Instructions for the Las Vegas Bound

All Il Volo fans that plan to attend the Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire Convention please follow these easy steps:

         1.To register and make payment please email us              at:

            2. Please list the number of people in your party and their names.

            3. If you are bringing an Il Volo inspired art or craft, please let us know in your email to us.

            4. The  email address is also a way to ask any questions you may have.

            5. Payment information will be emailed to all who have registered through the email address you provided to us…

             6. The Fan Faire Convention is $100.00 per person and we have set up a PayPal account for fast and easy payment… Or you can send a check if you prefer..Information for mailing of check and PayPal information will be sent to you in a private email to the email address you provided to us when you registered .

 *Examples of Il Volo inspired art or craft work that we have seen so far include items such as

Hand Made Jewelry with the boys images or names

Quilts and pillows with their images Paintings Sketches Statues Tee Shirts Plaques Some items just used the title of the group or one of their albums i.e. We are Love, Grande Amore or Il Volo… etc.

 The Myron Heaton Committee

50 thoughts on “Instructions for the Las Vegas Bound”

  1. There should be instruction for US the FANS that have to stay home and deal with green envy.
    Sounds such a great fun event. Glad so many can participate.

    1. I agree with you Gina! Do you Skype? Maybe we can get those lucky duckies to Skype with us and tell us all the good stuff!

      1. One of the youth set me up on Skype but I never used it so it is deleted now. I might get one of them to set me up again. At my age there is only so much space in my brain for new technology.

    1. To Gina, Marie and Dorothy and all the rest of “the Left Behind” Crew, I’m offering CRYING TOWELS. Quality construction and softness in a full range of sizes including oversize for big criers. Monogramming is available for a minimal charge. However, due to the drastic increase in the price of gold we are no longer offering that option. We do offer expedited shipping for those who wish to begin the grieving process at this time.
      Tearfully, Lynn!

      1. Do you offer a CRYING TOWEL large size with Ignazio’s picture? This way he can share my pain.

      1. Marie, fear not! You won’t feel bad for long! Just remember,” While the cats are away,the mice will play!” and” Revenge is Sweet”. Take that to Vegas with y’all! Tee! Hee!
        Gina, we are in design and development as we type! We didn’ t care to incite either panic or undignified pushing and shoving by advertising a product not yet ready for the market.
        Did everybody see the pix of the pillow on Gianluca’s parents sofa with the picture of him on it ? It may have been on the Il Volo Montepagano Facebook site.

  2. Thank you Marie and Kelly for sharing these instructions with the Flight Crew… It is so appreciated by the Myron Heaton Committee… We want to get the message out to as many fans as we can, and you have such a big fan base here… Grazie Mille

    1. Hey Jeannette, I would say that I’m waiting with great anticipation and can’t wait to meet everyone and have fun, but.. I don’t want to cause pain to those who can’t make it this year. So, for them I’ll say, “ho hum, just another concert and a bunch of people.”

      1. Sorry. Will not work. We know you all will have a fantastic time and probably get to hug the boys.

      1. Ho hum balogny Marie. At the cost I am puttin g out ree American exchange I am aiming for Ignazio’s lap so don’t get in my way anyone. At these prices I won’t be there next year unless the American exchange goes down. Las Vegas hear comes Loretta

  3. `I do not have a microsoft account and password. The web site given asks for this. What do I do to register? Joan Guyon

    1. We received your email and you are now registered… I am sorry you had a problem reaching us, but it’s all good now…
      Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this helpful update! Looking forward to great camaraderie!

    I, too, could not get into the website that’s linked above, so I looked for the previous link and found it:

    Since it has the new instructions, is this wordpress address the one that should be posted below where it says The Myron Heaton Committee at the end of this blog? (web addresses don’t usually have an @ in them, so I’m guessing so)

    As I pray when I am organizing a workshop I plan to facilitate…
    I pray for the best for everyone who attends and everyone who doesn’t. Same for this Fan Faire and concert. 😉

    Love, peace, and possibilities,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. There is a lot of updated information on our website and this is the website address:

      To contact the Myron Heaton Committee by email for information on how to register or make a payment or just a question about the Fan Faire Convention that is not answered on our website, our EMAIL address is … It is our email address that has @ in it… LOL…

    1. JoanieFl2, can you please send us your full name and address at our email address and I will give you full instructions on how to make a payment…
      I have several Joanie’s listed so I need a full name for you my dear..

    2. Joanie,
      I have been late to reading these comments but Jeannette has been answering them much faster than I have which is great. Follow her instructions and you will be just fine. But you can always email me with questions any time you need.

