How to Love and Care for Your New Il Volo CD

Live From Pompeii

Those of us who ordered the Pompeii DVD + Grande Amore CD + Bonus CD through PBS back in July finally received word yesterday that they were shipped! The New Grande Amore CD, which we have all pre-ordered, will be released on September 25th. So…as administrator of this site (along with Kelly) I would be remiss if I didn’t provide you with the instructions for the best care you can provide for your new arrival. Please read and follow instructions carefully.

1) When you see your new CD in your mailbox, smile, laugh, happy dance.

2) Grab it and give it Hugs ONLY! Kisses are for when the cellophane is completely removed.

STOP! Don’t you dare use scissors for this task! You might scratch one of THEM!          

4) Use your fingernails – this won’t work.

5) Use your teeth. Along the edge only!

6) Gently, but completely remove cellophane. Save this and the little edge sticker for your scrapbook. Label it, “My CD’s first cover and sticker”.

7) Commence Kissing.

8) Carefully open the case.

9) Silly smiles and little girl giggles may be added at this time. This works even better if you’re a guy.

10) Pull out insert – Careful Now!

11) Commence kissing per number of pages.

12) Take a moment to dream of having it signed…in person…and you’re the only one in the room with THEM at the time. Mild earthquake happens… door is sealed shut….golly darn.

13) Replace insert.

14) Gently, gently, gently remove CD.

15) Yeah, Commence Kissing again.

16) Hold CD in hand and shiver in anticipation.

17) Place disc in computer.

18) Save disc to computer and copy to a blank disc. Do not omit this step! Should your car be stolen you won’t cry and carry on knowing your original CD is safe and warm.

19) Hit Play!

20) Listen, dream, sigh, dance, sing, fall in love AGAIN.

21) Repeat as necessary. Who cares if your house is dirty and your family is hungry. Some things are more important than mere family!

22) When you are able, place CD back in it’s protective case.

23) Place CD on coffee table.

24) Stare, dream, sigh.

25) Repeat steps 19 thru 24.

Follow these instructions to insure many years of extreme happiness and eventual blissful insanity.

You’re Welcome.


72 thoughts on “How to Love and Care for Your New Il Volo CD”

      1. Yes PLEASE Amazon,
        We need that Lovin’ feelin’,
        Whoa, that dreamy blissful feelin’,
        We need to follow Marie’s good advice,
        Now bring that new CD, & DVD, Woah!

  1. You forgot something Marie, make sure the door to the room you are in with them to sign the CD & DVD is nailed shut so you are not disturbed so you can give them loads of hugs & kisses, just thought of this as an aside

  2. Marie I wish I had your instructions earlier. I only ordered the DVD from Detroit and received it a long time ago. You ladies that ordered DVD and CD were ‘punished’ for your ‘greed’ and are still waiting.
    I did everything wrong but the DVD survived and I have had the pleasure of being close to the boys on my big TV

  3. Can’t wait for the package and to follow instructions. Also planning on going to the NIAF Gala in Washington DC in October. Anyone else?

  4. This is so funny and so much of it is true. I received my notice also and it makes me excited and very happy. I think I am getting closer to that blissful insanity!

    1. I kept receiving e-mails of apologies hoping it was the one that said my package has been shipped. I just received the e-mail also that they just received and shipped my order. YAY!!!!! I have been waiting for a long time to see this e-mail. You ladies are really crazy. LOL
      Marie, I will follow the instructions as you have posted. <3

  5. Marie, I will print out your instructions and put them in a place of honor! Am waiting impatiently! Yes, I’m one of the greedy one! When the person taking my order asked if I wanted it all I said “YES” and if there’s more, send it too!! When you hear the banshee scream, you’ll know package has arrived!! Dot….

  6. I have not gotten any notice from my local PBS station when my CD DVD package is coming and that has me a tad bit worried. However, on that momentous day it does once I get it in my hot little piratey hands, I fully expect to hear a voice as if from heaven : COMMENCE WITH THE KISSING NOW!

