We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to, once again, say how much this site stands behind Il Volo. It is what we are!   Most of us have followed those young men for as long as they have been “Il Volo”. We know how they work and play.  We know their backgrounds, families, and morals almost as much as we know our own. Because of this we know and love who they are and what they do. The more Our Guys enter the world of the famous the more rumors will be fabricated and spread. It is a common fault of fame. We knew the recent rumor about them trashing a hotel room was false even without the hotel owner coming forward to deny the allegation.

Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, we know who you are. We support you in both your career and in life.

And that is all the attention we will pay to the rumor mongers.

Marie, Kelly and The Entire Il Volo Flight Crew


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 Published on Sep 30, 2015

It ‘a real controversy erupted on the trio Il Volo after the accusations against the three artists from the director of a Hotel Locarno who accused them of having ransacked the rooms as a gesture of annoyance. A history which today is belied by the director himself, but the three tenors herald the legal battle.


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Ci dispiace molto per chi ha creduto a questa storia. Speriamo che una trovata pubblicitaria così originale ci porti…molta fortuna!

Translated from Italian by

We’re very sorry for those who believed in this story. Hopefully a publicity stunt so original take me … much luck!

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  1. I did not know about this. It infuriates me. Anyone who knows anything about them knows what a boldfaced lie this is. I’m sure they know their adoring fans would never believe such garbage.

  2. I expressed my opinion on the website All about Il Volo and I decided to share it also here, I wrote September 29, 2015 : ” Evil once again proved its strength. I hate these types of lies and slander, which bad people spread with their malice and envy, especially. Many people today are thus solve their own complexes and failures.Many journalists are like hyenas,if someone is successful, talented, intelligent, honest, modest, gentle, and good person and people love him,so these journalistic hyenas decide : let’s destroy him ! They write nasty things and then are happy if bad gossips are spreading further into the world, some people will believe them and they destroy or profane someone’s image. What is the worst , these people have no conscience and character ! All fans of Il Volo know what is true,we will not believe rumors ! In today’s world, successful, talented and polite people have to count with negative reactions from silly people. It should be ignored, because who wants , can always find a reason to unjustified criticism and slander and is difficult to stop him.We can defend, but it’s unnecessary because intelligent person can do his own opinion and who knows us and our real quality, we don’t need to prove anything and explain it to these people, who are on our side, and others ? Argue with a silly person is unnecessary and we just fall down to his level.Who wants to believe in stupid things, will believe even though we might convince him for many hours about true.I think the one who wrote this false and ugly article , in fact, showed his own wretchedness and his own ” black soul ” , bad character, he shames only himself ! Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, although I didn’t meet them personally, they definitely are polite and well-behaved young men, I believe in it without doubt ! It is said that, with evil we must fight with love in our heart. Only love wins over hatred and the light will triumph over darkness !Il Volo guys don’t deserve such negative articles ! Il Volo spread the love through their music into our hearts, so we do not need to read lies and share the untruths. It remains for us , just smile over human malice and regret these bad people, because they are spiritual paupers ! Let’s be lenient to them and send them love and light so they can find the right path in life and can to stop hurting others. Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca, hold on ! 🙂 Head up, smile and continue on your way, don’t stop and do not give up your dreams ! Your fans love you and are with you in good and also in bad times ! We are loyal and and we are guided by the heart, there are honest and pure feelings. <3 I wish good luck and all the best to all people of good heart, including Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca ! <3 <3 <3 " I deliver some words…
    It is said that the negative publicity is also publicity. 🙂 I think that this unpleasant experience can make boys stronger,better, more experienced ,resilient, and more courageous, unfortunately showbusiness is harsh environment, is also full of intrigue and jealousy, it is necessary to be ready for anything and they should not be put off by these things and should continue in what they love the most – making beautiful music for all fans ! Simply disgust postpone away and concentrate on nice and good things in life which are definitely in majority. 🙂 I believe that they feel support and love from all their fans, their families and friends, and quickly forget on this bad episode and will go to meet beautiful and successful future ! 🙂 They have our endless support and our love moves in all directions ! 🙂

  3. I was just watching their interview in Iatlian. Even though I could only understand a few words, Gianluca in his interviews was angry. I never saw him like that. These young men would never do that sort of thing. We love you Il Volo!

