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Music and Your Body: How Music Affects Us and Why Music Therapy Promotes Health

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche. In fact, there’s a growing field of health care known as music therapy, which uses music to heal. Those who practice music therapy are finding a benefit in using music to help cancer patients, children with ADD, and others, and even hospitals are beginning to use music and music therapy to help with pain management, to help ward off depression, to promote movement, to calm patients, to ease muscle tension, and for many other benefits that music and music therapy can bring. This is not surprising, as music affects the body and mind in many powerful ways.

By Elizabeth Scott, M.S. – Stress Management Expert

One of the posting we saw had “Ignazio’s Poetry” and said “MUSIC WASHES AWAY FROM THE SOUL THE DUST OF EVERYDAY LIFE.

I fell in love with CORE ‘NGRATO sung by Ignazio and Piero. It touched and was the best therapy for my soul.

Do you have a song that it your HEALING THERAPY?


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  1. Marie I agree with the healing powers of music 100%. Especially our boys powerful and heartfelt music !! There are many of their songs that reach me emotionally but the newest one is “Eternally”. It just hits a chord in my heart and gets me all teary !! Not a good thing when I’m driving !!! Oh– did I tell you I have the new CD now !!! It’s the best !! This morning I was watching them sing “El Triste” with the subtitles and I got so emotional that I ended up eating watery eggs !! I have to go buy more boxes of tissues now !!! Have a lovely musical Sunday everyone !!💕🎶💕🎶💕

    1. Hi Joan !! We purchased our tickets to the Miami concert from PBS and the CD was part of the package. Most people who purchased PBS tickets have received the CD by now.

  2. I am not sure we know why Il Volo has such a powerful effect on so many people.
    Being involved in the lives of these three young men gives me not only music but a new excitement of learning something new. I check out every place they go and find enjoyment in seeing beautiful countries.
    When I pay my bills I play the INK SPOTS. They sooth my finance problems. Even at 80 I still have to maneuver paying for things my husband does not know about.
    I always see something I know I will need someday. I am not sure what Amazon will send me since I kept ordering Il Volo. I dread the day they open their STORE for selling their items.

  3. I finally received my Pompeii DVD and the accompanying CDs. There have been only a few recordings over the years that have affected me in a way that makes me want to listen to them over and over. To that list I have now added “The Best Day of My Life”.

  4. Ignazio voice it out of this world beautiful,it’s so sweet and soft and warm at the same time. You can feel every emotion and then for instance every pain ,he cuts you deep and make you feel numb where you cant feel anything anymore and then you can feel the warmth of his voice that keeps you alive. You can lost in voice and feel that there is beauty in life . I absolutely love Ignazio voice.💕💖

  5. So many of their songs speak to the soul. It is hard to even narrow it down here. I think Eternally, Beautiful That Way and Ave Maria stand out now. All 3 of their voices can transcend you to a different place. A place of peace and healing.

  6. I agree totally. When I first heard Core’ngrato, I cried for over three hours. I had a very stressful year and had just gotten more bad news. It was on Friday night and I started crying at the sound of Ignazio’s voice, looked up the English translation, and then actually wept until 11:20. It was cathartic and I must have needed to cry. Yesterday, Eternally brought a tear to me eye during Piero’s part, but that was due to the beauty and sincerity of his voice.
    Lydka – your country is truly beautiful. I especially love the church interior and the dancing fountain. The buildings are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these pictures and information.

  7. Music heals, it’s true and also brings a lot of positive energy, a variety of emotions and joy ! 🙂 There are many songs that I consider as cure to healing for my soul. 🙂 I can not appoint them all, because I would certainly at some songs forgotten.

    1. Gina, music is healing to our emotions
      is so true…… Joy springs up inside
      whenI sing or hear lovely music and
      words.I have had favorite IL VOLO
      songs every time a new concert
      My favorite one at the time comes
      from Pompeii “BEAUTIFUL THAT
      WAY.” I play it during the day but
      especially before I go to sleep.
      The words are so good and the
      melody is so smooth and fantastic.
      LOVE IT……..LOVE IT.

  8. Lydka, I haven’t said it lately, but I
    enjoy your thoughts and writings
    so much. Your country sounds
    like a great place to visit.

    1. Gale,thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂 I agree with your sentence: ” Joy springs up inside when sing or hear lovely music and
      words. ” 🙂 I especially like to sing Slovak and Czech, or Russian songs. My favorite singer is Kristina, she was at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with song Horehronie,one of my favorite, often I sing Léto (Summer) song by deceased singer Iveta Bartošová and also I love song form Polina Gagarina Million voices, but in the Russian version. These three songs, when I am singing (or trying to sing 🙂 ) , are for me such a balm for the soul. About Il Volo songs,I like them all and I cannot choose one. 🙂 , but I try to learn sing Grande Amore. I feel that I am not successful. 😀

      1. Lydka, I love Russian Folk Songs. My parents spoke Russian but I do not I just feel their beautiful melodies.

      2. Gina,my parents learned Russian language at school. I don’t speak Russian,but I understand. We Slavic nations understand each other without English. 🙂 But I would like to learn Russian alphabet and speak Russian. Slavic music is beautiful and reflects our Slavic souls. 🙂 I love also Russian national costumes , I have some porcelain dolls in Russian national costumes. 🙂 Russian classical music is also very beautiful, Tchaikovsky,Shostakovich,Khachaturian, Stravinskij, Rimskij-Korsakov, Rachmaninov,Musorgskij, Prokofiev….Alexandrovci, in English Alexandrov Ensemble, often have concerts in Slovakia..Now they are on European Tour 2015 and in my town will sing September 29th and it will be their first concert at Slovakia and then will perform in other Slovak towns.
        By the way Eros Ramazzotti after five years returned to Kosice with his Eros World Tour 2015, concert will be September 30th.

