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It occurs to me that the guys have some very endearing habits and mannerisms that we often see repeated:
For instance, have you noticed that Piero is partial to wearing piero mood regbaseball caps?  He must have dozens of them, most with a team logo.  Maybe he wears them to protect the flat straight up hair style that he seems to favor, or maybe he just likes the look and comfort.  At any rate, we like his looks whatever he is or isn’t wearing on his head.
I and walterI think it’s endearing the way Ignazio has taken to loving horses.  He says that it has become a passion, and that it is a way that he can “pull the plug and be carefree.”  Isn’t it great that he has found a way to do that considering the hectic life style the guys have been going through?  True, they love the performing, but they need to have ways in which to relax and “be carefree.
I remember that Myron had a theory about why Gianluca often putsmusings 3 his weight on one toe while singing.  I think it had something to do with breathing.  Sorry if I’ve got that wrong, Myron.  Anyway we think it’s endearing whatever the reason.
I personally love the way Piero bends over when he’s laughing musings 4heartily and often slapping his leg during a real guffaw.  He does love a good joke, especially when it’s at Ignazio’s expense  He also likes to do a flipping trick with his microphone when taking a breather from the song they are singing.  Too cute, Piero.  You are a great microphone flipper…….(Notice how pleased he seems when he has flipped without dropping it.)
Ignazio loves to take over conducting the orchestra during a musings8performance.  The conductor is very patient about handing him the baton (or does he just take it?)  And the orchestra never falters, even when Iggy is being silly, which is most of the time.
More Piero mannerisms which I find endearing.(Are you tired of that term by now..sorry, I’m not through with it.)  I don’t think he could talk without using his hands.  I guess that is a mannerism typical of Italians, and he would be speechless piero's kiss from Viennawith his hands tied behind his back.  Also endearing is the way he loves to send kisses to the fans, whether in person from the stage or in a video clip.  Sometimes he gets  carried away with thye intensity of the pucker, but he means well, and I love it.
Gianluca is endearing in the way he keeps trying to tone down the musings 6antics of Ignazio and Piero.  (mostly Ignazio)  He is often seen trying to get his brother to be serious–even saying, “don’t be silly.”  Yes, I heard that on one of the video clips.  Good luck with that, Gian.  We love you for trying.
musings 5We can’t forget Piero and Ignazio’s pelvic thrusts….can’t get through a performance without them.  I don’t know that I would call them endearing, but they are a part of those two guys repertoire, and they aren’t going away.  (Would I want them to?)
But what is REALLY endearing is “the wink” that Gian treats us to musings 2every so often.  Who hasn’t melted at that sight?
oh PieroI’m not really sure what the V sign that they (mostly Piero) always need to show in almost every photograph.  I guess it means “peace,” at least that’s going to be my take.  It’s a nice gesture.
It seems that Italian men, (especially Sicilian?) are not afraid to express affection for each other.  Our Italians are certainly comfortable about hugging and kissing, and almost always have their arms around each other.  Endearing?  Yes, definitely.
I love the three-way handclasp that we see, usually at the beginning musings7of an event.  It’s like a pact that they have that’s saying, “we’re in this all together and we’re going to be great.”
Oh, more about Piero:…..the heart shape he makes with his hands to show love to the fans, and is that phone permanently attached to his hand?
piero's heartHow about the frequent adjustment to his glasses?
And we can’t overlook Piero and Ignazio’s hip bumps……again, too cute.  And the way Ignazio wrinkles up his forehead, trying to look wise? perplexed?  busy?  concerned?  Only he knows for sure.  We also see him making the “duck face” and screwing up his face into a scowl.  We may not understand it, Ignazio in Ny - fireman mood - Aprilbut we just like to watch him anyway, because we love him so much.
I’m sure that there are many more endearing mannerisms that could be mentioned, because they are, after all, the most endearing men on the planet, …right?  Right.   Amen.


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  1. What a fun article, Mary! In thinking about this I recall the many times Gianluca leans against the piano with his legs crossed by his feet while he awaits his turn to sing in a given song. He just looks so comfortable and relaxed. I know they are ultimate professionals and have been at this for years, but it boggles my mind to see how easy they make it look to be standing in front of THOUSANDS of people and perform!

  2. Another great one, Mary! Don’t we just love our guys for all their mannerisms!!! Ignazio told me when we met them at PBS, he loves horses & riding! He bought another horse, Alex! He is going to buy a third horse that is black after the middle of Oct. He will be spending much of his free time riding!!

