Well, that clinches it….now I see a picture of him doing karate.  What next? As someone else noted, “Is there anything that man can’t do?”  If there is, I’d like to know it.

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  1. Oh, Mary! You have said it all!! And yes, forget about the karate out fit , the bathing suit is fine! Hoping to see all this talent in one package in March in Texas…I remain aN ardent Gramma fan….Dot

  2. I have the world’s best job! I can take Mary’s lovely writing and add a hunky picture of my choice..sit back and feel that silly smile cross my face.. “I’m livin’ the dream!”

    1. Yes, Marie, Dot is right….forget about the karate outfit the swim suit is fine. In fact that picture happens to be my current screen saver. I was a bit embarrassed when the man across the street came to do something on my computer. I told him that my granddaughter had put that picture on to tease me….he doesn’t need to know the truth.

  3. Mary, wonderful article! Every word rings so true. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself.
    See how easy it is to tell stories about why you need to have a picture displayed? Kind of like ordering a cake with their photo on it!! 🙂 I’ll never tell.

  4. Piero is my darling, the prince of my dreams. You forgot to add that he dances! Really dances, not just boogies. Oh how he makes me swoon!
    Speaking of screen savers, recently my computer blew up with the addition of Windows 10 and I gave it to a dear friend to set it right for me. I heard later from his wife the he opened it up and immediately saw the photo of a shirtless Piero In ablue swim shorts looking very hunky and luscious. She told me he said ” I don’t wanna know! I don’t wanna know!”. I think I traumatized the poor man. I guess this old pirate is supposed to be a nice church lady and not lust after hunky Italians! He knows better now. Thanks Mary!

    1. It seems the only thing our handsome Renaissance man Piero cannot do is make me a young 20-something year old woman again! Oh well, I guess I will just have to be a Granny Groupie & lust after that hunky Italian with my pirate friend & all the rest of my Il Volover friends. Good thing this is a safe place to voice our feelings about Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca.
      Mary, this was a great posting , & Marie, you picked out an “arousing” picture! Love it.

  5. pirate, you are right…he can DANCE!!! You can SEE the music moving through him as he dances. Great rhythm!
    Nice church ladies are also human. 🙂

    1. Pirate and Jane, You are so right. Glad that you brought up the dancing. You can see how much he feels the beat of the music—He is always moving his hands or feet to the rhythm. I think it is so cool that he wanted to learn to dance by taking lessons. This guy is always trying something new–always learning. You also see that in the fact that he continues to study with his voice coach….no standing still for our Piero.

  6. I dance, I have danced, I will dance….I’d love to teach him the Texas Two Step! I had completely forgotten about the dancing…dot…..

  7. Hey Mary you’ve said pretty much what all us Piero fans feel about this wonderful mane. On top of all the talent, he is so gorgeous to look at especially at the beach, he always seem to be in motion. Love Him. Can’t wait till March to see you all.

  8. Mary nicely expressed thoughts about Piero. And you forgot on… his tennis skills ! 🙂 He is a fan of tennis and also loves to play it. Sometimes I joked , that he is my another favorite tennis player ( I am big tennis fan, now watching US Open and I am in seventh heaven, because my favourite player is in semi final,my dear Marin, defending champion) 🙂 .Last time I did a joke, I showed a photo of Piero as he played tennis to my mom and told her, look at my favorite. Mom asked me who he is? ..he is handsome guy and then she looked better and told, but he is not a tennis player, this is Piero from Il Volo. 🙂 Also my mom like the most from Il Volo group Piero. 🙂 Well, we’re mother and daughter and we have the same taste in many things (including the type of men) 😀

    1. Lydka
      I am a big fan of tennis also. I hope Marin can do it again. I love my Rafa, but he is out, so Good Luck to Marin!!

