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Brothers and sisters…best friends…a confidant…someone always there for you…someone you look up to…trust…respect…devoted to…supports you, and loves you like no one else can.  Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, you are blessed in so many ways.  The love you have for your siblings and they in return, is a gift beyond compare.


Does he not look like the Prince of Abruzzo?
As the word prince is defined in the dictionary:
A person of high standing.
YES, he fits the bill here.
The love, respect, admiration and highest regard he is held in…

Gianluca – in our eyes you are one mighty fine Prince!




 Did you see the picture of Piero in the barbers’ chair with Ignazio holding a pair of scissors next to his forehead?  I’m still chuckling over that one.  Piero is holding his hands in a praying position, and probably saying something like, “Please God, don’t let Ignazio cut my hair.”
hair soonie
 It got me to thinking about Il Volo hair.  Let me say right at the start that whatever I say about the boys’ hair is said in love, not criticism.  We’ve all had our “bad hair” days and come out  of the salon thinking, “what has he/she done to me?”  So we know how it goes.  And their hair is not what we love—doesn’t really matter what it looks like.  It’s the guy underneath that we care about.  Now, having said that, let’s take a look at some of the hair-dos of the past.

Remember Piero in the pre-ear tuck stage?
hair piero 3
He was so adorable with his crazy hair sticking out all over his head like a bramble bush.  I fell in love with him when I first saw that hair and the cute guy underneath it .  When the ears were unveiled, Soonie got a little wild with the clippers and the sides were waaay short with a thatch on top.  Then there was the “leaning tower of Pisa look with the pointy top leaning over to the right like it was saying, “go this way.” 

hair piero 4

That soon gave way to what I call the “Arizona Mesa” look—straight up and high with lots of gel. 

hair piero 5It seems that lately it has been tamed to a shorter style, thank goodness.  Actually, my favorite look is when he has been swimming, and the sun has dried his hair into a soft natural frame for his beautiful face

hair piero 6
….and that’s what I love, regardless of  the hair style.
Now for Gianluca….oooh, his gorgeous curls.
hair gian 2

Too bad they only get let out  occasionally. 

hair gian

Remember when he won the contest how sweet he looked with the curly tendrils caressing his neck?  Of course he has always had an angelic face and the curls just accentuate that look.  I know they make him look younger, and he is trying to have a more mature look, but please, Gianluca, give us the curls.  His more recent styles have been more conventional than the other guys, and let’s face it….those “bedroom eyes” and the million dollar smile are enough to set anyone swooning over him like the women did over his idol, Frank Sinatra.
gotta love those eyes
 Remember how the term”swooning” got started with him?  Anyway, Gianluca, we love you and your hair, whatever.

Now Ignazio probably has the most challenging hair.  I really think it has a mind of its own.  Like it’s saying, “I’m crazy, and I’ll do whatever I want, so just stand back and let it happen.”

hair Ignazio8 Sometimes Ignazio tries to tame it with a ponytail (not my favorite look) but usually it is leaping down with a swirl around his cheek or standing up in a cloud of swirling busyness.  This guy has a lot of hair, and we never know what it  is going to do next.  That makes it interesting, and we always know that his sweet face will be there underneath it.

Catherine Grove
Thinking about the guys and their hair styles makes me think of the Joe Cocker/Ray Charles song….It says it all:

“You are so beautiful to me,
Can’t you see?
You’re everything I hoped for,
You’re everything I need.
You are so beautiful to me.”

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  1. Mary, it love the “hairy” article! You are spot on! And the song says it all!! They are beautiful!! Thanks, Dot in Texas!!

    1. Oh Mary, You hit all the right spots! Their hair–beware! I love it near the end of their tours when whatever look they started off with has begun to grow out and their hair gets more and more natural looking as the days go by. They look great no matter what–especially when they let their “hair down!”

  2. hello—-do you know how i can contact myron in las vegas??? a friend and i are going to las vegas for the concert and want to go to the banquet if they have one john kraus palm springs, ca

  3. Aww Jane and Mary !!! This was so sweet and also so much fun to see all their hair styles !!! And you are right !!! We will love them love them no matter what always and forever !!!

