If you are desperate for their new book….

Ciao a tutti!!

Ok, if you have a Kindle and/or a Smart phone with the Amazon Kindle app; here is what you can do….just fyi, if you dare:

After I ordered it from Amazon.com (US), I found it was $4.00 cheaper on Amazon.it – strange, I know?    Yes, the site is all in Italian, but I’m sure you can figure it out and if you have a regular Amazon account, it’s your same ID/Password!

Link to Il Volo new book on amazon.it  Hope it works.  For me it comes up 7.99 euros, which is just about $8.80 or so.  When you place your order, it should be delivered automatically.  If, for some reason, it doesn’t work, you can always order from regular US Amazon site.

When you do get it, open it up.  I will admit to not being a very techy person, so if I can figure this out, you can too!  That being said, here is how you can translate it paragraph by paragraph.  First, I just put my finger on a word, not really knowing what I was hoping for, but a box popped up to download the Italian dictionary – so, I did that.  Ok, now what?  Pick a word and hold it down with your finger.  It will “highlight.”  Then, if you are lucky, a few things will “scroll” like a banner at the bottom, or top.  Scroll across and you will come to something that says “translate.”  You will see your word defined in English!

Yes, there is a way to do more than one word.  It does take some practice though – just do a few words at a time and work up to one paragraph.  I would not do more than one paragraph at a time, but you can try.  Yes, this will take you a while, but it will be worth it!

To do more than one word, you will see the little “margin blockers?” that enclose the word you have chosen, or held down with your finger.  If you take your finger and gently “move” the one on the right, you will see more than one word or sentence get highlighted.  You can also drag your finger down to do the whole paragraph.  Also on mine, in the translation box, you may see a little “speaker” symbol.  If you click on that, it will TALK to you!!

If none of this works for you, you may need to find someone from the younger generation to show you. I’m sure they will be happy to do it!  🙂

Here are just a few of the first sentences of the intro, that I grabbed from the Amazon site, translated from Google Translate….

Piero was sure to become a music teacher, Ignazio sang with passion but certainly not thought of success, Gianluca sang only for himself, because it made him feel good. In short, the music was in everyone’s future but none of them could have imagined that 25 April 2009, the fate would knock on the door and Il Volo was “born,” which in a few years has achieved international fame and the first places in the standings and in Italy in the world.”

I will tell you this – when I did the whole paragraph, then looked down into the little box with the translation, my heart literally skipped a little beat and it felt like I was opening this little treasure chest and they were speaking right to me as the words jumped off the page to my heart…

(my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 – not sure if things might be different for different models of phones…might also be easier for those of you with a tablet, since they are much bigger than a smart phone!)

Buona fortuna!



27 thoughts on “If you are desperate for their new book….”

  1. Name of Book is “Un’avventura straordinaria: La nostra storia”. Forgot to add that when editing.

    I am not as brave or as smart as Jana. I’ll wait for the English version!

  2. I will have to wait for the English version. My brain has just been used up.
    My grandson Adam is fantastic with helping his grandparents and one day he decided that my computer was old and needed updating. After three evenings I have two screens and WINDOWS 10. I am having to learn new things and and new ways and at times wish I had my slow but familiar computer back. But I love my grandson and I shall prevail.
    Jana you did a great job explaining. My daughter ordered the Sanremo CD from Italy and it took a long time to get here.

    Checked this morning Grande Amore 50.15 and Heroes 48.44.
    Mans has great fans too so it could change by end of voting.

  4. I hope so. Just came from the kids Halloween Parade at school. Excellent! Beautiful morning!Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  5. Jana, you did an amazing job of figuring the translation route out! You go girl! I, too, will wait for an English version. 🙂
    What an honor for the guys. With their music playing all over the world and NOW a BOOK about them!! Congratulations guys!

  6. There is also a book coming out next year called “Il Volo, The Trio That conquered the World”..due to be available in April!

    1. Arrrrrrrgh! Pirate and I were gonna head over to Sicily to serenade him in person but her rickety old pirate ship sprung a leak!! We’re in dry dock so I guess we’ll have to row the dingy over! Wonder how long it will take us?!!

      1. Dangnabit! Dang dingy! Here Lynn and I had some powerful yearning for a good pizza in Marsala

  7. Happy Birthday, Vito!

    The voting for Best Song is too close for comfort. Grande Amore and the song from Denmark keep changing places. And our guys are losing ground in the Best Group category. So keep on voting.

    And by the way, does the book come out in book form? I mean like a regular book?

    1. From what I remember the book will be in Italian and English..written by a free lance British author.. Have followed these boys since O Sole Mio on Ti Lascio Una Canzone, watch interviews in Italian even though I don’t speak Italian! Have probably seen every Utube entry..Would like to share one of my favorites(besides Ignazio’s surprise to Radio City). Go to UTube and type in Piero Nashville Maria, this one is so good even my husband has passed it on, and he thinks my obsession borders on lunacy!! Enjoy!

      1. Oh Nancy! I don’t remember seeing that one! How cute was she? How happy was she? It is exactly what I want to do, but hold back…so far anyway. Cute when you’re 10. Security carry off when you’re my age.

      2. Nancy, I have seen it before, just love it!! Also love Ignazio’s RC Music Hall tribute!! Gianluca wrote such a touching post about the 2014 Pescara Concert! They are special young men!!! Amore!!!

    2. Allen’s! The book is out in both eBook and book form in Italian in Italy. You can get the eBook on Amazon. I checked earlier today and they didn’t yet have the hardcopy book. Keep checking but it is in Ital. English version is supposed to be out the end of Dec. I don’t know if that is just the eBook or both.

  8. I like to investigate some of these voting projects.
    Earlier GROUP was 85%IL VOLO and just now it is 68.52%. What happened?
    THE SONG just now is Heroes 49.65 and Grande Amore 49.04
    So if we just persist today and tomorrow till closing we can do it for the boys.

  9. It is storming here so I am sitting here and checking things out.
    AGAIN I CHECKED THE VOTING AND IL VOLO NUMBERS HAVE GONE DOWN. Is there any place we could check. Not sure who is doing this.

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