  9. “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” – Maya Angelou

    That is the truth of my life. Il Volo gave that back to me. 🙂

  10. Lydka, I listened to Kristena and Iveta
    and liked their voices……Iveta has a
    beautiful voice, but really they both do.
    I thought Polina did really well when
    she sang for Eurovision, but when you
    have to narrow it down to just one of
    the Eurovision singers, I have to choose
    Il Volo group……I agree with Kelly,
    music is my refuge……I’ve always loved
    music, my mom and sister sang at
    church and home so I grew up with
    music…… My husband and I sang at
    church but now I’m a widow and I
    still love music…….I am so glad I have
    found IL VOLO and have a laptop so I
    can hear them everyday…….I play
    their CD’s in my car…….Music keeps
    my spirits up and I love that they sing
    where you can understand the words.
    They have a special place in my heart
    and my prayers…….I plan to attend
    their concert in Oklahoma City on
    March 20……The venue is just a few
    miles from where I live…..YAY

    1. Gale,I chose the female singers because that when I sing, so always prefer songs by female singers. I sing for pleasure, always at home and when nobody hears me. 🙂 The exception is mom, sometimes we sing together..It is easier for me to sing the female songs and, for example Kristina and Iveta have voices that are similar as my. Song by Polina I like for the beautiful words.But of course that Il Volo are the best ! 🙂 But their songs are hard for me on singing.
      About Eurovision, here are 5 my favorite songs from the competition:
      1. Grande Amore Il Volo 2015
      2. Kristína Horehronie 2010
      3. Polina Gagarina Million voices 2015
      4. Dina Garipova What if 2013
      5. Ruslana Wild dances 2004
      I wish you great and unforgettable experience at future concert of Il Volo, which you want to attend. 🙂

      1. Images of lithuanian costumes
        You mentioned liking Russian costumes. Lithuania has some very beautiful also. The area surrounding Russia and it’s borders have similar type costumes due to the long history of these Countries.

      2. Thank you Gina,
        costumes from Lithuania are also very nice,generally I like the national costumes of many countries, they describe art history of ancestors.

  11. I have always loved music but since discovering Il Volo in 2011, I almost always just want to listen to them. Their music touches my heart and makes the world a better place. I still love listening to Il Mondo, El Reloj, Non Farmi Aspettare and I am always playing SanRemo Grande Amore which has so many beautiful songs. Love the duets and when I first heard Ignazio and Piero sing Core’Ngrato, it was heartbreaking and so moving! So many of their new songs are so lovely also. Eternally is so tender and each of their beautiful voices bring so much to all of their music.

  12. Gina this is also my very favorite song! Our dear boys sang on her very feelingly.
    You may have read,that the Europa rolls every day thousands of refugees from Africa and Asia.Italy is one of the most affected countries,nobody knows what will happen next.Listening to those beautiful songs at least for a moment forget the worries of the coming days.
    Thanks for sharing Gina,looking forward to more and please wish us to do it soon ended and all was quiet again.
    I send you warm greetins Zdena.

    1. i just read an article about the refugees coming to Italy and the hardship it makes on the country affected.
      My parents and I were WWII refugees. When we fled Lithuania we wound up in Austria and when the war ended all people like us were
      grouped by Nationality and eventually put in Displaced Camps. Eventually we were allowed to emigrate and several countries had set up quotas. We got a chance to got to the USA. Australia received a large amount too.

  13. Gina and all, thank you for this! (Had an out-of-town guest and just discovered it!)

    My mom healed from a lifelong health condition, in part through listening to the first IL VOLO CD daily. What a gift! Now my parents are in Memory Care, and the CD player I bought them brings them the most pleasure each day. And we watched the Live from Pompeii Special the night before Dad’s surgery. Residents loved it, and Dad is now cancer-free and healing well.

    After a serious car accident a few years back, IL VOLO music helped me graduate from walking with a cane, barely able to go down my stairs, to walk-dancing with delight.

    And now, oh my gosh! I Love the International Version of Grande Amore CD! So many songs that I can dance and twirl to! It’s been 15.5 years since my husband died, so The Best Day of My Life uplifts my heart and gives me hope for my beloved (part deux) and I to discover each other.

    I’m guessing that
    L’amore si muove
    is the song the guys were referring to as in a league with Grande Amore, another signature song of theirs. So many possibilities!

    And Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te… I’m sure I lived another life in Italy, because this song has such a richness in my heart, like a lifetime of memories!

    So excited for Las Vegas concert!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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