  4. Love it, Mary!!! You got every single hair in the proper place!!! I loved their hair from the moment I saw them!!! I have always wanted to touch GG’s curls. Ignazio’s hair a wavy helmet around his smiling face! And Piero’s hair sticking up all over his head!!! Our adorable teenagers with their Italian charm capturing our hearts the first time we saw them!!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. I love Ignazio’s hair whatever it is doing, hanging over his face makes him look sexy as usual, or just had it styled for a concert & the picture where it is standing up on its own after he got out of bed priceless

  6. Hair! I have to admit I have a “hair fetish” of sorts. Piero caught my eye first with that spikey look of his. The worst was when he had it cut so severely on the sides which must have been a product of the ear tucks. Now I just love what they do with their hair but especially when Piero lets his hair down!
    I would love all of them even if they wore buzz cuts ( please don’t do that!)it is the divine music that is the biggest draw but those beautiful faces and heavenly hair is just extra goodness!

  7. Mary and Jane: What a great post! Loved all the different changes through the past few years. I loved Gianluca’s curls and that close up picture. Man oh man, those eyes!! They are all so handsome and just adorable. Thanks, again. Your post made my day!!

  8. I agree with you Loretta, I love Ignazio’s hair. It’s always good. Pony tail, falling down, up high, whatever, I like the variety. Gorgeous hair.

  9. My opinion is that everyone should have the ” image” in which he/she feels comfortable in his/ her skin, and also feels happy and good,that his/ her appearance responds to his/her personality, wishes, and supports his/ her beauty, highlighted his/her charm. 🙂 I like the natural and pure appearance,personally do not like expressive make up, hair full of gel and looks like a plastic doll ! Young girls today often look as Barbie dolls, everyone looks the same, they are well-dressed, nicely well-groomed, have nice make-up, but often look vulgar, very provocatively and although many are beautiful, but they lack a true femininity and softness, something that makes a woman a genuinely real woman in the truest sense …Having a pretty face and figure is not enough,because in our country it is said that from the beautiful, but empty bowl , you will not eat…and stay hungry. 🙂 I feel like many young girls today are often superficial and shallow and do not develop their souls and personalities, don’t cultivate their spiritual and mental beauty, what is shame…I’m young, so I can be critical to the younger generation. 😀 It is necessary to cultivate the beauty of the soul and goodness of heart, to work on your personality,to develop empathy and intelligent cultural behavior full of respect, solidarity, tolerance …Let the boys look howsoever , important is beauty of their voices, music, souls and hearts, hope they always will also care about development of their personalities and souls,not only on their looks. All are handsome .:-) Otherwise I love curly hair,I’ve always wanted to have curly hair like my mom … 🙂 I like also the curly hair on men’s heads. Generally , I like men with decent, nice, classic hairstyle and I love men with thick dark hair. 🙂

    1. Hi, Lydka: I agree with you completely. Being older than you are, I am very critical of what I see “walking down the street”. These girls with not much clothes on and tattoos everywhere. I like to see anyone who thinks for themselves and does not need to follow what the “popular” thing is to do or to look like. I loved Gianluca’s curls. I have naturally curly hair that goes into ringlets after I wash it, but unfortunately it gets really frizzy so my hair ends us looking like a bush in someone’s garden! But the boys look great and their voices and caring for family and their fans is the most important. Take Care, Victoria

      1. Hi Victoria,I do not like when women try to follow all of the latest trends in clothing, hairstyles … though it maybe does not suit them and thus suppresses their own originality, person goes down the street and sees all girls are like sisters ! I am conservative and many say that I am like from “the old school”. Girls in my age do not understand me,I’m not the person who like talking with joy many hours about clothing and cosmetics…My mom says I’m a girl and I should try more to change from girl to woman and care more about clothes and cosmetics. Because often people think that I have fewer years than my real age. 🙂 Of the typical female things, I love just jewelry (gemstones) and good perfumes 😀 …and perhaps even a nice romantic dresses and elegant handbags. 🙂 I don’t like tattoos or piercings, but I respect choice of each person. Mama sometimes does not need the comb, her hair are great even without treatment, this thing I envy her, but in good. 🙂 I sincerely greet you and wish you nice day ! 🙂 L

