All’s Quiet on the Il Volo Front

What are they doing today? Resting I hope… And playing too.

Here’s L’amore si muove once again:

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s - ann - keep warm...

I know they’re excited about being invited as special guests at the 16th Annual Latin Grammy show in Las Vegas Nov. 19th.
b gians twitter 1I wonder when they’ll come back to Vegas?

AAIV photo
Thanks AAIV

Gianluca is a little quiet these past few days, probably spending time with friends and family. He’s still sending us his usual words of wisdom and of course, a selfie or two.
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As for Piero…I’ll let Jane tell you about his latest photo..


Piero shares with us a photo of a swing I am assuming he grew up on.  Looks like it was probably in his very own back yard.  This swing must hold mountains of memories of a young boy growing up playing with family and friends.  Probably many an hour were spent swinging high and jumping from this swing…talking with friends about what he would do when he grew up.  He maybe sang his heart out as he pumped his young legs reaching higher and higher to the sky.  This swing most certainly holds a special place in his heart for now as a grown man he looks back at it and chooses to photograph  and share it with us.  The innocent joys of childhood don’t last forever.  To value and hold dear those memories that made you who you are is one more reason to love this young man and admire where he came from and where he is at today.

Now for Ignazio…God only knows what he’s doing today. Besides flying down race tracks and leaping off tall piano’s in a singe bound (didn’t superman do that?), he bought Walter.
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We knew they were coming back this fall to promote their new CD. We know they will be here at least once on October 16th for the NIAF 40th Anniversary Gala Weekend in Washington, D.C. and once November 19th in Las Vegas for the Latin Grammy’s. I’m betting we’ll see them quite a few more times between those dates.


20 thoughts on “All’s Quiet on the Il Volo Front”

  1. And don’t forget the Latin American Music Awards October 8th! 🙂
    Woke up early to watch the Formula 1 race in Italy and they didn’t show them singing the anthem. Disappointed. Going back to bed…
    Happy Sunday~

  2. Wait a second. I just realized you mentioned the Latin Grammys! I didn’t know they’d be there, too! Yay! That’s in Vegas.
    Ok, goodnight 🙂

  3. What are they doing today ? They sang the Italian national anthem before the start to the Monza F1 GP and I assume that they are enjoying F1 races now. 🙂
    When I was child I had my own swing in grandparent’s garden and I loved it, many nice memories, dreaming,various games, entertainment…I remember that when I was bigger, so I did not want to give up its , although I was already big and heavy for it, today it all belongs to history, as well as childhood, grandparents are in heaven, garden belongs to mother, but without swing …Also my two older cousins used this swing , but most of the time I spent on it. 🙂 It was mounted on two pillars which stood close to each other.When I was older girl I had to be careful to swing that didn’t break under my weight and I did not fall to the ground. 🙂 Fortunately, I was never hurt. 🙂

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  5. I love the fly over with the Italian colors while singing the anthem!
    I can recall a certain swing in our backyard growing up. With 6 siblings we all had to take our turn. A lot of important lessons in life were learned while swinging as a child. 🙂

  6. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the video…ATFIRST…but with the help of some interpretation, I could understand! It grows on when I hear it , I love! I had to laugh, when at the end, they said there true passion was dancing!! I love their dancing, but the singing is what knocks my (Bobbie) socks off!! Guys, thanks for the music!!♡♡♡

  7. My gosh! What a fun way to wake up. I really laughed at the end.
    I wonder if the other folks who are attending their concert in Mesa would be interested in getting together before the concert. I think it would be a lot of fun. I sure wish I would have waited a few days before ordering our tickets. Most certainly would have joined all of you in Las Vegas. What wonderful time you are going to have.
    Barb W

    1. No matter which concert you attend, you will have a wonderful time. It’s Il Volo! How could you not?
      You will definitely have to meet with the other Mesa people!

      1. Marie, sorry, but I had a question about the LAS VEGAS event which I don’t think I saw an answer to. How much do we pay for the fan convention dinner? Where do we pay and when is the deadline for payment? Also, about the badges, how can I get one. I don’t have a computer, just an iPad. Please email me at thank you so much dear. My great grandson Gerhardt thanks you also for your shoutout to him.. He was smiling from ear to ear. See you in VEGAS.

      2. Prese, You can go to Office Depot or Staples or any office type store and have them pull up this site on their computer. The badge is on this page, up on the left, in the gray area – “Flight Crew Badge”. Have them make the size you want – either large Badge type or a smaller one for a lanyard.

        If for some reason you can’t do that contact me and I’ll slip one in the mail.

  8. I agree with Jane about the flyover with the colors. So neat that they filmed it from above also. Thanks , Lydka for posting.
    I love their new song, it has a catchy chorus and is easy to sing along and the video tells a great story.

  9. I am in love all over again watching the new video, my only complaint is that I would rather watch them sing but it is a small complaint at that. Such a good song, fast, powerful full of energy! Then there is that last bit…what a hoot. Person who did Ignazio’s makeup should go back to school, that was not a good job, made him look more dead then ancient. Bravo to them all the same for the work that went into this video.
    Lydka, you put up one of my all time favorite videos, the one from Eurovision in which we discover Gianluca has a new favorite phrase ” For sure, I tell you…” , Ignaizo is extra thirsty and steals Piero blind of his water and Piero is not about to give up personal space and feels no problem with pushing table stealing Gianluca back. Oh and Gianluca pokes fun at his Sicilian brothers accents!
    Now I am waiting not so patiently for my CD to arrive.

  10. Pirate, there will be a audible sigh heard across the planet when we all get our cds! May show up on weather radar!! Waiting in Texas….dot….

  11. I listened to “Beautiful That Way”
    last night but did they take it down?
    I can’t find it now…. Does anyone
    have it?? I really enjoy that song.

    1. This song will be on their new album Grande Amore, name for international version of album, for Italian market the name of album will be L’amore si muove, also will be the Spanish version of the album, I think it will also be named Grande Amore.

      1. Thank you so much Marie. I have listened
        to this song a number of times today and
        it is such a beautiful song.

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