What will you do/did you do with your extra hour this weekend?

It is once again time for Daylight Savings Time to end and we get that extra hour back we gave up in the spring!  How we hate losing an hour back in March, but we love getting it back even more in November!  Italy actually already changed back on Sunday, October 25!  Since we have this once a year opportunity, how will YOU spend it?hour 2

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  1. Nice Jana! Really clever!

    I was Cinderella for that hour. The shoe fit and I married my Prince. It was quite a busy hour. Please refer to me as “Your Highness” or “Mrs. B.” to my friends.

    Just don’t tell my family I said that!

  2. I have been looking for new songs for Ignazio and G & P. I received my ELVIS CD and was so disappointed that you could not hear the boys sing “It Is Now Or Never” with him. In the CD booklet they are listed as “back up” vocals with a host of others.
    BUT I fell in love with “There’s Always Me” and thought one or all the boys should do it. I need more then an hour for snooping the sites and making sure no one is doing harm to our boys.
    Jana you do such good work. Thanks.

    1. Gina! I hope, hope they do “All Of Me” by John Legend. That’s the song GG was singing at Ignazio’s house in Marsala when they were touring in Sicily this past summer. I’ve also heard Ignazio sing it in some video or other. I hope it’s a hint they might sing it on the next album ! You can see the video of “All Of Me” by John Legend on YouTube. I’m in love with that song and the Guys would make it even more special! Oh, Yah they would!!

  3. I loved the “to do ” list. I think I might faint if I get to talk to them face to face. someone better pick me up. Other wise I will stay at their feet. Joanie G

    1. Joan me, too! But I did do some of the “to do” list things, being 84 yrs young, I’ll let you all figure out which ones!!

    2. I’m sure they’d love the adoration at their feet! Of course, if Ignazio, I’m sure he’d pick you up? No, I’ve yet to hear of anyone actually fainting… 🙂

  4. Love it. Jana!!! I also was disappointed that I couldn’t hear the guys voices on the Elvis CD!!! Probably won’t buy the CD now. I have two new IlVolo tee shirts to wear to the Concerts! My sweet Grandaughter, had a turquoise & a black one made with Il Volo in sparkely crystals across the front!!! The Il Volo is above my boobs so looks very nice!!! She had them made for my birthday but the lady got sick & I didn’t receive them till Sept 20. Not in time to wear to PBS with the guys on Sept 12!!! Love the pic at the end with the captions!!! Right on the money! Have a wonderful first day of November. Grande Amore!!!

