old mystery of the presale ticket. Before an event goes on sale, ticket wizards pull Houdini-like stunts and grab tickets out of thin air before anyone else can blink—right? Well, not exactly. There’s more to a presale than that and it doesn’t require any magic to take advantage—you only need to know where to look…

Ticket Presales Defined

The presale ticket period is when certain event tickets go on sale to a specified group of fans, usually as a reward for their membership or customer loyalty. In advance or during the presale timeframe*, these select fans are given a code which allows them to search for tickets to buy. Fans aren’t guaranteed a ticket during the presale, but they’re given the opportunity to browse ahead of other fans who don’t have the code.

How to get a Presale Code

The trick to getting presale codes is knowing where to find them. To make your presale hunt a little easier, we’ve put together the following list so you can determine the best ways to get tickets to the artist, team or event you can’t wait to see.**

10 Ticketmaster Presale’s to Help you get Tickets ASAP

  • Ticketmaster Presale
    Are you signed up to receive special offers from Ticketmaster via email? If not, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how. Log into My Account and select:My Account > Select Alerts or Offers. It’s that easy! After you sign up, make sure to “favorite” all the artists, performers, teams and venues that you love so we can deliver information about upcoming onsales to you in the future.
  • Ticketmaster Social Presale
    If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, then keep your eyes peeled for the unique presales we share with our social communities. Followers will get the most recent presale codes the day they go live.
  • VIP Presale
    Buying the best seats in the house has its perks! When you’re searching for tickets, be sure to look for any VIP packages that may be available for the event. These exclusive packages may go on sale prior to the general ticket inventory and will provide you with secure tickets and the chance to experience the event like a star.
  • Venue Presale
    The venues in your hood also host presales so sign up for their email list to find out when, where and how. You’ll also want to visit any and all of your favorite venues’ websites to subscribe to their newsletters.
  • Credit Card Presale
    Credit card companies—like Amex and Citibank —may offer their cardholders special presale access as a perk for being a loyal customer. Check with your credit card company to find out if they offer any benefits or assistance when purchasing live entertainment events.
  • Fan Club Presale
    Are you an avid follower of {insert-your-favorite-band-here}? If the answer’s yes, then you should look into becoming a member of their official fan club or community. Typically, fan club members are rewarded for their loyalty and given presale access to their fav artists’ shows as a perk. FYI—there may be a cost associated with joining an artists’ fan club or community so read all the details before signing up!
  • Album Pre-order Presale
    Sometimes tours offer a presale code to the fans who pre-order the artist’s new album. This is a great way to get early access to tickets and the music you love from your favorite artist. You can find out about these types of opportunities by signing up to receive email notifications from your favorite artist and/or Ticketmaster.
  • Fan Club Bundle
    Still not a member of your favorite artist’s official fan club? Not to worry, some artists give non-fan club members early access to tickets when they purchase a special “Fan Club Bundle.” Purchasing this bundle allows you to buy tickets during the specified presale period along with the purchase of an official fan club membership. You kill two birds with one stone here—you’re given the chance to buy tickets early and you become an official fan club member with even more insider info from your favorite band. Keep in mind that in most cases, there’s an additional cost associated with purchasing the fan club membership.
  • Team Presale
    Sports teams traditionally try to give their loyal following early access to tickets. Simply visit your desired sports team’s website for more information on how to join their email list.
  • Radio presale
    Stations partner with different tours, events and sports teams to offer their loyal listeners early access to buy tickets. Listen closely on air or visit the station’s website for details on signing up and securing passwords.

There you have it, the presale mystery has been solved. And they say a real magician never gives away their tricks.

55 thoughts on “Notes From Myron plus Pre Sale Tips From Jana”

  1. Thanks Myron and Jana. Made reservations 15 minutes ago at the Palms. Received a confirmation. Can’t wait. Now…5 hours to tickets!

  2. Myron, Please know that the Palms is far from sold out. We made reservations last night. Also night before last I asked the reservation gal at the Palms how booked they were. She said they had a lot of rooms for March 25 weekend. It would be a good idea to book before February but now there is no problem. Thus the question – whom was who speaking with?

