Important Information for “The Las Vegas Fan Faire” From Myron and Jeannette

Las Vegas Fan Faire



Sept 3, 2015 …

The Fan Faire Convention is now picking up momentum… We have contracted our Banquet room at the Palms Hotel and Casino… We have a beautiful room with a view of Las Vegas … I know all who come will enjoy meeting their Il Volo Family, enjoy great Italian food and some special things we plan to make this a thrilling experience along with the Il Volo Concert at 8:00 PM at the Pearl theater …

We have tried to think of ways to make your experience at the first Il Volo Fan faire Convention a special one and make it easy to register … I have set up an “Email Address” that is exclusively related to this Fan Faire Convention…

We need to have your name, home address, email address and how many people in your party will be attending the Fan Fair Convention. We have to have a list to go by so we know how many people will be attending this event… Your name, address and email address will be confidential and only seen by Myron and Jeannette…

We will set up a paypal account for easy payment and also accept checks if you choose that method of payment… More detailed information will be given as soon as we can determine how many fans are attending this event… So please take the time to email us your name, home address, email address and how many people in your party as soon as possible… We thank you for your patience as we are working on the details daily..

Email Address:

The codes are now working for discounts on rooms booked at the Palms Hotel and Casino… We can only get the rooms in block of eight … So if you call and they say they do not have any more discounts available for the Il Volo Banquet event, please email us so that we can get another block … The Palms will continue to issue us more discounts but we have to use each block of eight before we can request another block … Thank you for your patience in this matter…

Codes: Il Volo Fan Dinner ” or CYILV16

Email us at

We are looking for suggestion on things that you would enjoy doing at the convention… We want our fans to enjoy themselves and want to have some fun things happening… So please if you have an idea or two just email us at our email address below…

All suggestions are welcome

~Myron and Jeannette


Note from Marie:

Not all of the Flight Crew is attending the Las Vegas Fan Faire.  For that reason and because there are, and will continue to be, so many “pieces-parts” to our Faire, we will not be running constant updates.   I urge you to check the site often if you are Vegas bound.  Of course, all major announcements and notices will continue to be posted here.  As always, we invite discussion.  I can’t wait for March to come!

7 thoughts on “Important Information for “The Las Vegas Fan Faire” From Myron and Jeannette

  1. You are absolutely right Joyce, as you know we had to change our email provider because the first one crashed and they were not responding to our request to repair it in a timely manner… So our working email address is
    Thank you Joyce for bringing attention to this … I appreciate the help…

  2. I KNOW IT WILL BE A GREAT EVENING. Since I can not be part I try the ‘poison’ of jealousy not to overtake me. I know everyone will have a great time and I am sure the boys will be happy to see all their US fans. They might be flying all over the WORLD but they remember the years of their struggles and our support in US.

  3. Thanks to all for their support. Thanks to Flight Crew officers for their help during this transition period. With all information on our website now I do urge you to use that site for reference. Also for the emails to ask any questions.

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