    1. You are so right, Lucky. Someday some lucky girl will capture him and then there will be a lucky baby/babies. I know that he has said that he wants a big family, and he will be a great papa.

  3. Always on point Il Volo Flight Crew. I laughed when you talked about the Italians always kissing and hugging. When me and my family went to Italy many years ago, my kids were amazed with the kissing and hugging, and even holding hands as they walked. See young men walking and holding hands is not a everyday event here in the US. lol

  4. Mary, this was so fun!

    I think my fav is the way Piero laughs. Yes, love Piero’s love for children ~ unmistakable, too.

    Of course I love Gianluca’s winks, and on another side, I have seen and honored Gianluca’s big heart for some of the courageous IL VOLO fans who have dealt with health issues. His compassionate loving presence is heartfelt. So true for all of them!

    Ignazio is such a wonderful goofball! I loved when he said on a recent PBS interview that the stage is his second home. Oh yes! 😉
    Horses have an energetic field as big as the arena they’re in. Does that not fit Ignazio?!

    Love and gratitude, Mary and all!

    See some of you in Las Vegas in March! You’ll likely hear that from me many times between now and then. Top on my something-to-smile-about list!

    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Got my rm res and my VIP ticket, Mary, so ya better believe it! 😉

        On top of it all, the 24th is a special day for me!


  5. I love how when something really is funny to Piero he throws his head back and does a BIG laugh. When its funny, he is 100% into it. I also love how Gianluca walks witih catlike grace as he assumes the stage, Gian also has the most stellar smile. Its great in photos but even better it person. I think it stunned me.. Ignazio also seems to love the children too and gives great hugs. I wouldn’t mind going horseback riding with Ignazio, something I can set claim to first since Marie hasn’t paid him any attention while he is with his horse.

    The best of all is their constant need to stay in touch with each other. Hand on shoulder, arm slung around a waist, they are not in the least bit shy about being close. These confident Italian men don’t have any of that weird “homophobia” about having a man touch another man that American dudes have.

  6. Pirate!!! I’ve oft times expressed my admiration for the profound bond of love which these three young men have with each other. It’s a genuine and loyal demonstration of affection and friendship that will prevail between them as they move into adulthood.

    I know in my heart and spirit, that as the years roll by, those three fellows will stand side-by-side with each other during their respective marriages, the births of their children, the passing I

  7. Sorry about that, I pushed the wrong button!!!

    [sic]….the passing of their loved ones, and all of the significant life events that are an intrinsic part of the human experience.

    They are true friends indeed, and can give us all a lesson in grace, dignity, and humility. I applaud the simplicity of their open love for each other.

    Godspeed, Il Volo.

  8. Thank you Mary for this article and all right-on-the-nail comments and description of these wonderful men, IL VOLO. I have notice all the things you mention about them and I especially love the idea that Italian men show their love and appreciation for other men, just love it! Your article is right on the button.

  9. Mary. I enjoyed this post and the comments too. This group is very observant, thanks for pointing out some of their mannerisms that I have missed. I’ll try to keep my eyes more open. They are really great entertainers.
    Jeanine, how do you like your new CD ? I got mine that I ordered from Barnes and Noble yesterday. I’m still waiting for the one I ordered from Amazon. I found out that there are 2 different CDs. The one from B & N has 13 songs and the one from Amazon has 16, some titles are different so I have to wait until I get the other CD and make the comparison. I’m enjoying the one I have. I’m eagerly waiting for Myron’s review of this new music.
    Thanks again Mary.

    1. Hey, Victoria, I LOVE my new CDs! iTunes has 16 songs, with Delilah instead of one other. So much juicy joy! And rockin’ great dance music!

      Great to hear from you!
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. I loved this post Mary !! It’s amazing how we seem to observe every little mannerism that our boys possess !!! They are “For Sure” as Gianluca would say three very different individuals all with very endearing qualities and personalities !! We all love them to pieces and EVERYTHING about them !!💕
    I am excited that I will be meeting many of you in Las Vegas !!! I’m all set with concert tickets and hotel reservations !! Just need to get my airline tickets from Florida !! It’s going to be a blast !!!

  11. I’m so jealous that you girls will meet in LAS VEGAS, I know you are going to have a great time. I’m in Cleveland Ohio ,and looking ahead to see my boys in February. I don’t know who I will see there of the Flight Crew! I’m very excited never the less.

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