    Some resellers and agencies (like Expedia) may have a block of rooms to resell that they got at a discount. They make their money by selling rooms for the hotel and bringing in traffic. When their bank of rooms are gone, THEY are “Sold Out” but not the hotel itself. It sounds to me like someone has been dealing with one of these agencies. CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY. There is no problem getting rooms now. Call 866-942-7777.

    Also I did not see the code for the ticket discount on the concert. We bought 4 M&G front row last night through Ticketmaster. Is there a way of having a discount applied?

    Also how are we with the hall and our own M&G? Hoping! Fingers crossed!

    Sharon Bear.

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      1. Myron, I know this may be a stupid question, but—- is the fan fir for us who want to attend the dinner, etc? If so, how do I add our name? I didn’t know if this was to book a room, or what!!
        Please excuse my stupidity!!

  3. Myron, Forget my question about the pre-sale password. I found it on the ticket. Also there is a password you can use FROM Live Nation on Ticketmaster.

    When I signed up with Live Nation and went back to Ticketmaster I ignored the request for a Code and went to Select my seats. And Voila – up popped a “robot preventing” question. When I typed that in and it was accepted then the door opened to buying my tickets! I discovered this by my “accident” as I worked about two hours trying to buy tickets from Live Nation or Ticketmaster. The key was as I stated – sign up with Live Nation and it looked to me like they had a direct connection with Ticketmaster somehow. Then IGNORE the spot to enter your code. Just click on SELECT my seats and it did! Wow!!!

    Hoe to see you in Vegas.

    Sharon Bear. .

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    1. Hi Sharon…Ticketmaster and Live Nation actually merged several yrs ago, so they are pretty much one and the same. 🙂

  4. AND a final ps to my Live Nation/Ticketmaster comments (learned the lengthy way): the code only lasts about 6-7 minutes. Then you have to start over.


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  5. I just made reservations also, but they asked for a code for the Myron Heaton group as nothing was coming up for that. I booked it and she said we could get the discount up to 72 hrs. in advance when it is finalized.

  6. Hello! Pre-sale tickets go on sale for my area (San Jose) tomorrow and I’m SO EXCITED!!! I’m new here and was wondering if, for the VIP package, are you able to pick your seats or do they automatically give you tickets that have been reseved specifically for the package?


  7. Usually Alejandra (beautiful name), you do not get to choose your seats. However, they are usually the best seats with the package! Usually, you will know immediately which seats are being reserved for you. Call ASAP!!!

    Note -Usually.

  8. Hi I just reserved two rooms at the Palms for my friend and I. I didn’t mention about Myron as I was afraid of losing out. It seems they are filling up quickly. see you guys there. Joanie g

  9. We were told the Palms was filled about two weeks ago, right Jana? I booked my stay the next day. I’m guessing we are causing them a lot of confusion trying to book so far in advance. I’ll bet other peoples fans are not as eager as Il Volo fans!

    Get Prepared. HERE WE COME!

    1. sorry about that. they were passing the wrong info out. I even called into the front desk myself that day and was told they were sold out.

  10. i and a friend are coming to las vegas for the show please add our names to the list of people coming. interested in possible banquet and meet and greet John Kraus Bill McIntosh we both live in palm springs, ca _suidstheduds@aol.com_ ( 760 424-6232

  11. I sure hope everyone gets good concert tickets! You all deserve them!

    I know this is all crazy right now!! In fact so crazy that you have to chuckle. Come on…the Boys would want us to.

  12. Attn:  MyronI just purchased tickets to Il Volo concert in San Antonio TX w/ Meet & Greet.  It is thru Ticketmaster.    I was a little nervous because earlier the FLIGHT CREW said there would be no M&G at any of the concerts.  Hope that is not true.  Has the Flt Crew heard anything new?  

    1. Sorry for the misunderstanding. When we announced ticket sales we meant no Meet and Greet announced at that time. I should have been clearer. We thought all along that all venues would Probably have M&G’s

    2. There are no meet and greets at some (actually only a few) of the concerts They are having one here because we are running it (at least that is the verbal agreement)

  13. I wish I had known about all this ‘presale code” stuff before San Diego had their presale with code. ARRRRGGGHHH. I’m greedy, I admit it! I want the best of the best! Pray that I have better fortune come the 28th when they go on sale again.

