From Mary Bohling


Beautiful Sicily,

We owe you a bunch,
Your exports are lovely,
Pistachios to munch,
Olives for martinis,
Sardines for our toast,
Your wine makes us happy,
Of that you can boast.
Those things are quite welcome,
We like them a lot,
And we have to tell you
They sure hit the spot.
We love you for sending us
Goodies galore,
But we have to tell you
We love something more.
Even more than the taste treats–
You gave us your sons,
Piero and Ignazio,
Yes, they are the ones.
Grown up tall and handsome.
Remember them when
They played in your backyards?
And now they are men.
Teamed up with Gianluca
They gave us your songs.
But they’ll always remember
You’re where they belong.
You loaned them to us,
But you gave them their starts,
And now they are planted
Quite firm in our hearts.
So Sicily, we thank you
Sincerely again,
For giving us Il Volo
Your finest of men.


20 thoughts on “From Mary Bohling”

  1. It’s a beautiful poem Mary! The Boys are Sicily’s greatest goodie export!

    If Sicily were kind it would give them to us instead of just loaning them. We have never asked that much of the Italians and many of us are of italian descent, so we should have some rights to claim. It would be a nice gesture from Sicily to the U.S. Don’t you think? Please and Thank You.
    Marie Crider (I will try anything).

  2. Mary, What talent. Instead of Italy giving us their boys, maybe we should all go to Italy and be part of them. Joanie G

  3. Lovely & wonderful Mary!!! I would just settle for a loan of Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero more often!!! Four or five times a year & always for some Christmas festivities!!! CD signings would be nice also!!! We need these new albums graced with their signatures, written with the silver pen. I don’t think I am asking too much, do you!!!

    1. I wish a nice day Anne. I have a question, if I can ask…On the one fan site ( Il Volo Mundial), they shared photos by Anne Quinto from PBS SoCal with the following text : “I have photos of our PBS visit on Sat with Il Volo!!! Young woman is my Grandaughter’s best friend, Cari. Have known her since she & Dara were in elementary school! She kindly took me to the PBS studio! Dara’s cat got meds for worms & arthritis but Vet is doing further testing! The other lady is IlVolover friend, Carol. We met at the Gibson concert 8/28/13!!! We had such a great time!!!” I want to ask is that you? If yes, I want to say that the pictures are very nice 🙂 and I’m happy for you that you met guys and certainly you have experienced a pleasant and memorable evening ! 🙂
      Wish you all the best and God’s blessing. L

  4. Mary what beautiful words you wrote I think you said what most of us feel what a blessing the guys of IL Volo are each and every day all Italians should be so proud of those three.

  5. Mary, what a beautiful poem. You have said it all very well and you are right that they are planted in our hearts <3
    Thank you for sharing your poem with us.
    I just want to comment on the "Grande Amore" CD!!! The voices are so powerful and passionate and I have only listened to the 1st 5 songs on my way home from work. There are no words to describe this CD other than can I be more in Love with these 3 Young Men? Yes!!! <3 <3 <3

  6. Lovely poem and thanks to Marie! Miu and I are planning on going to the NIAF Gala on October 16 in Washington DC!! Happy to have other Flight Crew members join us!

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