    2. “Having a pretty face and figure is not enough,because in our country it is said that from the beautiful, but empty bowl , you will not eat…and stay hungry. ”
      Oh Lydka, this is an excellent saying. I like it very much and will use it someday for sure! Thank you for that wise saying. Fortunately our IL VOLO men are handsome on the outside and beautiful on the inside with divine voices! We are so fortunate.

      1. It is always God’s blessing when in the person combines beautiful appearance with the beauty of the soul. 🙂 The boys are an example of this. Saying about bowl is very popular in our family and my mom said it so many times,it’s her favorite wise saying. 🙂 And most importantly, it’s true. Sincere greetings and wish you a nice day ! .-)

    3. Lydka, I love your post. I especially love the words, “it is necessary to cultivate the beauty of the soul and goodness of heart…” The entire sentence is a beautiful way to sum up a life well lived. These three young men are such wonderful examples of cultivating the beauty of their souls, the goodness of their hearts, showing empathy and cultural behavior full of respect, tolerance and above all, love.

      1. Jane, thank you. 🙂 And agree with you, what you have written about the boys. 🙂 Sincerely greet you, wish you all the best and God’s blessing. Have a nice day and take care. 🙂

  10. Lydka, I love the expressions you use in
    your writings……I read your posts with
    great interest……My mom had a saying,
    “pretty is as pretty does” and I’ve tried to
    remember that throughout my life……
    Thank you Mary and Jane for your post.
    I’ve always thought the guys had such
    interesting hair and they groom it so well.
    Just think, out of three families and seven
    siblings, three of them are blessed with
    the gifts of beautiful music that they give
    to the whole world with great expression,
    emotion, and interpretation…….Can you
    tell that I love them and listen to them
    daily? Thank you Gianluca, Ignazio,
    and Piero. I plan to see you in person
    in Oklahoma City. I never thought it
    would be possible and am so thrilled
    that you are coming to Oklahoma.
    Thank you……Thank you.

  11. Lydka, I love your posts and interesting
    wording….. You have a gift for writing and
    expressing yourself so anyone can under-
    stand…..Lovely article……I think the guys
    hair is groomed just right……I am sure that
    their stylist works hard to get it perfect…..
    They are handsome young men…..But it
    doesn’t end there……They also have good-
    ness of heart, full of respect and good
    personalities along with the beauty of
    their voices and music…..And they are
    blessed with being handsome young
    men also…..oh, I already said that.
    I plan on attending the March 20, 2016
    concert and an enjoyable evening.
    Maybe I will get to meet another
    Flightcrew member,…. I would like that.

    1. Gale Wall, thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Yesterday was in Marsala a concert with many artists ” La Band de Il Volo in concerto ” in una serata di Rhythm and Blues on Piazza della Vittoria,Il Volo played there as a surprise, they had minikoncert. Except singing, Ignazio played on drums and Piero played on the piano.
      I am confident that you will meet at the concert other Flight Crew members and spend a wonderful and memorable evening with them . 🙂 I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best. 🙂 L

      1. Ahoj Lydko,opět jsi všechno perfektně vystihla a popsala.Asi máme stejný vkus,taky se mi líbí chlapci a muži s tmavými vlasy.Závidím jim vždy perfektní sestřih a sluší jim to výborně.A myslím,že o lásce mají zpívat právě takoví mladí, krásní lidé.Přeju ti,abys někoho podobného brzy poznala.Ale asi znáš přísloví: “Nic netrvá věčně,ani láska k jedné slečně!” Gianluca,Piero i Ignazio jsou už sice zadaní s některými děvčaty,které ti napsaly tak hezké odpovědi,tady je velká konkurence,ale u vás na Slovensku rostou taky “hoši urostlí jako jedle”.Znáš písničku Nečakaj ma už nikdy,moje dievčatko zalúbené,s úsmevom sme sa zišli,aj sa rozideme…?Na jednoho takového chlapce si občas vzpomenu.Zdraví Z.