  5. Today I found this post and interested me. Page Il Volo- English Translations always does a good job,because translates interviews and songs from Italian and spanish language to English. Today they made something different.They have translated little part of book Un’Avventura Straordinaria. They wrote :”Today we have something a little different for you on the Il Volo Translations page. As you will know, Il Volo released their excellent book ‘Un’Avventura Straordinaria: La Nostra Storia’ this week. If and when this book is released in English, we want to encourage all English speakers to purchase it – it is a great read and very well written. So, in an effort to help to advertise the English version of the book, we have translated a very short excerpt into English for you – in two parts. Here is part one. And thank you to Rizzoli Libre, the publisher – and also Cátia Azevedo for providing us with the original text! Enjoy 🙂 ” I share their post with you. All credit to them !
    After the tour, we started thinking about the second album and in early 2013 we recorded ‘We Are Love’.
    If I remember correctly, in April our album was released and in August we started our new tour in Vancouver, Canada. We will never forget that tour.
    In September something happened that marked our relationship, united us even more, and made us realise that the three of us are stronger together (“noi tre siamo la forza”).
    Miami, the 24th of September, a night like many others: we decided to hang out with a group of friends and go to one of the most ‘in’ Italian restaurants in South Beach.
    The night started very well, we were having a great time. The owner knew us well and had escorted us upstairs to the club on the upper floor of the building, where only members were allowed. There were about 50 people. We had dinner and, from that moment onwards, the only thing I can remember is collapsing on the couch and then waking up.
    We’ve all been through some bad, unhappy, sad moments, but I believe that day, that night in Miami was the worst night of my life. I remember every single detail and I will still remember them in a hundred years.
    We were in a famous place in Miami, it was part restaurant part nightclub, and at some point, after having danced a little, we were leaving to go to another club with some friends. I got into a cab with one of those friends, Ignazio went with another friend who had a red two-seater car. We all headed to the club, which was near the restaurant.
    So we arrived, and we were waiting in front of the club.
    First of all, we do not drink. Maybe a glass of wine with a meal, yeah, but always in moderation. But from time to time, we like to joke and pretend that we are drunk. That night, Ignazio was doing just that with me. He pretended to be on the phone, using his wallet as a phone.
    I know him very well, and for a moment I thought he really was drunk, but the worst of it is that he was not actually drunk at all, and only much later did I realise it.
    So, the taxi drops me in front of the disco. Ignazio and our friend were looking for a place to park, so I waited for them in front of the club to go in with them.
    At that point, I saw our friend coming, but no Ignazio.
    I asked: “Sorry, but where’s Ignazio?”
    “He caught a cab and went to the hotel”
    “Oh, okay”. But then I started wondering and suddenly it came to me, that flash of Ignazio pretending to talk on the phone using his wallet.
    “Sorry,” I insisted, “but did you actually see him getting into the cab, and telling the driver the address of the hotel?”
    “No, I left him in front of my car.”
    And there began the nightmare. And what a nightmare it was.
    I picked up the phone, waited for three minutes – the hotel was very close – and then called the reception.
    I asked: “Excuse me, have you seen the guy from room 320 coming back?”
    “No, I couldn’t say.”
    I called our friend, who at this point had already gone into the club, and told him “Take me to the hotel.”
    I got in the car and thought about warning Gianluca, who was still at the restaurant and was going to meet us at the second club. I was about to call him, but then I thought: “What if Ignazio is at the hotel?” Better to wait before starting to ring alarm bells.
    I arrived at the hotel and asked again: “Have you seen the guy from room 320?”
    “No, I don’t think so. I haven’t seen anyone here.”
    At 3:15 a.m. there’s not that many people passing through the hall of a hotel, so if among those few people Ignazio enters, you would notice it. He is not someone who would go unnoticed.
    I said: “Sorry, could you give me the key to his room and let me in? Just to see if he’s asleep?”
    “No, we’re not allowed to.”
    “I’m sorry? We are in same group. You know perfectly well that he’s my colleague.”
    “No, unfortunately, it is our policy, we ‘re not allowed to.”
    I asked and I begged, but nothing, he wouldn’t give me the key.
    I went up directly to Ignazio’s room, with our friend, and I knocked on the door.
    “Igna? Igna? ” We shouted. We knocked and shouted, but no one answered.
    In that chaos, however, we could see from under the door that the light was on. “Ignazio is in the room!”
    I could imagine him sleeping in bed, at least I hoped, I really hoped.
    But then, I wondered again: “What if there is no one in the room and he’s in some corner of Miami, feeling ill?”. So I said to my friend: “Let’s go back to that street and check all around there.” In the end, we didn’t check only around the club, but also all over Miami, back and forth, looking for Ignazio. But nothing. Three hours and no result. I felt an anguish that took my breath away.
    At that point, I had to warn the others, starting with Gianluca.
    It was just before six.
    My heart stopped.
    I suspected that something had happened, because I had been waiting for Ignazio and Piero at the second club, but they hadn’t arrived. I thought they could have changed their minds, that they were tired, something like that. I never, ever, for a moment, thought it could be something so serious.
    At the time when Piero called, I was already in bed. Not for long, but I was in bed. I never, for a moment, thought that Piero was joking when he spoke, because it was something too serious and Piero is not the type to joke with things like that.
    I just said “I’ll wait for you downstairs”, I dressed myself and I went down to the hotel lobby. You cannot imagine what crossed my mind in those few minutes that I was waiting for Piero. It was the first time in four years that we didn’t know where one of us was. It was a horrible feeling.

    1. Ah, this explains the “allusion” to the 3 becoming 2 in Miami! I guess I will have to do a search and figure out the ending for us all! Of course, they must have found him, or they wouldn’t be here now. But I’m sure it was scary for them, being in a foreign country and losing a “part” of you!

    1. Loretta,they started the tour in that year in Vancouver, in August, but the story has happened on September 24th, when they were in Miami.

    1. Thank you Lydka that article was so surprising of what happened to Ignazio. It was fortunate for him he wasn’t kidnapped. I am glad I am praying for these beautiful young men & I will continue to do so.

  6. Well, at least we know Ignazio was found safe and sound! OR Marie has been pining per an imposter…don’t think she could be fooled!! Wait and see!!

    1. Dorothy! That’s OK ! You just said it in French! I understood it and didn’t even notice it as a mistake!
      Vous avez une belle soiree, ma Cherie!

  7. Jana! Quite creative there, girl!
    Tried the Cinderella thing! Got all gussied up with the assistance of my imaginary lady’s maid who quit ’cause she said she couldn’t do miracles! On the way to the ball the coach flipped into a ditch and the horses ran off! Some cute guy who looked like Piero came along and gave me a lift to the ball! Got to the door and he turned into a rabbit and bolted into the bushes! The orchestra was a Bluegrass band, the glass slippers were still in the ditch and there wasn’t any champagne! Gave up and went home! Imaginations are unpredictable things!

  8. Ciao a tutti!!

    Much to everyone’s possibly likely surprise, I have to admit, I literally slept the extra hour away. Went to a friend’s house and didn’t get up until about 9:30a and we truly wondered where the morning went!!? Have been busy and now it’s 5p already! Absolutely gorgeous day here in Detroit, literally not a cloud in the del pinto de blue! Ciao!

    Just think, ladies in Detroit and surrounding cities, just about 3-4 months til they hit our soil for their concerts! Seems like only yesterday it was July and they were here! That was just about 4 months ago! So, the time is going quickly!

    Have a good week all!

    1. Jana! And a flamin’ lot of work it was, too! Thank you for all that effort! And thank you for your compassion in not wanting us to dangle in distress until another translation came through! A thousand Merci Beaucoups! Maybe we better leave the French alone, we’ve got enough trouble with Italian!!!

  9. Thanks for letting us know. I am anxious to hear the whole story and feel bad for Piero and Gianluca having to be upset.
    I loved the Music Hall concert. I wonder if the little video Ignazio did was done to thank P & G or if was done before.

  10. Lynn/Gina – you are welcome! Just part of my innate stubbornness and spoiled-ness and the “have to have it now” syndrome! lol! I was very curious also, and since it was literally at my fingertips, I had to figure it out! Will be much easier to read it on my laptop now, instead of my phone, even though my laptop won’t talk to me! 🙁 I’m sure the video was done a long time before that, there is no way Ignazio could have done it in the condition that he was in. But I’m sure it made it all the more special. I remember when they watched it they did seem pretty emotional, now we know why! By the time the English version comes out, we will have most of it already translated! But I did order the Italian version from amazon.it – shipping cost as much as the book!! I will likely order the English version as well – certainly treasures to keep forever. Maybe I will be able to get them signed at some point?

  11. When is the English translation supposed to be coming out? This story sounds as bad as I worried it would be plus it hits too close to home for me.

  12. I keep hearing December for English version, but not sure if that is just the Kindle, or both eBook and hardcover book or when in December….yes, had to be very scary for the guys, only good thing is that Ignazio said he doesn’t remember anything…but it has to be frightening nonetheless! Even with what was told, I’m sure there are things they didn’t tell us! Why does it hit close to home, do you know of someone that this had happened to?

  13. Just read the story about Miami, literally made me ill…when you are young and think you are so grown up..think maybe they are babes in the woods! They obviously need someone mature to be with them..that’s it!! I will volunteer to be Barbara’s asssistant, watch over them and wash out their socks at night. I’m sure they would enjoy an old lady following them around..actually they probably already have lots of old ladies following them around..will rethink my plan. Would be fun though!