    1. Thanks for the good advice, Marie. Without it I’m sure I would have been kissing recklessly , but now I understand that I must keep it under control….I’m not too good with those words, but I will try to heed your advice, since I know that you only speak words of wisdom, and you know the dangers of too much kissing. lol

    1. Then don’t touch that Cd until you go back and start at #1 again, Myron. Also would you record yourself doing number 9 and share it when we see you in Vegas?

  7. Lord, please have Loretta behind me in the Meet & Greet line. When I get to them I would like the Boys to be smiling instead of like deer caught in Loretta’s headlights. Amen

  8. Marie, what is on the bonus CD? First I am hearing of it. We don’t have a PBS station here and the Buffalo station did not mention a bonus CD–just the DVD and the CD with the music from the DVD.

  9. Uh Oh! Now I’m worried, too! I ordered mine from Shop PBS & all they offered was the DVD & the CD. Can I run over to someone’s
    house to hear the bonus one? Ahah! I know Penina lives six hours from me. I’ ll just pop over there. Ready Penina ?!!! Trouble!!!

      1. I don’t remember or if I even knew. Like Dot, I said, “send it all”, blindly and w/o looking. It’s ME, of course I did. I’ll let you know though.

        umm…looks like everyone’s coming to my house.

      2. I know there are 2 CDs. One is the one they were selling on PBS that has 12 songs on it. The other one is the l’amore si Mouve CD that isn’t released until September 18. That one has 16 or 17 songs on it, I have forgotten which. There are a couple of songs on the PBS CD that are NOT on the L’Amore si Muove CD. And of course there are songs on the other one that are not on the PBS CD. But this is the first I have heard of a bonus CD and I wonder what it is.

  10. Marie, Love your humor! I didn’t know everyone besides me did this too, LOL! Part of being a true Ilvolover!

  11. OK! Hold it here! I trolled thru my memory (Oh. God!) I think on fundraisers they said there was bonus footage on the Pompeii DVD which was not on the TV show & the DVD will be longer than the show because of programming constraints. I hope I’ m right here. Sorry about the run on sentences. I’ m still gonna go over to Penina’s and pester her ! Penina, I loved Israel! Was there on an archaeology dig a few years back.
    My PBS is running I’ll Volo @ 6:30 this PM so y’all can imagine the condition I m in at present!!!! Whoa Nellie!!!

    1. No doubt about it, it’s an amazing place!
      The DVD they are selling will be longer than the program or the extra footage is on the bonus CD? I’m slightly confused!

  12. PS. I’ll pay close attention to what they say & report back ASAP . Maybe it will clear things up! Fingers crossed

  13. All right ! Here we go! If you’ ve donated to PBS @ the higher level
    you will be receiving the DVD, the Grande Amore CD and the San Demo Grande Amore bonus CD.

    1. Now the question is, what is on the Grande Amore CD–is it the 13 song one or the 16/17 song one? Sand Remo is the 7 song one we all already have. I have two of them!

      1. Yeah, me too. If I ever get desperate for concert cash I’ll sell all my duplicates. No I won’t. Most are signed. That was a momentary bad idea.


  14. Checked allmusic .com and the San Remo has 7 tracks and Grand A more has 13 tracks. I couldn’t find anything else.

      1. All CDs have the same looking cover. The difference is that under the words IL VOLO one will say international one will say Grande A more the other will say L’ a more si muove in a red box with white letters.

    1. Lynn, the new one that is coming out later this month has 16 tracks. On amazon it is called Grande Amore International in Europe I think it is called L’Amore Si Muove. The Grand Amore CD offered by PBS is the 13 track one. AS FAR AS I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE OUT!

      1. I was looking at I Tunes and they have 3 different offerings of music.  Grande Amore International ( the one received from PBS).  IL VOLO Grande Amore 5 different tracks and IL VOLO L’amore si muove that has 3 different tracks from the other 2.

