I would like Ignazio’s name at the TOP of my list of people to invite to ALL of my parties. For that matter I’D INVITE ALL 3, but for the sake of this post I’ll stick to one.

Ignazio is a handsome man in both body and soul with the spirit of a fun loving child. Here he is at a friend’s birthday party looking like he made quite a splash!

Lets get this 1Lets get this 2LETS GET THIS 3I think in today’s world children are pushed to grow up way too soon. I’m not saying this was the case with him. I just love the way he finds fun and simple pleasures in so many situations. He has such a spontaneous way of showing his emotions. He is the one who has the MOST to say DURING concerts when they banter back and forth.Β Yet, he was the quiet one when they won their Latin Grammy where Gianluca ejected himself off his seat flying into the air and both he and Piero gave the thank you’s while Ignazio stood there with his beautiful smile and seemed to be just drinking in the moment. I am wondering how many of those folks attending that birthday party would have loved to have joined in and followed with a big splash just like Ignazio and his friend? SEIZE THE MOMENT is how Ignazio seems to live his life! Enjoy those moments Ignazio, every one of them for they will keep you young at heart no matter what age you are!


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21 thoughts on “LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! ~ Jane”

  1. Editor’s note – Last sentence should read:

    “Enjoy those moments Ignazio, every one of them, as long as they are safety approved by Marie Crider, for they will keep you young at heart no matter what age you are!”

    Sorry for the error.

  2. Each of the boys has their group of admirers. I love Piero’s intelligence and voice, I love Gianluca’s beauty and sincerity but Ignazio is the only one that gives my heart that little flutter.

  3. Excellent post Jane & I agree with every word. He is my special guy with a heart of gold. He is a sensitive young man who can be hurt easily. His smile starts my day & replaces any negative feelings I have & when I listen to his solos I listen for the high note at the end of each song. I’m looking forward to the first concert this year then I can get a special hug again.

  4. Jane, you are SO right about Ignazio!!
    He really loves life and shows it!! I would be DELIGHTED. To attend ANY party of his!

    1. Anna, you will ALL be invited to that party when the day comes! And yes, Marie, YOU can be the chaperone! (In my dreams!)

  5. Hey Marie The person I would most like to come to any of my parties is you guessed it Piero. He is funny, charming, soo good looking especially when he smiles and I know he loves to have a good time. whatever he does.

  6. Hey Marie, We know you love Ignazio best, but my heart goes to Piero along with Luckylady, He sends me into orbit. I can’t wait to see him in Las Vegas. Joanie G

  7. Hey Jane, isn’t that a tattoo on the inside of his left ankle? It is not on my “list of Ignazio Tattoo’s”. Didn’t we just go through this with Piero? So…they BOTH have my name on their ankle? I’m so flattered!

  8. Marie, there was a video I saw a few months back when they were in Abu Dhubai, and Ignazio was riding on a camel, and he was praising the camel and patting him and calling him Gumbah! He even said “eh gumbah” it was hysterical! And don’t you love how he calls the periscope app – “periscopiata” or some variation, he knows he’s mispronouncing it! He did two of those videos himself – one yesterday where he embarrased the heck out of Gianluca, and one again today! He is something else! So fun loving!

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