      2. Ahoj Zdenka,
        tvoj príspevok ma pobavil. 😀 Osobne verím, že existuje osudová láska, že je možné nájsť svojho duševného partnera, lásku na celý život, ale žiaľ nepodarí sa to každému…..Ja nechávam veciam voľný priebeh, čo sa má stať, sa stane, všetko má svoj čas i dôvod, nechám sa prekvapiť, čo sa v budúcnosti stane… 🙂 Keď som bola mladšia, tak som bola platonicky zamilovaná do tenistov. 🙂 Dodnes som veľká tenisová fanúšička, ale už som veľká a platonická láska nehrozí. 🙂 Chlapcom z Il Volo prajem, aby raz stretli pravé lásky, s ktorými budú šťastní a hlavne, aby si našli dievčatá, ktoré ich budú mať rady kvôli ich podstate a osobnosti, a nie pre peniaze a slávu. Budú to mať ťažké, lebo dievčatá sú dnes dosť prešibané a bohužiaľ mnohé idú veľmi za peniazmi….Ja neviem, či majú teraz priateľky, je to ich súkromná vec, do ktorej fanúšikom nič nie je. Na tejto stránke sú milé dámy, každá má svojho obľúbenca, čo je prirodzené. 🙂 Ja žiadnu konkurenciu nevnímam, nie je dôvod. 🙂 Prečo by mala byť ? 🙂 Sme tu všetci fanúšikovia predovšetkým krásnej hudby, ktorá je pohladením pre dušu. 🙂 Okolo všetkých známych pohľadných mužov zo šoubiznisu sa vždy točí veľké množstvo žien. 😀
        Srdečne pozdravujem. 🙂 L

  12. Google Translate:
    Hi Lydko again’re all perfectly captured and popsala.Asi we have the same taste, I also like boys and men with dark vlasy.Závidím they always have a perfect haircut suits them výborně.A think about love, they sing precisely such young, beautiful lidé.Přeju told you someone like early poznala.Ale probably know the proverb: “Nothing lasts forever, not even the love of a lady!” Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are already entering Although some girls that I wrote so nice answers, here’s a lot of competition, but will also grow in the Slovak Republic “burly guys like fir” .Znáš song Nečakaj has never, my loving missy, with a smile we’ve came together, and shall separate a …? On one such boy sometimes vzpomenu.Zdraví Z.

    1. Google Translation – Lydka:
      Hi Zdenka,
      Your contribution is fun. 😀 I personally believe that there is true love, it is possible to find his intellectual partner, love for life, but unfortunately it fails to everyone ….. I’m keeping this stuff free course, what happens, happens all has its time and reason, I’ll be surprised what happens in the future … 🙂 When I was younger, I was a platonic love with tennis players. 🙂 I am still a big fan of tennis, but I have a great platonic love safe. 🙂 Boys from Il Volo wish that once met true love that they will be happy and especially to find a girl who will have their board due to their nature and personality and not for money and fame. It will be difficult because girls today are quite cunning and very unfortunately many go for the money …. I do not know whether they have a girlfriend now, it is their private matter, in which fans nothing. On this page are dear ladies, everyone has their favorite of what is natural. 🙂 I do not see no competition, there is no reason. 🙂 Why should it be? 🙂 We’re all fans especially beautiful music, which is a caress for the soul. 🙂 Around all known handsome men of show business is always spinning a large number of women. 😀
      I cordially greet. 🙂 L

  13. Love all three but I just adore seeing Ignazio !! I will be seeing them in concert again in Feb when they come to Buffao !!! Wish them a long career !! There’s so much temptation out there pray they stay stong❌❌❌

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