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kitty 5Not too long ago, Marie posted an article titled “Celebrating the Middle One”namely Ignazio Boschetto.  In it she mentioned many of the reasons why this one in particular, captures her heart.  Of course, there are others who kind of have a special fondness for him for their own reasons, including myself, but that doesn’t in the least, take anything away from Gianluca or Piero. They are each amazing in their own right, and together they are touching our hearts, and speaking to our souls; which in turn fills our lives to overflowing with newly awakened compassion, kindness, and a renewed sense of love for not only our fellow man, but for ourselves as well.  Within that same article, there was discussion concerning Ignazio’s name, and what it meant.  I remember commenting that I had read that his name meant “fire” or fiery. Thought it very fitting, considering that that’s exactly what he brings to Il Volo’s performances, along with that beautiful lyric tenor voice.  Ignazio has a very free, unrestricted ability to entertain.  He is Sicilian through and through, from what I’ve learned, and very proud to be!  His comic spontaneity brings an additional facet to an evening that envelopes you in breathtakingly beautiful music, sung by equally breathtaking voices.

 Going back to Ignazio’s name, it is a form of Ignatius (Latin). In Sicily, the name given a male child should hold special meaning and history. His name will play a big role in his life, and he will hear it spoken everyday.  Many people believe that ones name can affect the success in life, through the child’s working career and other circumstances, so they choose “respectable” names, or name meanings, as they believe that the meaning of the name reflects the personality of the child.  Ignazio’s namesake is St Ignazio of Laconi. 1701 – 1781.  Connecting a name with a Saint of his faith is very common, even for the girls, by using the feminine pronunciation. I won’t say always, but the majority of the time, our Ignazio seems to always have something to say, and with that Sicilian accent, wit, and body language, he easily grabs everyone’s attention, planned or not!  If he chooses to remain quiet, it’s almost catastrophic. “What’s the matter with him?”  “Is he sick?”  “I hope he’s not sick!”  Cmon ladies, fess up, you know you wonder, right?  Maybe he’s just tired of talking… NAH, can’t be!  lol

kitty 4

 We are so used to seeing Ignazio, or pictures of him, always wearing that beautiful smile. He exudes joy, with silly faces & crazy antics; never refusing a hug and kiss, and is always extending himself into playful, sometimes risky activities outside of his professional realm.  It’s just who he is.  But what happens when we see pictures with no smiles, and instead we see images of what seems to be far away contemplation, or serious thought.  On rare occasions, we may read words of sadness or rejection?  We don’t know what to make of it, and hence, we experience concern, caring, and fear as to the cause.  Well, delving into this subject of names and their meanings and traits, I decided to dig still further and found out that numbers, as well as the name, are also given. They are called Soul Urge Numbers, and Expression Numbers.  I don’t know where, or from whom these “numbers” originate. but it said that Ignazio’s Soul Number is #7.  People with this number are said to have a deep need for QUIET, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.  I remembered, that in the comments following the article, Kelly said that “Ignazio is pretty private and quiet.”  I thought at the time, that she probably assessed that after meeting them at some point… but QUIET?  Are we still talking about our Ignazio?  Somehow, those two words don’t equate. When you think of Ignazio, “quiet” doesn’t readily come to mind, and when would he have any time for a quiet time?  I kept looking, and found that his Expression number is #9.  People with this number, tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. Now that’s our guy!  He certainly does fit into that category! …continuing on – – They are usually humanitarian,  broad minded and generous,  and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity.  Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on.  They are romantic, and thus fall in love easily; but at the same time, they can be easily hurt.  (ref.www.sheknows.com)   My feeling is that any of the guys, because they don’t have a lot of significant alone time or quiet, might, indeed, find some difficulty in adequately dealing with issues outside of Il Volo. In turn, those concerns would remain just under the surface; unresolved, but still making their presence known. Who knows!  I can’t speak for them, but I’ve experienced those circumstances on many occasions. Any number of things could prompt an uncharacteristically soulful picture, or invite unhappy words. Yeah, whether we think so or not, our Ignazio is human, just like anyone else, but any alone time he might find is usually, or so we’ve heard, used for catching a few zzzzz’s.  That’s definitely okay, “Mr Sleepyhead” of the group, you deserve it!  I guess we (I) just need to chill, (as the saying goes), and let Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio manage their own lives as they are able.  Ignazio puts great energy into making us want to smile. Each of them do the same, in their own way; and what better way to serve humanity, than to impart joy, lift spirits, and draw hearts into the gentle warmth and sweetness of healing love.  IGNAZIO?  Ignazio has his own way of offering up everything he has to give, to anyone willing to receive.