  4. I saw that interview too!!! Gianluca was angry & rightly so!!! I have been busy past few days so did not know what the acuations were. I only knew it would not be true!!! Anyone who knows Il Volo knows what incedible young men they are with high moral standards, a wonderful cultural background, & genuine Il Volo love in their hearts!!! IlVolovers are all behind you, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! Grande Amore!!!

  5. I’ve been caught up in some unexpected projects at work and hadn’t seen this report until Marie sent me this copy yesterday. I’m still seething!
    I’m also incredibly sad that this is one of the ways they can measure their success. Some people love to see good, decent people stumble so much that they look for or make up scandal just so they can point a finger. A testament to their sad lives more than an reflection on those they wish to see fall.
    I love these guys like my own family, and will stand up and defend them always! Thanks for writing this, Marie.

    1. To keep this site running Kelly and I need to email each other often. As I’m sure you can all imagine, I am the one who sometimes uses a little “colorful” language when emailing her about things. Yesterday…it was Kelly!

  6. I watched the video and it broke my heart to see our beautiful guys faces reflecting how upset,sad and angry they are. I just wanted to reach out and give each of them a big hug and let them know that we all love and support them unconditionally !! Ilvolovers Forever !!💕💕

      1. I would love to hear the translation to this interview. I want to know especially what Gianluca is saying. Hearing him so upset and seeing all their faces made me want to cry.

    1. I agree, Joanie! It broke my heart to see how hurt they were!
      The scumbag who lied about them will get his or her punishment in one way or another! Karma is a b—-!!

    2. I agree with you Joanie. I saw them get so upset to try to explain what happened and I felt like they were exposed to jealous, angry people. The more they become famous the more people want to take them down a few pegs. I never believed the story was true and they are so tired from all the travel and distance they have to go back and forth. They are young men trying to make the world a better place by their music. I wanted to give them each a BIG HUG and tell them everything will be okay and we know they are good young men. <3<3

  7. Amen to all of you! I actually emailed the hotel to scold them for promoting such vile words/actions about our guys. I hope Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca know how much we love, support and believe in them! They have our Grande Amore!!

  8. Lets not be sad for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca… Lets be proud!!!
    These three very young men did not hide behind their managers and Lawyers… Their Il Volo management team did not have to stand up for for them… These three young men handled the media themselves…. They went on TV shows and stood up for what they know is right… Even in the turmoil of the day, with nasty and hurtful rumors being thrown at them… They were respectful, humble and told the world what really happened and they did it with dignity… Their maturity is well beyond their twenty to twenty two years… They handled themselves like men of their fathers age rather than as a young adult … We love these young men as if they were our own… We want to protect them but they have shown that we need not worry… They have it handled… I am sure three sets of parents are standing proud today and I am sure that Michele and Barbara are standing right with them saying… I am so proud of our boys for now they are men…

    1. I agree Jeannette (for being proud of the boys now being mean). In just 3 days it Ignazio’s 21st birthday. He handled that interview so well. When those idiot critics at San Remo were cruel to IL VOLO, they stuck up for themselves then too. I hate that they are put in a position to defend anything they do. The success of their tour this summer in Italy just proves how their popularity has skyrocketed. I find it a real pity that this happened and I hope IL VOLO’s legal team sues that hotel and whatever journalists were involved and makes them rue the day they decided to fabricate anything against IL VOLO. When you try to take on IL VOLO, you take on their fans too, and we simply will not stand for it! I sure hope something like this doesn’t happen again ANYTIME soon.

    2. I have 3 thoughts about this experience.

      1 ~ I’m grateful Our Guys were able to speak to their core values, like integrity and respect, that this was heard by many who perhaps didn’t know IL VOLO before. I totally agree with you, Jeannette!
      2 ~ It feels like time to leave this subject behind and instead…
      3 ~ To celebrate that IL VOLO’s new album, amazing voices, fun and sweet personalities, and fantastic values totally Rock! Sono stupdendi, so that’s where we, their fans, are putting our attention!