  14. Part 2 :
    At that point, along with Gianluca, we decided to wake up Barbara.
    “Barbara, we can’t find Ignazio”, we said.
    It was 6:30am in the morning. We’d had no news of him for more than three hours.
    Barbara said: “Is this a joke?”
    “No, we can’t find him.”
    We were worried about Ignazio, but Barbara also had another problem to manage at that point: at 9:50am that morning, we had to catch a plane to New York, because in a couple of days, we were doing a concert at Radio City Music Hall. And not just any concert: it was all sold out, all of our parents were on their way to New York, as were our legal representatives and everyone who worked with us, Michele – it was the most important concert of the tour.
    “However” I told her, “from underneath the door we can see that the light’s on. Maybe he’s asleep in bed, but they wouldn’t give us the key to the room.”
    First thing that Barbara did: she got up, got dressed and went running to find a way to open that door. She practically threatened the receptionist and by 3:20am she was heading towards Ignazio’s room escorted by a hotel security guard. He opened the door. Ignazio wasn’t there: the world just came crashing down.
    My blood froze.
    At that point, Barbara called Michele in New York: “Michele, we have a problem: we can’t find Ignazio.”
    “Is this a joke?”
    From there, Michele mobilised everybody that he could thing of: he called all of his friends in Miami, every one. Also, Michele now had to decide whether or not to cancel the concert, and if so, how to do it. I could barely think, my only fear, my only thought, was that we couldn’t find Ignazio.
    Meanwhile, as well as Barbara, we also called Flavio, another friend of ours from Miami – and he arrived on his motorbike. Let me just say in advance that Barbara has a phobia about motorbikes and she had never got on one in her life. But that day she did. They went to the police station to ask whether the police had arrested a young man wearing a green sweater. And she also then went to the hospitals, asking if any ambulance had brought in a young man in a green sweater
    We turned Miami inside out.
    And me, I just didn’t know what to do.
    Piero and I were taking turns in front of the hotel, checking every cab that arrived. Each and every time one arrived, we were hoping to see Ignazio coming out of it.
    For every single cab that arrived, we were saying a prayer to heaven that it was him.
    A policeman woke me up the next morning. I was lying on a lawn along the main avenue of South Beach. The policeman was telling me that if I didn’t get up, they would arrest me.
    At 9:50am on that day, 25th of September, we were supposed to be on a flight to New York, and on the 27th we were going to have the most important concert of the tour at Radio City Music Hall, a concert which had already been sold out for weeks, with six thousand people.
    As I got up, I realised that everything was gone: my phone, wallet, jacket. Everything had been stolen. What was I going to do? And more importantly, what time was it? Something was telling me that I was late. So I just started running.
    “But where are you going to?” I asked myself at some point. I stopped to see where I was. I found myself between 7th and 8th Avenue, just opposite the restaurant. Our hotel was on 19th Avenue.
    I definitely had to hurry up. So I started running again, but there was still a big problem – I don’t know what time it was. I stopped and ask a man, who answered me: “It’s 9:50, man.”
    My first thought? “Il Volo!” I knew that we had a plane to catch…
    So I started running again, but this time like Bolt in the Olympics, but soon I realised that the hotel was just too far away. A cab, I needed a cab.
    I looked down the street and exactly then, in the opposite lane, there was one passing by. I rushed wildly across, without even checking if any cars were coming. Fortunately there weren’t any, on that extremely busy avenue in Miami, at that exact moment there wasn’t any cars – let’s call it luck?
    Anyhow, I managed to catch the cab. Driving it, it was an African-American lady, and I asked her to take me to the hotel. In fact, I don’t even know how I remembered the name of the hotel!
    It was now 9:30am. We had already missed the plane and we still hadn’t found Ignazio yet.
    I was desperate. I didn’t know whether to pray or what to think anymore: maybe someone had kidnapped him, killed him, threatened him. Even when you don’t want them to, the worst things start crossing your mind.
    Barbara arrived back from the hospitals and the police station with no news about Ignazio.
    So I jumped onto the bike with Flavio. What could I do now? This time I started looking in every alley of Miami. The club was on the 16th Avenue, the hotel on the 19th, so three blocks away, it was close. I was asking every homeless person that I met: “Sorry, but have you seen guy in a green sweater?”.
    “One dollar.” I heard that answer so many times.
    And as I was riding around looking, Gianluca was waiting outside the hotel, watching all the cabs that were arriving, hoping to see Ignazio get out of one of them. Meanwhile, Barbara was glued to the phone for so long that she no longer knew who else to call.
    In New York, all their hopes were already gone.
    Upon arriving at the hotel, I could see Barbara and Gianluca from the cab. They were sitting on a bench, as if they were waiting for someone.
    So I got out of the cab and asked them: “Sorry, do you have any dollars to pay for the cab?”
    They both looked up at the same time and …

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