4 Charming Video’s ~ Kitty

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  1. Kitty, these are just wonderful! I LOVED the Nonna!!! I was laughing so hard. Watching the bus drive video was scary!! Thanks so much for posting these. Scary as the driving was, I still want to go there! 🙂

  2. My word! Don’t they have any straight roads that don’t go through tunnels?! If I was a passenger in a bus, I would sit waaay in the back so I wouldn’t have to keep an eye on the road, and could watch the scenery. And I’m sure it was very scenic along that winding road. I sure could identify with the two nonnas. I am befuddled most of the time by my computer!

  3. I loved the “Taormina Bus Ride”…too bad it just stops before they reach their destination! But I’m with you, Kitty…I’d have been sitting as far back in the bus as I could get!

  4. O My Lord!!! Kitty, that bus tour was terrific, but now I know for sure I could never drive in Italy. what a journey!!!! now I can say I have toured Taormina. Kitty that was wonderful. thanks for posting it. now I need some wine! I think Piero and Ignazio must be in Heaven driving on American roads

  5. Cute videos of the grandmas and quite a drive. The view from the bus was sometimes scary but the driver seemed to know what he was doing and was very careful. But to even be able to find your way around would be difficult. Near the end, the bus appeared to be going to the beach and then again was going up the mountain. Very confusing. Reminds me of going to the Redwoods near San Francisco, but our driver was going 50 to 60 on those winding roads and I was on the floor of the bus crying.

  6. When I went to Italy the bus driver we had was just as amazing as this fellow. I think I learned to hold my breath far longer than anytime in my life. Also, the Italian traffic is enough to make a saint swear and make a pirate blush!

    1. Hey all! If anyone wants to watch the Il Volo ” Un Avventura Straordinaria” program covering the concert in Verona it will be on the Italian TV channel Rai 1 @ 3:15 EST in the US. View it on :
      It will be in Italian but Hey ! We’ll take it, right?
      Ahoj Lydka! Are you able to watch it over there? I hope so! (Or did you,I forgot the time difference! ) Ciao

      1. Ahoj Lynn,I have the same European time as Italy, I wanted to watch, but in my country the Rai Tv stream was not available. 🙁
        Sincerely greet you ( Srdečne Ťa pozdravujem). 🙂

      2. Concert was amazing,gorgeous vocals and songs ! 🙂 I saw it today on All about Il Volo website. It was outstanding experience and an unforgettable evening for boys and also big success for them, because 5,664,000 spectators were watching the show, with a share of the 23,39% ! Wow! 🙂 I have to say :Bravo ragazzi , siete semplicemente incredibili ! Meraviglioso, stupendo ! 🙂 ( I hope I wrote it correctly.)

  7. That bus ride reminded me of a taxi ride I experienced going from the airport in El Past to a downtown hotel 6 of us +the driver…most terrifying 10 minutes of my life!! No need for 6 Flags over there, just send me to Sicily and put me on a bus!! Wow!

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