Crew!  Go Here!

It is what it says it is, “Il Volo English Translations.”   They are picking up current interviews, concerts, radio/tv shows, all new album releases and doing a splendid job!

Kelly and I have been searching for a site that offers translations of this caliber.  We think we’ve found it!  

What do you think?


Also, Regina spotted this from Rock me Il Volo:

15 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. In the days of the excitement due to the PBS concert I started ordering and not paying attention so now I have to wait till Amazon sends me my “PRE ORDERS”. I had my grandson buy me the “International” version on iTunes on my computer. LOVE IT. I wonder if “PRE ORDERS” WIND UP ON THE BACK LIST AT AMAZON.
    When the CD is released and you order it is here in no time.

      1. It will take 10 working days before that precious package will arrive. Grazie Marie, I can not wait till the moment when I have the CD and DVD in my hands!! MERAVIGLIOSA!!

  2. Kelley and Marie thanks for the “English translation” information. I saw several post on ATIV and this morning went to the site and happy day CORE N’GRATO is there. Made my morning and will keep me thru the volunteer hours of ‘lugging’ and stacking cans.

  3. Hi Marie,
    I found this site on Facebook a few days ago and made a comment about the great work their crew was doing in translating what was being seen/heard in Italian to English. Susan Peowrie who is one of those people, replied to my comment and asked if she could be my Facebook friend so she can tag me whenever there are things happening with IL VOLO.
    Of course I accepted her as a friend. Yes, they really do great job in translating. It was a thrill to finally know what the heck is being said during an interview in Italian. I can’t wait to finally meet most of you in LAS VEGAS in March. Thanks for the info marie.

      1. Thank you Marie, that will be much appreciated… We have a lot of new information for everyone on our website… You have been our number one supporter of this project, and we cannot thank you enough…

  4. Wonderful and thanks so much for this translation site. Now we can really understand all the side comments that the boys make and the way they feel. We can now really appreciate their ” funny times”. So again, many thanks

      1. Yes, they are a wonderful present to us. Thank you so much for posting the link to the translation page. It is going to become indispensible, probably very very soon. Wonderful!!
        And welcome back, Marie.

  5. Thank you so much, Kelly 8 Marie!!! A wealth of information! So happy to have Enlish translations. I got my PBS order on 9/18 & my Amazon order on 9/25. I am on a Il Volo high for the rest of my life!!! I have a CD signing on 10/7 In Hollywood some place that I don’t know yet!!!

  6. Il Volo English Translations is a long awaited pleasure. ty for all you do for Il Volo lovers….ty also Marie.

  7. Wish I could be in Las Vegas to meet all of you! That would almost be as much fun as meeting IlVolo…ALMOST!! Have fun!♡♡♡

  8. Buon Giorno! Posting this on the “fly”. A fit of housekeeping has overtaken me and I’ d better take advantage of it before it evaporates!
    If you go to

    videos there are songs and interviews with the guys with English subtitles. Enjoy! Ciao!

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