      Ti vogliamo bene, IL VOLO!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Just watched the video posted above and Ohhh even without knowing what they are saying I saw Piero get steamed, and Gianluca was ready to ignite things with the very flames coming from his eyes! Ignazio was the calmest but I bet he had a clever turn of words there, his eyes were dancing with anger too. I read the first piece of crud the hotel had to say and it was utterly vile and disgusting. How they could slander these lovely young men , who travel with members of their family is beyond me. GRRRRRR

  10. There could not be 3 more loving, honest, genuine young men in this world. Ever since following them from the start of their careers I have always wished I could have been born Italian as these three show the best of the best in this world! It is a sad reality that there are those unscrupulous people out there who take aim at those who become famous. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio…you are living a beautiful life that you so deserve for all the hard work you put into it. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Stay the genuine young men that you are as that far outshines any false accusations that some people feel a need to express. Thank you Marie and Kelly for letting us send our loving messages to our three special guys!

    1. Guys, remember what you told us in song..
      Keep the laughter in your eyes, Soon your long awaited prize,
      We’ll forget about our sorrows and think about a brighter day,
      Cause life is beautiful that way.
      Smile, no matter what they tell you,
      Don’t listen to a word they say, cause life is beautiful that way.
      from L’amore si Muove

      1. How fitting this
        song, “Life is
        Beautiful That
        Way.” Yes,
        don’t listen to
        a word they say.

  11. I have to say amen to everything said before me. I love these three young men like they were my own grandsons. I was filled with anger as I read those accusation against them yesterday. I knew with every fiber of my being, that what they were saying was not true. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, you made us all proud by the way you handled a very difficult situation.

  12. The media should pay attention to positive, true and good informations and news, as for example : The boys of Il Volo have collected 800,000 Euros to help Iaia, a child seriously ill, to get treatment in the US ! Well done, guys ! 🙂 This shows their true gentle characters, sensitive souls and goodness of their hearts. <3

  13. My two cents worth WHY they feel they had to answer such disgusting & vile accusations shows how strong & upstanding young men they are who even though they don’t have to they will still try & put things right. I so wish I could have heard this discussion in English because it was good to hear & see that Ignazio could still say something humourous to soften the comments. It was just too bad they even had to THINK they had to defend themselves instead of ignoring such garbage. It boggles my mind to think that there are people who feel they have to try & rip apart other peoples success because they are inadequate in their own lives. These people have picked on the wrong group of performers if they think Il Volo them selves will let such ignorance go unanswered. And also expect that their fans are going to sit back & not defend & back them up. WE know such filth is NOT true without them even saying a word. Il Volo I know we don’t have to tell you we love you & we will stand behind & support you no matter what comes up, You are not only our family but we honour you in your behaviour in your thoughts & caring towards others & your fans & how much you give to the world your voices in your music & how much you give of yourselves to helping others in your charities. NO ONE will ever be able to tear apart Il Volo for me or this Flight Crew site.

  14. This is to all the people who won’t be able tol attend the Fanfaire in Los Vegas.
    After reading all the comments here supporting our guys, you don’t have to feel left out because you are going to be in our hearts at this banquet so anything you want them to know tell us |& we will relay any message you want to send. Sorry Marie & Kelly I don’t mean to step on your toes but I am so filled with love for these guys that I want them to know every little message they should be told

      1. Thanks Lydka !! I watched the video but they left Gianluca out !! Wonder what he said ? Piero and Ignazio were classy, verbal and polite. They said what needed to be said. I’m very proud of them !!

      2. Joanie,the program was quite long, so they shortened it and translated only Piero and Ignazio’s interviews.

    1. Lydka thanks for the link to VOTE. I tried on another link and their categories were not there. I voted. Now does anyone know how many times we can vote. I think we are back in competition with the same artist we had the last time we voted in those categories.

  15. I was so mad and told Marie that I might put my “Lithuanian curse” on the people that hurt the boys. When my grandsons were young and mad at me for not fulfilling their wishes they would say “I bet she was a witch in that country”.
    If I like or love someone I hurt when they hurt. I will use someone else words to express mine.
    “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty”. (Zig Zigla) The boys and their families have it.

    To take each day as it comes
    To gratefully praise The One
    Joyfully face the new dawn’s grace,
    That’s now my everyday plan.

    To take each day as it comes
    To guard my thought as it roams
    On anything or anyone
    That’s now my everyday plan.

    To take each day as it comes
    To be careful with my words
    To use the value of my hands
    That’s now my everyday plan.

    To take each day as it comes
    To do everything I can
    And bring a smile to not just one
    That’s now my everyday plan.

    To take each day as it comes
    To celebrate others’ gain
    Not consciously cause another pain
    That’s now my everyday plan.

    To take each day as it comes
    Not all the time comes the sun
    For sorrow comes to everyone
    And that I must understand.