  15. This is so confusing!! Why do they keep making CDs with the same names? I have 4 CDs called We Are Love and they all have differences.Looks like they are doing the same thing with Grande Amore.

    1. Thats an excellent question for Management to answer since we know its not the guys who are naming the CD’s

  16. On Amazon the cd entitled IL VOLO Grande Amore is listed but it says it is not currently in stock and they are not sure if it will come back into stock.. I agree this just gets more confusing as it goes along.

  17. There is also a Spanish edition of Grande Amore which has a few different tracks–the color of the cover is more of an ivory/yellowish color as opposed to the white one of the English version.

    1. The CDs have same cover. Under the words IL VOLO in a red box with white letters one CD says international another says Grande A more the other will say L’amore Si Mouve.

  18. Oh CRAP!!!!! I received the CD and DVD from Shop PBS and both are the Spanish version! (DVD Grande Amore song in Spanish) Well didn’t I just get on the phone to them right quick!! Apparently they ‘ve gotten a raft of complaints from other people receiving the same version and they are working on it. They told me to call back in a week and they would have an answer .In the meantime here I sit with an unopened CD and DVD ! Oh the distress of it all!! What’s a girl to do?!! I guess I’ll have a glass of wine(maybe two) and a biscotti(maybe two) and feel sorry for myself! Ciao

    1. Oh Lynn, what a sad story! I know they’ll make it right! So, now you wait again! A glass of wine while gnawing on a yummy biscotti or two and listening to one of your other Il Volo Cd’s is the best way to wait.

    2. Oh crap is RIGHT! What a major bummer. I’m still waiting for mine to appear in the mail. I will just howl to the moon if its in Spanish!! I really ought to walk over to my mailbox now…. If you hear a howl it will be me.

    1. Cmgapski-what were you doing up at 1:49 in the AM ? Unless you were listening to Il Volo? As I understand it some of their past and present albums they’ve recorded in Spanish and on the DVD I received the Grande Amore track is in Spanish.

      Penina- I ordered the CD/DVD combo from Shop PBS . My area PBS station is Mtn Lake PBS out of Plattsburgh NY. ( A little plug there ! They’re all great people.) Their viewership extends up into Canada around the Montreal area. The tickets to Il Volo they ‘re offering are for the Montreal concert. I’ m going to their concert in Albany which is two hours south of me. I live in the Adirondacks in a small town and we get seriously snowed upon in Feb so driving south for the concert could be an interesting little jaunt! You be careful driving up to Orillia! (sp)
      After sleeping on it, I may just keep both and order the INTERNATIONAL! version from my local music shop.
      I had a thought. When Piero was in Miami recently he made the comment that his steel carry-on was his “amici” Did you catch the little red glasses decal on it? What else could possibly be in there? Or is it just for hi glasses wardrobe?!! Ciao all!

      1. Lynn I have been wondering about Piero’s little steel “amici” too. I bet he has more in it than his glasses wardrobe, although we know he has quite the collection! I am going to say I bet he keeps his opera music sheets and notes in there too
        And…in my warped little mind I like to think he keeps a photo of his most favorite pirate in the world too, me!

        a girl can dream and a old girl can fantasize!

      2. Sometimes I am just wide awake and cannot fall asleep. Fortunately the guys kept me “company” that night. Where the cd and dvd completely sung in Spanish or were there just certain songs in Spanish?

    2. Il Volo has been making Spanish versions of their CDs mainly geared at the South American market, but there are plenty of Spanish speaking fans in the USA as well.
      Remember their award for the Latin Grammy Awards was for the Spanish album of We Are Love. Their first album Il Volo has an “edicion en espanol” which includes the song Hasta El Final which is not on the English version. Then there is a Il Volo Mas Que Amor Edicion Deluxe that has El Triste on it. If I am not mistaken they said there would be a Spanish version of Grande Amore–not just the song but the CD as well. Remember how long they were recording? All of that was not just for one album–it was for several versions of the same titled CD.

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