Honestly, I don’t know about all of this naming ritual, but I must admit that some of it hits the mark.  Here in America, we seem to choose names more by how they sound or how popular they may be that year, rather than by substance. Truth be known, all of us, regardless of our name, or where we live, will have our ups and downs, and concerns in this life. I certainly do, and Ignazio will also.  One thing though that I know for sure, is that Ignazio’s heart beats for music, for people, and for a purposeful life;  a life full of love, laughter, and caring.  If he can play along his way, so be it!



For what it’s worth, I would describe Ignazio as ruggedly handsome (dah), charming, genuine, multi-talented, daring, inquisitive, and oh, did I say handsome?  As with many multi-talented people, I see, what I would refer to as a “restlessness” within him.  Or is it just his excitement for life?  He has all of these abilities, and still is always looking to try new things.  No question, he is a crucial component of what makes IL VOLO so successful, but I think maybe he just likes challenging himself in other endeavors; be it music related or other outside activities.  Certainly, there is nothing wrong with trying, and enjoying a variety of new things, but overload can lurk.  Listen to me, the typical grandma!  You cannot deny though, that he has already accomplished a great deal in a relatively short period of time; and if you were to ask me, I would say that he could do anything he chooses, and he will!                                                                                                                                                                   Early Birthday Wishes Ignazio!  See you in March!!



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Blessings, Kitty

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  1. Oops! Forgot to put Kitty‘s name in the title if you received the post by email! Mine is automatically there and I can’t remove the dang thing if I’m the one who edits and posts the article.

    However, it’s a very nice tribute to my personal Guy, so… if you really like it too, forget the above paragraph.

  2. You certainly described our wonderful Ignazio to a t!!! I thought there wasn’t enough beautiful words to describe him, but you hit the nail on the head!
    I absolutely love all three of Il Volo, but Ignazio has a special place in my heart!!!
    Thank you for your post!

  3. First I have to say again that I love all three boys but Ignazio gives my heart a tug.
    I researched my birth country’s history of names and it is interesting and somewhat confusing. My dad’s first name was Antanas (St, Anthony) and there was a bigger celebration of a “Name Day” then the birthday.
    Thanks for this lovely article.
    “You got it from your father, it was all he had to give.
    So it’s yours to use and cherish, for as long as you shall live.
    If you lose the watch he gave you, it can always be replaced.
    But a black mark on your name, son, can never be erased.
    It was clean the day you took it, and a worthy name to bear.
    When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there.
    So make sure you guard it wisely, for when all is said and done,
    you’ll be glad the name is spotless, when you give it to your son.

    (Edgar A. Guest)

  4. Wonderful, Kitty!! Thank you for all the effort & research you put into this post!! Certainly much of what you discovered about names & numbers does describe our charming Ignazio!! I really love all three of our sweethearts but Ignazio has captured a piece of my heart! Love the poem! Beautiful!

  5. Ignazio reminds me in some ways of my beloved late husband, Rusty…can be loud and crazy, loving attention…then needs quiet time to “contemplate the universe” and recharge his batteries. Handsome, has very intelligent opinions on many subjects, sensitive to criticism, has a very definite spiritual side…many similarities, so it’s no wonder Igna is my “favorite”…I’m so glad he’s here, beautiful “Being of Light”!

