Hey Gang!

The Big Guy’s 21st Birthday is October 4th.  Let’s send him Hugs and Good Wishes!ignazio's b day graphic

Please e-mail us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com with a birthday greeting for Ignazio. Keep your wishes relatively short and sweet.  Photo’s are great too!  Your greeting will be put into a post that will be tweeted to him on the evening of October 3rd, so that he wakes up to it in the morning of his special day. Deadline for Buon Compleanno greetings are October 1st at 5 pm central standard time. Kelly, who is the only one who knows how, will make a video for the post and add music.

credit Il Volo Campania

There are so many things I want to say!  However, I’ll try to think of things I should say!

16 thoughts on “HAPPY 21ST IGNAZIO”

  1. Happy 21 birthday, Ignazio hope all your dreams continue to come true for you. Love you. Have a great day!❤️

  2. Best wishes for a Very Happy 21st. Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day, a day to remember. Thank you for all your charm and fun, it makes your fans feel so happy.

  3. Love those pictures !! Marie, are they yours?? Hi everyone, it’s me, LInda from orig site. I’ll be on again, sometimes!! I know u, Marie, they have to be yours!!

    1. Hi Linda Snyder wonderful to see you back on the blog. Hope your health is improving fast & you can post more frequently. As I have always said my prayers always work. Whaever is helping you improve keep doing it.

  4. Hi Ignazio,
    Have a wonderful birthday with your
    family and friend’s . I love you all, and we will see
    you and your two “brothers” in Las Vegas next year.
    Say hello to “Walter” for me!
    Aloha, Jill ❤️ 💕

  5. Well Marie I can’t send anything through my email for whatever reason so if you are sending Ignazio birthday greetings please send mine as well

    Hi Ignazio Happy Birthday for a spectacularly successful 21st year. Hope all your dreams come true for 2016. You look very regal riding Walter with your stunning hat on of course you would look stunning without a hat.
    Sending loads of love from Loretta Foley – Toronto

  6. Ignazio, I’m wishing you a fantastic birthday filled with fun, friends, family, and fulfillment of your heart’s desires!

    You deserve the best!

    Grande amore,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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