I’m Smiling Because…



It’s been a while since we have had one of these.  Marie has asked for it a few times recently, and I am feeling a few smiles coming on…


I’m Smiling Because:

  • …Ignazio’s story has such a happy ending.

  • …As horrifying and frightening as it was, it bonded our boys as brothers for life.

  • …that Il Volo is gaining success everyday and is coming to the US in just a few months.

Why are you smiling?

~~ Kelly

35 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because…”

  1. I’m smiling because…

    – I have been fortunate to ride along with Il Volo long enough to watch them work their way to fame. What a great ride it has been!
    – Our Boys are safe!
    – Kelly is here, on this site, with me!
    – I have all of you in my life everyday!
    – March! 3 concerts, 3 Meet and Greets, 1 Fan Faire, traveling with Ineke, staying with Leelee, meeting 70 or so of you!
    – My family’s good health!

    1. Back at ‘ya Marie. I’m so happy that Ignazio is here with all of us today and that all three are enjoying the fruits of their labor. There are interviews where I do notice Ignazio seem somewhere else and that he does not talk alot. He seems sad. The things he went through is not easily forgotten. I love all of my family on this site. I can’t wait to hug all of you in Las Vegas.

      1. I’ve noticed too that Ignazio is not himself lately. I miss his humor and love his sweet smile. I hope he is happy and not troubled by anything. It makes me sad to see him like that.
        On another note, I’m happy and smiling because he is safe.
        I’m smiling because I’m going to my first concert in March and I’m smiling because I’m listening to L’Amore Si Muove.

      2. I had mentioned to someone that I read someplace that he was told he “talks too much”. I have noticed during the Miami awards he hardly said a word. Wonder if management are trying to make him less unpredictable. BIG MISTAKE. His free spirit makes their shows shine with spirit and fun.

  2. I am smiling that I made it to almost age 80 and left behind years of crazy memories.
    I am smiling that at my age I found a new enthusiasm for life thru three young men that make up IL VOLO.

  3. I’m smiling because…
    Three young men have helped to soothe my grief over the loss of my son through their beautiful voices by bringing the gift of their music to our world. Through their music I have found I truly can smile again.

    1. I’m smiling because I haven’t yet heard definitely that the guys are NOT coming to the Mall of America for their promotional tour…so I will keep that hope alive until I do. Jane, Allene and I had a WONDERFUL private time with them when they were here before. I’m still smiling over the memory of that .

    2. Jane, I’m so sorry about the loss of your son. (I am so behind on reading here!)

      So grateful you can truly smile again with the gift of IL VOLO.

      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. I am smiling because Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero came into my life with their wondrous music!!! They have partially filled the hole left in my heart with the death of my huaband in 2003. I am still smiling because I have wonderful new IlVolover friends that I will meet before the Vegas Concert in March!!! I am so thankful that Ignazio’s frightening episode in Miami had a happy ending!!! We all need to give him an extra hug when we see them again!!! On second thought Gianluca & Piero need a second hug too for all the anguish they endured!!! Grande Amore a tutti questo bella giorno!!!

  5. I’m smiling because in March I will get to meet some of my Il Volo sisters. As Jane said, we have tragedles to overcome in life and the boys have helped us get through it. Las vegas here we come.

  6. I’m smiling because Ignazioo is safe & with the other boys & not permanently harmed, hopefully not permanently harmed
    I’m smiling because my family are healthy, working & comfortable & