Personally Speaking About Gianluca’s Periscope ~ Jane

 If you did not get a chance to watch Gianluca’s Periscope filmed in Ignazio’s home a few weeks ago, here it is!  I am so glad someone was a genius and saved this to Youtube.  It is a classic!


First and most importantly, I will say IL VOLO’s music is the OXYGEN in their world!  It is simply ingrained in every ounce of their being.  Gianluca and Ignazio appear as if they just rolled out of bed looking freshly tossled, hair and all.  LOVE the way they are so comfortable with who they are.

Gianluca is ever so patiently singing, Can’t Help Falling In Love With You, while Ignazio chimes in on his saxophone.  Gianluca says, “No-no,” at first, then succumbs to the accompaniment , but does actually yell out for an AMBULANCE at one point!  Their rendition of Joe Cocker’s, You Are So Beautiful, is priceless.  They both pull out their best Joe Cocker gravelly voices and have a ball singing those lines. 

They end their impromptu concert with John Legend’s, All Of Me Gianluca’s amazing ability to drift effortlessly from silky lows to passionate highs is wonderful.  Ignazio joining in near the end for some harmonizing and heavenly high notes is the icing on the cake.  MANY of us have our fingers crossed that we will see this very song appear on an upcoming CD someday!  They take an already marvelous song and make it a song you want to just keep listening to over and over again.  And you can only imagine how breathtaking it would be with all THREE of them providing the vocals.  It would be yet another one of their repertoire that simply mesmerizes us.

They end their concert with that rousing Italian song (which I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of) that we saw Piero sing with a bunch of guys last year.  Anyway, it was a fun way to end their mini-concert.

So here they were in their down time in Ignazio’s home studio between the Jazz concert with their own band members in Marsala and their next concerts in Palermo…and what were they doing?  Singing their hearts out, of course!  Their music is as much a part of who they are as any limb on their body!  You know how sometimes you get a word or words stuck in your head and you just can’t get them out?  Well, I wonder if these guys have MUSIC running through their beautiful heads every moment, day and night?  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  


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  1. Jane, since this was done on my birthday (#84), I’m going to assume it was done per mi!! Aren’t they marvelous? At times I, too, have thought of how many song lyrics they must have in those handsome heads! Two of my favorites, This Time and Per Te, we’re just for me, I just know it! Thanks , for this! Its A keeper! Dot….♡

  2. Thanks so mch for sharing these amazing few minutes of fun and spontaneity!! They do love music and spreading their unique cheer every waking hour. Their talents do seem to be endless!! Can you imagine being Ignazio’s mom with all the people and commotion in the house? Don’t think l would ever stop smiling!! Amore Il Volo!!

  3. Thank you for posting this video! I love how Gianluca can hit those high notes. I am so in love!

  4. Nice job Jane! Love that video. It not only shows that calm sweet personality of our Gianluca, but more of the personality of our Birthday Boy.

    How can he be 21 tomorrow? Whatever happened to our 16 year old chubby cheeked baby? Oh yeah..he turned into the most handsome, talented man on the planet. (I may be a little biased)

    I can’t imagine going home and doing the same job I did all day. These guys are music through and through. Like you said Jane, ” Their music is as much a part of who they are as any limb on their body!” How lucky for us!

    Can’t wait to see those faces and hear those voices in person. Five months and counting!

  5. Carol, they may have been in Ignazio’s apartment/house! He does have his own place now!!

  6. Thanks for your post , Jane. It is so much fun to see the guys in their natural setting just being themselves. Love GG saying, “abort, abort..” Ignatio is pretty good at , as my dad used to say,”tickling the ivories.” So glad you picked up on this sweet look into them at home.

    1. Hi, I am Italian, so I can tell you what Gianluca says: “La porta, la porta!” The door, the door! Asking for someone to close the door and stop the noise coming from outside.

  7. Thank you so much Jane! This is totally heartwarming. I pretty much watched the whole thing – especially the show in the beautiful Verona theatre; it was so special as everything they do. They have music in their hearts and every breath they take. How lucky we are.

  8. Thanks for finding this for us. There is so much out there that we fans want to see and need everyone helping us find it.
    I love to see them just being free to do what they love. Singing free of judging eyes.

  9. Thank you, Jane! I can’ t help but think Gian handled Igna like a wise parent would. Distracting a rowdy child by getting him over to the piano ( finding him a new toy) and away from the sax!
    The John Legend song ” All of Me” is beautiful. If anyone is interested in his gorgeous video for this song go to YouTube or Vevo. Warning ! Parts of it are X- rated so the shyer of you girls might blush a little! The girl in the vid is his wife and the ending is his actual wedding to her at Lake Como in Italy.
    And don’t we know what good stuff comes from Italy!
    I think it would be a great song for the Guys next album. Maybe? Please?

    1. Lynn, I had never seen John Legend’s video before you just mentioned it. I had to go view it. Wow, it’s beautiful! Simply beautiful!

  10. I’m not a big fan of Periscope but this is a classic clip! Music IS their oxygen. I bet unless theses marvelous men are ill, they sing each day of their lives. How they can remember all they lyrics is beyond me. Its one thing to remember all the words of your own music but that John Legend song is pretty darn wordy and yet Gianluca got it all right. Oh and harmony, they manage that without effort!
    WE do see more of Gianluca, his funny “Aborta, Aborta!” and his call for the Ambulance, I’m sure even Marie would agree that Ignazio’s sax sounded like a wounded cow …get the ambulance! Gianluca is also very sweet with Ignazio whom I’m sure was getting on his last nerve…”Hey come play the piano!
    The only way this could have been even better is if Piero jumped out and joined them on that naughty Sicilian song!

    1. Pirate, I have often wondered how they can remember the words to SO MANY songs also! I guess that is one of the many skills they have in being the professional singers that they are. Pretty impressive.

  11. Jane, I loved your posting. It is such a treat to see our Gianluca and Ignazio having fun, and so relaxed. They really must have music running thru their head all the time.

      1. They could sing in any language and I just love them! Thank you for sharing this video. They are just great!

  12. Agree with everything and thanks for posting the video. I did see this when they were in Sicily. Music is everything to them and how often we see them break into song with just a word or phrase from someone. We see Gianluca listening to music when they are traveling in airports, cars etc. Ignazio and Piero are also very fine musicians, playing the piano, drums and various other instruments. So nice to see them in Ignazio’s home with family and friends and still making beautiful music and having fun.

  13. I think I pointed out this Periscope a few weeks ago. I just believe Gianluca and Igny’s friendship gets deeper. And boy, can Gian sing pop! All of Me is so lovely!

  14. little note on this video: Nice to see that Gianluca is keeping the range solid through workouts. For a baritone to handle high G’s and A flats like a tenor in full voice (not falsetto) means this guy is in good vocal shape. He also sings some parts in falsetto which is really not a correct term but we are used to it. He does this very well. I file this under the statements I have made over the past years that this is one of the greatest vocal instruments of our time. Bravo ! Gianluca

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