News, Reviews, a Look Back and a Note From Myron!

 Note from Myron:

Hi everyone,
This is a general email going to the first group on the list that popped up so it may not affect you.  But if it does I hope you read it.

Jeannette and I are the ones dealing with the Palms Hotel and the Pearl Theatre and we know these people and know who to talk to in order to get things changed.   If you have a complaint about the set up that we are organizing please email me.  Please do not chew out the staff at the hotel because they know nothing about our arrangements until they are  given exact instructions from higher up.  AND THEN  that is our business.  If you blow your stack at some hard working staff member when they have no idea what you are talking about then that just makes things more difficult for us – for me.

Some notes about the hotel code:   The one I gave you DOES WORK NOW.  Sept. 3, I tried it myself and so did Jeannette.  It works.

Next thing:  our contract allows for 8 rooms with group discount.  When those are taken up then  I (read that Myron ) will be notified and we will sign out another bank of rooms .   You must understand that they will not give out a discount on 60, 70 , 80 rooms or whatever if we only have 12 people at the Fan Faire.  So that is why they phase them in by group numbers.   Someone told the hotel that they “heard ” there was 125 rooms being set aside.   I have not idea where that came from but it is wrong.  As I said:  8 then another 8 and so on.  I take the blame for not making that part clear.   Frankly, I think we are going to fill this banquet hall and fan faire totally so we may need more rooms.
The evidence will happen when you all register on our website for the Fan Faire.  We just finished setting up bank business today so that is going up on our website soon.

Guess what ?  These are nice people we are dealing with.  You may have gotten another idea but that is my fault.
They have their process they go through.  None of us were expecting the  Landslide of response  from all or you.  We thought we would have to go out and beat the grass and the bushes to get people to respond.  We never guessed that this huge response would happen so early  ( it is still 6 months away yet ).

So, to summary:  Go ahead and use the term  ”  Il Volo Fan Dinner ”   (their term, not ours but just deal with it)  or  the code:  CYILV16

Thank you for your patience.  I am sure we will all have a great time when it gets here.  In the meantime,  relax and enjoy the fall.



They’re here in October!

NIAF is incredibly excited to announce that Il Volo, the three world-famous young Italian tenors, will be joining us for our 40th Anniversary Gala Weekend in Washington, D.C. this October!

Want to join in on the fun? Il Volo will make a special appearance at our Friday October 16 event, “Joe Piscopo and Friends Celebrate Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday,” and will perform on the evening of the Gala on Saturday October 17.

Don’t miss out! Buy your tickets now to our Gala Weeken

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)'s photo.

At least they didn’t list Gianluca as a soprano.  The media always gets that wrong.  We know better!

 Thanks Ann and AAIV


 This is my new favorite video.  It was made by Natalia Phelps and it’s marvelous! Kind of kick starts your heart. Please enlarge for the best effect.



Just for fun. Remember this?  It’s ok to forget the suits though.

If they sang the phone book I would buy it!  Thanks Kitty!


So much was going on in May that I overlooked this spot on review.  Nothing to disagree with here!

News and flashback

The Best of Il Volo

“It’s no surprise that Il Volo has a very good chance of winning Eurovision this year with “Grande Amore”…….

CLICK HERE ⇒The Best of Il Volo:




“…operatic vocals by Il Volo on “It’s Now or Never”

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Thanks Laura Badtke!


Oh…and here’s my new address.  I just liked the name of the town!!

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17 thoughts on “News, Reviews, a Look Back and a Note From Myron!”

  1. Hey Folks! The video for L’amore si muove is out! See it on Il Volo VEVO on You Tube. Gotta go! Gonna watch it again. Ciao!

    1. I love the new song! I also love seeing the Guys as old men, and I love the small tribute to Little Richard (“Tutti Frutti”) at the very end…kind of random, but hey, that’s one thing I love about them…and I’ve used the word “love” five times in this post! 😀

      1. Someone translated what was said at the end: “Thinking that we have been a lifetime together -Of our lives will remain only a memory becuase it has always been a handshake -We have been singers but our passion has always been….dancing!” 🙂 cute! I saw a video on youtube where Ignacio and Gianluca were laughing at Piero for being somewhere and breaking into “a wop bop a loo boo a lop bam boom!” There’s got to be an inside joke with this song, lol.

  2. I love this song it so haunting our guys do a spectacular job of singing as usual in fact they aren’t shown enough in the video
    It seems to me that when whoever is doing a video of them they don’t concentrate on them enough in whatever they are doing

  3. About the rooms block, I booked our rooms awhile ago . It was before Myron’s report. I guess we will be away from you guys. Boo. I will get the dinner tickets now. Joanie G

    1. I am not sure where the rooms are located vis-a-vis other Il Volo people but they are in the same hotel facility. The Il Volo Banquet will be part of the over-all Fan Faire event – it is all one price. Jeannette is setting up the website with Pay Pal and other methods of payment. Keep checking the web site.

  4. Hi Myron- I just e-mailed you with my name (Joan Brenin) etc. I hope you received it. There will be 2 of us attending the banquet. I am assuming it is the evening of March 24th. I also called the hotel and I already gave my reservation but they had no more discounts available. I hope they add more. Thanks for all the time you are all putting into this wonderful Il Volo convention.

    1. The complete Il Volo Fan Faire (including the Banquet ) happens on the same day as the concert – Friday, March 25 . Again, everything is on the same day.
      re: discounts when we get to the next 8 room requests we will add more. That will probably happen today sometime and if not then Monday.

  5. I am confused how are we supposed to use these codes or passes I never saw the one DOES WORK NOW does this one belong with the rooms? Are we asked for these codes & if we don’t have them we don’t get accepted? We find out what extra charges are when?

  6. This program from Malta is dedicated to Il Volo,moderator talked about career Il Volo ,then talked with fans, interviewed guys ( beginning at 15:37),followed by samples of the concert. The Scene is a Maltese entertainment programme ( in English) shown on ONE TV. Presented by Trudy Kerr, produced by Brave Media, filmed and edited by Clear Cut Media

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