Il Volo Professional ~~ Back to the USA…For Now


Hey Everyone!

Il Volo is back on American soil, and how sweet it is!  Even though I am nowhere near where they are and will not be seeing them this trip, it always makes me feel happy that they are here.

I know they enjoy being here and never forget us…as evidenced by their Facebook post on September 11, an infamous day for Americans:


How sweet they are!  Grazie Millie, for remembering us and for showing us support as we think of that tragic day!


Jim Masters Facebook
Jim Masters Facebook


Il Volo is making the rounds between PBS stations and interviews for “Il Volo — Live from Pompeii” and the new album, so they are busy boys even now; they never have a rest, it seems, and yet they are as gracious as ever.  They’ve been greeted by fans and are smiling as big as ever.   Have a look at their run so far…

~~ Kelly






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8 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Back to the USA…For Now”

  1. Hey, Everyone! Check back later this week as I will be adding the LA part of this trip to the post when I get my computer–hopefully in the next couple of days. I can’t wait! Trying to run my life exclusively from my phone is not working out! Thanks for keeping up with everything, Marie!

  2. Thanks Kelly. Just knowing they were on American soil makes them FEEL closer, which is a comforting feeling. What a whirlwind week it must have been for them. I love photos that include Barbara. She is almost always smiling and looking so happy, but then who wouldn’t be with her job…the best job in the world!

  3. Hi Kelly yeah I know what you mean when you say even though the guys aren’t physically close to where you are just knowing they are in the states and as wonderful as always just makes you feel good.

  4. Hey Marie and Jane I wish I could ask Barbara what it’s been like for her to be with the guys since they were teenagers and to see them grown into amazing men. Wonder what she would say. I know when I look back to how adorable they were man oh man what a ride they have been on. for the past 6 years.

    1. I have had the privilege to speak with her a couple of times. She speaks little English. While she will happily speak with you, she refused a formal interview when I asked her – twice. All she will say is it’s the Boys and not her. I know she has always refused interviews, but I didn’t think it would hurt to ask. She knows who we are. Remember she told me about the Miami and Detroit concerts in advance. I would love to have a story about her point of view!

  5. I told her last year when I met her she has the best job on the planet & everyone envies her, she never said anything. I know I saw pictures of her when the guys were standing behind a door & scared the life out of her & I am sure she has other juicy stories to tell but then again I don’t think she would ever say anything about the antics or about them personally. She is dedicated to them & they have tremendous respect for her. They have even included her in there time watching TV together to a scary movie, Very lucky lady

  6. Marie is the Pompeii recording a CD or DVD or just a video with the guys singing, I can’t seem to find what I ordered because it isn’t saying whether it is a CD or DVD

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