      1. Linda, thank you for your support for my sweetie ( he is very nice, gentle, modest and adorable guy) . 🙂 I follow Marin’s career since 2007, practically from start of his career and I am glad that money and fame did not change him, he is still the same, the peach-of-a-guy (thus named him one US fan),as years ago. 🙂 His match with Nole will be very difficult, H2H matches 0 :13, but I believe that now Marin finally prevails over him ! I pray for his victory,very emotional moments for me, when I watched his matches, after his progress to the semifinals I had tears in my eyes, last year I cried in last rounds and you should see me as I was crying when he won the US Open and had a trophy in his hands…..Thanks again for the support , he will need it ! 🙂 After the match I’ll probably cry again from grief or joy, it will depends on fact, who will be the winner. I must write : Ajmo, Marin ! Idemo za pobjedu (We’re going to win) ! 🙂
        Wish you all the best, sincerely greet you and enjoy tennis ! 🙂

  9. Where is this karate picture of Piero I keep seeing mention of??? Whoever wins Piero’s heart is going to be a very lucky woman and she better treat him right!

    1. Pirate, I don’t know where I saw it and don’t know where to look, but if I run across it again I will let you know. Some young thing would never appreciate him like you or I would.

  10. Now you know with the posting of this tribute to Piero, why I call him magnificent Piero!! There is little more to say Mary, as you said it all so beautifully!! And the blue swim suit photo is my favorite too!! Love him!!

  11. Mary, one area Piero and Ignazio will surely be trying in the future: Skiing in the Alps. remember when they went to Switzerland and met the Mayor(I think) who is an expert skier and Ignazio asked Him if he would teach them how to ski?

  12. These guys are not afraid of anything – which scares me – racing, jumping off boats and pianos. The height Ignazio gets off the pianos tells me he would probably be good at skiing. I would say more, but don’t want to give him more ideas. When I saw Piero jump from that boat, I thought it was a video of a professional and then realized it was him.
    Good grief – gives my heart a little flutter!! Whenever I see Ignazio racing, I say “oh no, please not again”.

  13. MARY!!!

    As always, you’re articulate, genuine, and right-on with how you see it. I always enjoy your posts!!!

    I’m honored to share a birthday with Pie, my handle for him, but of course the years of our shared day of birth are a century apart!!! Lol.

    I’m so thankful to The Heavens that all three of these vivacious young men are healthy of mind, body, and spirit.

    What I’ve noticed in them, is that they are not wreckless and flip about their physicality and their physical enjoyment.

    They’re safe, conscientious young sportsmen. They have great fun, but they follow the rules of engagement in their physical follies. I applaud their families and managers for teaching them the value of a healthy human body.

    So many young celebrities take far too many risks with so many “edgy” endeavors. All of us have lived long enough to see the horrific consequences of ‘boundary less behavior’.

    Godspeed, Il Volo, I love you boys!!!

      1. You’re welcome, Mary, and thank you, too. It’s good to be back, I’ve been traveling extensively and I’m ready for a respite. Lol, I did hear one of the boy’s songs being played at a café in Jerusalem, recently. The young girls at the table next us definitely knew Il Volo and were pleasantly surprised that I did too!!! 🙂

      2. Hi Jim
        My sister lives in J’lem (as we call it) and she is a member of this site as well.
        She will be delighted to know that a cafe was playing Il Volo’s music! Which cafe was it? Do you remember?

  14. Mary, I love your article and will read it over and over. I think I am a charter member of the “Piero Adoration Society”. He jumped into my heart 6 years ago with his glorious voice and funky red glasses, which turned out not to be funky at all. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca you have brought much love and happiness into my life. I am looking forward to next March, and will be counting the days until you are back again.

  15. Marie, thank you, it’s good to be home. You’d think I could’ve at least been somewhere that our “kids” were on stage, lol. But, I will definitely be in Denver to see them next year!!!

    Isn’t it wonderful to know that the young men of Il Volo exist in our lifetime and that everyday we have the good fortune of listening to their beautiful music, watching clips of their fraternal antics, and reflecting on how they have touched each one of us personally in profound ways.

    There is no other place they could have hailed from, at this time in history.

    Penina, the name of the café was Focaccetta, with very nice italian fare and a family oriented ambience. Very nice indeed. As you know, there’s lots of bistros that come and go in J’lem, but this one has staying power,….it might have something to do with the music they play, lol.

    It’s so very good to catch-up with this site, again!!! Ann, Kitty, and Mary — thank you girls so much for staying “after me” on Facebook. Your messages were beloved and appreciated!!!

    Godspeed, Il Volo.

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