  14. I went through Ticketmaster at noon Chicago time and got the meet and greet package. I got center section row 2. Price was $258. It was pretty easy, only had a little problem when they asked about delivery of the tickets and didn’t give a choice – only will call. I will be an expert for the next concert. Now I’m all set, only need to book a flight (no pun intended).

  15. Alejandra – that was for one ticket with meet and greet. I bought the package to get a better seat.

  16. Can anyone tell me the code for the hotel reservations? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, and have not found it. Anyone? Could you reply here or if you’d rather, please call me – 817-709-1946. Thanks.

      1. Thanks, Marie. Yes, when I called them the reservation clerk did not recognise that code.

    1. another delay: sorry but the code will not be available until midday on Thursday. In the meantime, go ahead and book the room and it will be adjusted after the fact when the code is set.

  17. I made reservations this morning and asked for the Myron Heaton group. They don’t have the info yet, but you can get the discount later. Give my name as another person in the group.

    1. That code is only for the concert tickets. It gets you up much closer than regular ticketmaster. the room code will not be released until Thursday. Sorry for another delay on that.

  18. We have a group of 6 coming. Bought tickets this morning. How do we sign up for the Las Vegas Ilvolover events?

    1. That will be announced in about a week on our web page using PayPal. Still settling some details . Thurs. is dead line for me and you will know on thursday late or Friday.

      1. Myron and Marie,
        Jeanine DuBois definitely wants to be included in our special Meet & Greet!!
        Thank you so much!
        ~ Jeanine

  19. Judy Thurman and I have our flights, concert tickets and hotel reservations for Vegas. We’ll be there with bells on! We didn’t receive a discount on the room. Hopefully, we can get that later. Every little bit helps! 🙂

  20. All this concert chatter is making me so excited! I really should post more, but I’ve been so busy with my books. Just remember that I am silently reading *all * the posts! I’m sure concert time will arrive swiftly enough if I just focus on the reading for now. 😛

  21. Has anyone done a M&G before? What is it like? 🙂 Is it typically before or after the show?
    Trying to figure stuff out…
    I may have to resort to trying my luck while they rehearse, lol.

    1. Alejandra, I have been to 6 meet and greets. They are typically after the show. You are usually (there’s that word again) told to wait at the theater area or another designated spot. The Guys go back and shower, put on great smelling stuff, and then go to a large room and you are Usually, led in in a group. Some people take gifts which are usually taken just prior by a staff member. You watch as others go up to the guys, in turn, for a hug, kiss on the cheek, handshake, a few words or all of the above (like me), while a photographer takes a picture or two. At the same time a staff member will take your camera grab a shot or two for you. They will tell you (or give you a card) as to how to get the pro photograph. Then you leave and your face hurts from smiling for at least a week. USUALLY!

      1. :D!!!!!!!!!!!
        Awwwwwww!!! Wow, 6 times! Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

      2. Ahhh but the meet and Greet at Saratoga did not go quite like that for me last year. I twas ” Line up, no autographs!” There was no photgrapher present so fortunately my friend had a good camera on her I-Phone, so she took photos for me. It moves quick!/ Get in your head before time what you want to say. I didn’t get to say so much as Boo to Gianluca,as he was distracted by another person. Fortunately he remembered to slide in next to Ignazio for the photo op…thats when he finally looked at me and shot me a radiant smile that all but slayed me! Good luck!

  22. General for anyone: The contract business needed a little more tweeking and that is why the room code is late. The contract is now done and the finished notice should be up Thursday.

    the Il Volo Fan Faire registration materials will happen in about a week right here and on the ” Il Volo is coming to Las Vegas” website.

  23. Reserved my room. Bought tickets M&G package. Now to find the best flight. 🙂 Can’t wait to meet all of you!

  24. No luck finding a place to enter code
    but just now got Las Vegas Palms IL VOLO seats
    section 104, Row B, Seat 8
    It said Grande Amore M&G package – Is it really?

    I would love to share a room at the Palms on 24th and 25th. Any women IL VOLO friends here interested?


  25. Hi. I just purchased a ticket for Jacksonville FL for March 3rd. I am going by myself so would like to connect with any other fans who are also going to this concert. Thank you. Renee Bourg

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