  6. Kitty, I really enjoyed your post. Please don’t get upset…..but Ignazio is MINE!!! 😍

  7. ty Kitty for that in sight of Ignazio. 🙂 and sorry Barbara in AZ, he’s already mine. 🙂

  8. Barbara, don’t forget you’re sitting right beside me in March, and on the end of the row. Be careful! Don’t count on Ignazio to come pick you up. lol

    Maria, dreams are a wonderful thing, are’nt they? Truth be known, it’s Marie we have to worry about the next night in Vegas. We’ll all probably have to take up a collection for her bail!

      1. 👋Kitty! I have a bail fund that was established for me during an unfortunate trip to Montreal! I would be willing to put it at your disposal for Vegas ! It would be at your discretion who you would bail out and who you would just leave in the slammer! Who might that be? Seeing that I’m one of the ” Left Behind” I think it’s mighty generous of me to loan this out at no charge!😁😁😁😁😥😁😁👙🎉🎉

  9. Great article ! Definitely describes the way Iganzio, he is so funny and keeps us on our toes never know what is up his sleeve !

  10. I can certainly understand Ignazio’s need for peace and quiet sometimes. People who are extroverts, and he certainly is one, get a lot of energy being the life of the party or the one who talks the most but when we go home ( Yes, I am an extrovert surprise!) we want the calm and quiet of home, sort of regenerate until the extrovert goes back out in the world and turns on the VOLUME! I bet that not only does he find a lot of satisfaction in having the attention he also probably would be sad if he did not make most people he meets laugh. When he recently in an interview said that the stage is a “second home” I thought yep, of course you would! Great job Kelly!

    1. Whoops…made an error there I meant to say Kitty!. I still like Kelly but Kitty is todays writer!

  11. Lynn, I’m very happy to have my shot at him the night before, here in AZ, if I can just distract Barbara. It’s a very generous offer to loan us your bail fund, but after all, she’ll be in Vegas and maybe we should just let the chips fall where they may. What do you think? We love you Marie, but…

    1. Kitty, Sorry, confused as to who’s going where! But should I offer the bail fund to Myron and Jeannette for Vegas? After all I ‘ m sure Marie wouldn’t be the only one to run amok in Vegas.! Could be after an Il Volo concert PTSD syndrome

  12. Beautiful words Kitty! Your description of him seems to be so right on the mark. The meaning of my name is exactly who I am which is similar to the meaning of Ignazio. Please give him a big hug for me also.
    When I first saw IL Volo perform, Ignazio just stood out to me among the 3 guys and to this day I still have a special place in my heart for him. Don’t get me wrong I love all three young men but Ignazio steals my heart. <3

  13. Thanks, Kitty! I didn’t see your name until after I read this, and yet I really thought it was by you. So nice to be getting to know our Flight Crew friends that we recognize their thoughts and writing styles.


  14. Thanks Jeanine and all for the nice responses. Jeanine, took that as compliment, thank you. Hope things are going better for your way.

    Blessings Kitty

  15. Thank you, Kitty for your insight. I, too, like many Grandmas worry when Ignazio goes off grid or appears sad or hurt. Consider this….Ignazio appears as a very extroverted young man, but I’d bet he processes information as an introvert. Introverts need time to process all that is going around them and they do so quietly and by themselves. They need time to rest and reflect. I am one of those people, too. Few would believe it of me. I am gregarious and friendly (I am a teacher). I love people and pets. I talk a lot! And I am involved in lots of activities and projects. But I need serious time to sleep and time to reflect on all that has happened on any given day. I love input from others, but I make my own decisions after careful thought. I feel an affinity for Ignazio; I ,too, seem pensive when I am mentally reviewing decisions. My family and friends will often ask me if I am sad, have I eaten, or have I had a good night rest (or taken a nap.) Nope….I just need some alone time to think. I suspect the same is true for Ignazio. I worry that the guys have so little down time or have time to rest properly. Being young helps, but you can live on adrenaline for only so long.

    Sincerely, Sandi

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