    To take each day as it comes
    And know that I’m but a man
    I will be glad, life’s not that bad
    And do my part in God’s plan.
    (K. P. Nunez)

    1. Gina, really beautiful and true poem ! 🙂 I really like it. Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

  16. Unfortunately, this may not be their last encounter from the press, etc. We know they were raised correctly and have good ethics and morals. They handled it correctly. And besides their families and their managers, their best friend is God, who will always protect them and guide them in the right direction, because our young men believe in HIM and will learn how to handle difficult situations by praying and asking for guidance. I have no doubt they will always be okay, besides having the love and support of their fans.

  17. OH! NO! Not the dreaded ” LITHUANIAN CURSE”!

    I fired off a blistering email to the hotel indicating a need to retrain their staff in how to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner concerning their guests. The only members of staff allowed to give interviews to any media entity are upper management. Properly trained employees of any quality establishment will never disclose details concerning any guest past, present or future and any employee doing will be subject to immediate dismissal, including management. What a disgrace!

    P. S. I checked my ” Secret Squirrel ” satellite observation scope and Darned if their aren’t a few heads rolling down the main drag in Locarno! Pity!

  18. It is heartbreaking to see them put in a position to defend themselves from these terrible lies. I just wish the people interviewing them would give them a chance to finish their thoughts. They are so loving and trusting with everyone they meet, it must be so hurtful for them. I am struck once again by how intelligent and articulate Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are. They stand up for themselves in a quiet, respectful way and without attacking anyone. It was great that Ignazio in the beginning responded to the woman interviewing him that “it wasn’t Piero’s version, it was the version.” They are wonderful role models to all. I’m sure their parents are even more proud of them. I know i am, and God bless them and their families. Listening to them, it appears that they are probably exhausted from all the concerts, interviews and promotions. They get a few days off and now they have to deal with these false accusations. Sadly when there is great success, there are some people who wish to tear down or destroy and probably gain attention for themselves.

  19. We all know these young men as we have watched them grow up from boys and mature into beautiful people. As Ignazio said, Barbara was with them in another room on the same floor – he said they all had their own tiny rooms. Barbara is an older and responsible adult – she could lose her job if she were to have been involved or even tried to cover up that this happened. Aside from all the other facts the guys have given – this is the one thing that made me KNOW the allegations were complete fabrication. Everybody wants to help those get to the top, but somehow once there….they become targets. I applaud the guys and their team for how they are handling this, but we all know – this too shall pass. I am so excited to see them live in March. For me, this does not diminish them in my eyes, quite the contrary.

    1. In my eyes either Terry. In fact, because of they way they are handling this abomination, I have even another layer of pride and love for them. This whole mess is soooo going to work in our Boys favor!

      1. Our Guys are such teachers, just by being who they are! How can anyone maintain deplorable behavior in the Light of their sincere spirits and incomparable values?

        I am sad for Our Guys’ pain, and I know the world is a better place for seeing IL VOLO values on display beyond the realm of their prodigious fan base.

        Ho / abbiamo amore, valore e apprezzare voi, Ignazio, Piero e Gianluca, più di noi può mai completamente espresso! L’invio di baci, abbracci e ballare la musica nuova impressionante!

        (Sure hope bing got that translation right! 😉
        Just in case,
        Intended Translation:
        I / We love, value, and appreciate you, Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, more than we can ever fully express! Sending kisses, hugs, and dancing to your awesome new music!

        Grande amore,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  20. Gina! A flash of brilliance, here! I’ll dust off my broom and we’ll FLY to Locarno and play BROOM BALL with the rolling heads! Want to go, Marie?! All are welcome! Grab your brooms, girls!!

    1. Lynn,
      hope, I didn’t bother you with my short greeting via email, if yes, so I honestly apologize ! Wish you nice day ! 🙂

  21. I am proud of our “men.” They stood
    up for what is true and what is right.
    I agree Christine when you take on
    our guys, you take on all the momma’s
    and granny’s who love, support and
    pray for them……Of course we support
    our sweet young men just like we would
    our own sons and grandsons…….Keep
    your chins up guys, we offer you all the
    support and love we can muster up.
    ASAP put this behind you and mark it
    up to experience……Keep your talent
    and beautiful voices singing……I can’t
    wait for your USA tour…….It’s going to
    be the greatest one yet.

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