Il Volo Professional ~~ Columbus Day Festivities in New York

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On the second leg of another US trip, Il Volo has been in New York to participate in the city’s Columbus Day activities.  All accounts, they seem to have enjoyed their time…I believe they usually do…and even rub elbows with Lady Gaga.  Remember when they could only talk about how they like her music?  Toto, they’re not in Kansas anymore.  We see that more and more with each appearance they make.

I am so happy for their success, and can’t wait to see them in Vegas!



Il Volo at the Gala Dinner of the Columbus Citizens Foundation ~~ All About Il Volo



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Sheer Excitement on Fifth Avenue; Il Volo Performs on Columbus Day ~~ All About Il Volo



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  1. Thanks, Kelly. Great photos and memories from that day. They look so absolutely cool sitting on the back of that car, don’t they? Good combination I’d say. 🙂 Love the photo of them with Lidia B. I love her cooking show. Watch it all the time. I also love and watch Nick Stellino. Great show and a fun guy to listen to. Such a fun sense of humor and always telling stories of his Italian heritage.

  2. Jane. Great to remember the fun stuff. I personally am still reeling from the story in their new book about Iggy getting mugged and robbed. Joanie G

    1. That scared me, too, Joan.I I’ll bet security is really beefed up these days. The reactions of Piero and Gian during the time Igy was lost really says a lot for how they feel about each other. Pretty amazing how that depth of affection has developed over the years, and will no doubt flourish and be maintained over the course of their lives, no matter what direction their separate paths may take.

  3. joaniefl2 October 13, 2015 at 8:38 pm
    It just so happened that I was flying from Florida to NY to visit with my kids for the Columbus Day Weekend and low and behold I find out that Il Volo will be in the parade !! Was that luck or what !!!
    My kids were good sports and went with me even though I knew they would be bored to death. We met up with Madeline Vitella (we had not been together since our trip to Italy !! ) and her daughter and we all sat in the 3rd row in the Grandstand at 68th Street. The boys performed between 68th and 69th Streets. Madeline had gotten there early and was able to see the boys do their sound checks which was very exciting for her !! We got there about 11:15. In a very short time the guys who were leading off the parade right behind the motorcycles and mounted police were approaching us and we were ready for them !! Madeline had an Il Volo shirt on ( mine unfortunately was at home !!) and we held up an Il Volo scarf that she had gotten at a M&G !!! We were holding up the scarf and yelling GIANLUCA on the top of our lungs !!! He looked up from his phone and a big smile lite up his gorgeous face !!! He recognized us and pointed,waved and blew kisses to us and even as they were passing us by he kept looking behind him and continued to blow kisses our way !!! Absolutely Adorable !!! Piero also saw us and gave us a big smile and a wave !! Unfortunately Ignazio was looking in another direction. We could see them on the stage but we couldn’t hear them sing very well as there’s was lots of noise and music from the parade. Delilah was a little bit louder then Grande Amore but we had to leave before Volare which I heard was the loudest. All in all it was a fantastic day and very exciting to be able to eyeball our precious ones and a thrill that Gianluca recognized and acknowledged us !! There are photos we took on FB or our timelines (mine is Joan Brenin). I don’t know how to post
    them here !!! I’m sorry that this post got so wordy but I really wanted to share our special day with my Flight Crew family 💕💕

    1. Thank you for sharing it again… I watched the entire parade from my computer… I wish I was there, these three guys make me so proud to be Italian… When they were sitting on top of the Maserati, I was just beaming, they when they sang on stage, I was thrilled, but when everyone who said their name had so many nice things to say about them, all I could think of is YES, THAT’s ITALIAN… OUR BEAUTIFUL IL VOLO…

  4. Hey Kelly I can’t wait to see IL Volo in Vegas and you too. Yeah the boys sure have matured beautifully they sure looked good sitting in that car but they would look good anywhere. Love to u Kelly and everyone at Flight Crew.

  5. Today Il Volo had interview, live chat at Here are some information from the interview,they will have busy schedule : trip to Germany, singing at Latin Grammy with Natalia Jimenez – November 19th, a week at Abu Dhabi for Formula 1 , Cd promotion in USA, soon videoclip of the song Per te ci saro, recordings in Madrid for a TV Show, visit in Amsterdam… At December they will do a promotional tour in USA, in several TV Shows, then go to Latin America, for more or less 20 days and then they will return on December 24 to Italy.

    1. Specification: In few days they are going to record the video of the new single “Per te ci sarò” and soon will go to Madrid, Amsterdam, to Germany, to Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 GP and then to New York to promote album in America.
      The new album release “L’amore si muove Platinum Edition” will be available on November 27th all over the world. It contains the last album and the special CD + DVD ” Live a Pompei ” with the audio and video recordings of the 20 exciting songs performed live last June in the amazing location of Pompei.

  6. Dare I hope our beloved Il Volo might come to the Mall of America for their promotion of their CD in December? Please, please, please. And thanks Joanie for telling us of your wonderful time at the Columbus Day Parade. It sounds like it was fantastic!

  7. In interview they said that now there is no perspective for the release of the English version of “Il Volo un’avventura straordinaria”. 🙁

  8. What about Canada there are people here who love them also. Gianluca said in the summer they were promoting here in October & November that duidbn’t happen. Are they only focusing on the Latin countries & the States. How can we ask to have the book in Englsh? Its money in their pocket if it is in English also.

  9. I hope the fans keep requesting the new book in English.
    I am sure I am not alone in wanting to purchase and
    read the book “Il Volo un’avventura straordinaria.”

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