UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~~ Un’avventra Straordinaria; Excerpts



Hey Everyone!

Yep; we’re all desperate for Il Volo’s book to come out in English and especially so after today.  Our friends at Il Volo ~ English Translastions have translated a story in the book for us, which we are featuring below.   I will add part 3 as soon as I can, likely over my lunch hour.  So please be patient with me.  🙂

I’m sure they will not be able to translate many pieces; there are copyright laws and things that they have to be respectful of.  But I’m glad she translated this, and next time I see Ignazio, I might hug him extra tight…

It made Marie and I think of this video; the story gives it a little bit more meaning in our opinion:

~~ Kelly

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  1. Thank you Kelly for that terrifying story of what happened to Ignazio. My Grandson is the same age as Ignazio & just the other day I was told about a story that someone had invited Ryan to a concert & because he can’t drive on the highway yet a “friend” had decided he woud drive Ryan’s car to the concert & Ryan didn’t know how to get out of the predicament.
    I say my prayers every night & my family are first & foremost in my prayers especially Ryan & the Il Volo boys. Ryan is like a country bumbkin he is not worldly.
    At least Ignazio had his head screwed on straight when he was woke up by the cop he was very lucky he wasn’t taken to jail. I am so happy he is safe now but it is a hard lesson to learn who not to trust. I thank God every day that Mr. Torpedine is travelling with them now with Barbara & also their families are around for protection. These beautiful young men are like my children so I will continue to pray for them forever that God keep them safe & am looking forward to their book in English. Its a hard lesson for either one of them to have to question & look at other people wondering who is honest & who isn’t. Thanks again

    1. Oh! I am so in the “ditto” line. I never wanted to hug him more!

      He will, I’m afraid, suffer longer, tighter hugs this next concert season from everyone! Oh my *I mean our* Poor Baby Boy! I can only imagine what Barb, Michele, Gianluca, Piero and their families went through that night.

      What a gracious and loving gift from Ignazio to Piero and Gianluca a few nights later. That’s My *I mean Our* Boy!

  2. When I saw Ignazio’s little video it sealed my love for this young man. The Radio City concert propelled me into the category of ‘Crazy lady”. My youngest grandson (22) lived with us for 10 years and this old grandma never had a ‘stress less’ day.
    I think now the boys have more protection then they did years ago.
    Thanks Kelly for posting this story.

  3. I’d like to say Amen to what Loretta said! We have 9 grown grandchildren and they were brought up to trust people! I’ve been getting the book translation on facebook, and can hardly wait for the 3rd episode! GOOD MONDAY to all…I ♡ flightcrew!

  4. I do not understand where to find the translation you are talking about. Can anyone clue me in, please? When I looked I saw translations of interviews, but not of the parts,of the bool you have been discussing… Help?! (Thanks in advance)

  5. I DID find the translations on FB. (In my haste, I checked the wrong site!) Absolutely riveting! I cannot wait for the book to come out in English!!! Kudos to the translator(s)!!!!!

  6. Morning Crew!
    Check out Il Volo Italy Official Facebook page for cute videos and photos of the crowd waiting for the book signing at the Mondadori store in the Piazza Del Duomo in Milan.
    One of the official bloggers is on scene and posting live! Look at that crowd!!
    There is a guy leading them in singing Il Volo songs, “Volare”
    Some of those girls have been waiting in line since early this morning!
    Would I do this?! Probably! Most definitely!
    The size of this crowd, the Guys will be there all night!

  7. Has anyone seen who won the Eurovision contest we voted for? Glad that they have such a nice turn out for their record signing.
    Time is flying and next year and concerts will start and Marie has to give us a detailed “Meet and Greet” protocol. How many times can we hug the boys, Can we bring them presents, what exactly do you say to them and can you just hug and not let go?

  8. You know I’m buying this book as soon as it hits the English market. This is a very, very interesting excerpt of the book. Thanks God that we have the boys! Thank you for placing this on here so all could read. I’m glad you did, Ciao

  9. Loretta Foley thank you for also praying for these young men. I pray for them always. I remember in one of their early interviews, Piero would say, “thanks to God”, referring to his talent and the opportunity they have. I think the “political correctness” got to him, because I’ve not heard him say this again. I know they love God. Thank you

  10. This whole episode really shook me up. Like a nightmare revisited. We could have lost Ignaizo then and with it IL VOLO would have been gone. THANKS BE TO GOD that is not the case. I want these young men to live to be the old men they were at the end of their last video. Even if they cease to perform I want them to live long full lives filled with music, the love of wife and children. I want them each to be the best Nonno they can be to their grandchildren.
    Now I gotta stop typing, my monitor has gone all fuzzy on me.

  11. I am absolutely sick over this even though we know he is ok. What kind of person could hurt our Ignazio? Thank God for watching over him as this could have been so much worse. Hey, “powers that be” we need this book in English NOW. Please.

    1. HELP! I can’t get into Facebook to read the last instalment! Is there a link to just part three? The suspense is killing me!

      1. Part 3:
        … I burst into tears, I started screaming. It was as if someone had taken this weight off me – that had been crushing me and keeping me from breathing.
        Barbara paid for the taxi and then called Michele – who I later realised, in the midst of all the worrying, had also been trying to find a way to resolve all of the problems related to an possible cancellation of the New York concert.
        My Mamma Caterina, who had arrived in America, was already aware of what was going on, because I hadn’t been answering the phone – she had heard all of the details from Gaetano and Eleonora, Piero’s father and Gianluca’s mother.
        While I was out riding on the motorbike with Flavio, at Lincoln Road, my phone rang: it was 10:30am.
        Gianluca shouted: “He arrived! He’s here! He’s here!”
        I screamed to release all of the anguish that I had been holding inside me. And I started crying. You know how it is, when you’re riding a motorbike, drowning in your own tears? It was like that! And I was punching Flavio – punches of happiness.
        We arrived at the hotel and I saw Ignazio in front of the reception, wearing that blessed green sweater. He had gone out the night before wearing a blue jacket – which had been stolen, along with his wallet and phone.
        So what did I do next? I called my mother. Because Ignazio was definitely not right – you could see he had been given something. She told me to make him drink lots of water and to give him spoonfuls of honey.
        So there was Ignazio lying on a bed, and me with a tablespoon – you know, like when you give cough syrup to your son? – feeding him honey, making him take as much as he could swallow.
        It was so sad and it’s very hard to talk about …
        The boys accompanied me to the room and helped me to take a shower. It was only when I saw myself in the mirror, that I realised I was covered in bruises – there were also scratches on my face and body, a few bumps here and there, and I was actually limping a bit too.
        Both of the boys, along with Barbara, had spent all night running around Miami, from 3:30am until 10am – in cabs, on motorbikes, in several hospitals and police stations – looking for me. While all the time, I was sleeping outdoors on somebody’s lawn.
        That night, I was beaten up. I was hit all over. But I was not drunk. I had just accepted a drink that must have been drugged, without noticing it. And you know what? Now, anytime I go to a pub or a club, I always ask for closed bottled drinks – and I always open them myself.
        What makes me angriest about that night is not being able to remember anything. It’s as if someone has cut off a piece of a polaroid film, and then just attached a future piece.
        It’s not nice – not having the ability to remember something.
        In the end Barbara managed to rearrange the flight, and we left later on that day. Upon arriving at the hotel, waiting outside for us were our parents – with shiny eyes – eager to hug us all. Shortly afterwards, my father also arrived – he had been held up in London and, poor him, he had spent the entire flight from London to New York not knowing whether or not they had found me.
        In the end, it’s the result that counts – and I can say that this whole experience really made us grow up – and it also made us love each other even more.
        That concert at Radio City Music Hall was one of the most beautiful we ever did. And we sang better than ever – maybe because we had just felt what it would mean to lose everything at a moment’s notice.
        After that, there were three more concerts before the American tour ended. But by then, the Latin tour was already knocking on the door. The first date of the Latin American tour was in Guadalajara, Mexico, on the day that I turned 19 – the 4th of October of 2013.

      2. Mille grazie Lydka! You put me out of my misery! And so quickly too!
        What a story! Can’t wait for the book. I am hoping it will be on pre order soon!

      3. I am glad, that I helped you. 🙂 Yes the story was really interesting and exciting…Thanks God that Ignazio is OK and healthy. The policeman should helped him. He was the victim of a crime ! I can’t imagine the terror he was feeling….Three voices, one soul certainly describe these three wonderful young men. They have a bond formed through terror that , because of love, can never be broken. Certainly it was awful experience for all of them. Maybe it was a lesson for all three to strengthen their relationship ,watch out for each other and protect each other. I think this was the moment in which they became brothers. But I’m so sorry this happened to them, luckily God cares about our angels. 🙂 I hope to be able to buy a book in my country….Certainly at it also I look forward ! 🙂

  12. What an ending to a cliff hanger story. So thankful it had a happy ending. I can only imagine how much closer such an incident brought them to each other. Bless their hearts and keep them safe as they journey around the world!

  13. This story breaks my heart. I will never understand how someone can do such a thing to another human being. These low life people were just looking for someone and Ignazio happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. This could have been so much worse, I’m just grateful he is ok. Take care of one another guys and be safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you everywhere you go.

  14. Kate it has also broken my heart. These boys would not hurt anyone let alone beat them up like Ignazio was beaten & punched. It is good that he can’t remember right now what happened but he will some day. All his heart ache will come flooding back & he will be wondering why. By the time I read the last line I couldn’t stop crying. My precious was beaten for a wallet & phone which if they asked he would have given it to them. To top it off they will never have to answer for this. I am so grateful they didn’t hold him for ransom. I am so thankful to God that HE was looking after him. Every time I think of them during the day or night my prayers are going to be constant.
    Thank you Lydke for part 3

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