      1. Thank you Myron. I sent my information so now I just have to pay up !! Looking forward to meeting you and all the other Ilvolovers !!’

  5. Marie if it’s not too much trouble please add Deborah Georgini Beaupre to the Las Vegas list and put my name “Joan Brenin” next to Joaniefl2. Grazie Mille !!!

  6. Has anyone heard about some mud slinging to our precious guys from the press, I never heard or read anything like that. I’m just now hearing about it throught the grape vine does anyone know what it was about. What were they suppsed to have done or not done?

    1. Loretta, Yup! Quite a stink! Apparently the guys were checked into a hotel in Locarno, Switzerland while they filmed for a German TV show. They checked out and went to another one because the first one was dirty and dusty as they said. One of the guys is allergic to dust. Any way, someone from the hotel, it is alleged , said they trashed a room or rooms. And, somehow it hit the Italian press and then the Internet and everybody flew into a dither ! Gianluca’s father tweeted , Gianluca’ tweeted . Legal from their management company contacted the hotel . The hotel director went on the defense saying no such thing happened. The fans are in an uproar on all the sites. Everybody jumped to the guys’ defense. It’s getting ugly. I’m monitoring this closely in the Italian newspapers and on the internet . This may become an international incident!! Gianluca’ said this will be turned to their advantage! Italian optimism at it’s best!

      1. Thanks, Lydka! It was helpful to read this (in bing translation).

        As I just said to Our Guys on Twitter:
        We know your hearts. Enough wasting your time with this. Time for joyful music-making & relaxing with family. U R Love!

        Choosing peace,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. I also sent a note to the guys. Let the legal people handle this on the quiet. Guys stay out of it. Let the hotel people be obnoxious and be idiots – (that is already done). It seems to me that the hotel was doing a “cover-up” for their dirty hotel by putting the blame on the boys ! Never admit that your place really was filthy. Always find a scapegoat.

        We know our guys. that is what counts.

  7. Marie! Why, I do believe we might be related! The Sisterhood of Snit and Snip! ( Better a Snit than a Piglet. Eh, what?) I’m not the one who mangia-ed three lobsters! All I do is go to Price Chopper and watch them crawl all over each other in the tank. However, presented with opportunity I would not only eat three but stuff one in my backpack for a snack later! Have fork will travel! Ciao, Pazzi! ( crazies!)

  8. Thanks to Marie and the Flight Crew site for their support in our Vegas project. I am so proud of our group. They have been working so hard and no one gets paid. This is all volunteer. We are so eager to meet you all face-to-face in person when you get here. Fun to put a face with the emails and comments that we have read over the past years. Some of you I have known for four or five years – but never met. WOW.

    For those that cannot make it: If this event is a success then we will try to get Il Volo to make it an annual event (or at least every two years). I would like to see Il Volo in residence for a whole week (a lot of acts do residencies here) some time in the future. That way more of you can come.

    For this year – we are close to our goal number which is great.

  9. a word about the art and craft event during Fan Faire: each of us has seen pictures on facebook or other places of people’s wonderful art or craft featuring Il Volo. A quilt with the guys faces on it. A quilt with the names like “WE are Love” or ” Grande Amore” worked into the fabric. Sketches of the guys. oil paintings of the guys. Jewelry with the guys faces work in (charm braclets) . Many other things. We are hoping those who created these things will bring them here to show off in our art & craft. It is all part of the social scene here. Plus there will be an active bar going during these social times.

    1. Thank you Myron for your kind words… I have spent this week working on updating our website for all who visit it to get the latest information… Some good information about our Fan Faire Convention is on our site especially for those who are attending this fabulous Il Volo night to remember in Las Vegas…
      You can visit our website at

      We have been answering emails that have come in from many Flight Crew Members in the last few days… Thank you so much for all your helpful information and suggestions… One of the problems we have come across is that some people have not registered who plan on coming… There are a few that thought their Flight Crew Friends would add their name to their registration… That is very nice of your friends to do, but without your email address, we cannot contact you directly, and without your last name that even your friends who have added you to their emails cannot give us, there is not enough information to register you…

      So please my dear Il Volo Flight Crew Family, if you have not registered please do so, so that I can give you payment information and answer any question you may have…
      EMAIL us at

      Thank you all for your help and I know you will have a great time at the first ever Il Volo Fan Faire Convention…

      Thank you Marie and Kelly for putting up this blog so that Myron and I can help clear up any questions that our Il Volo family has about the Fan Faire Convention…

    2. All this fun stuff to be part of and on top of it all you have a active bar going on. Oh gheeze, what else could a pirate ask for?

      I know! Three handsome men!


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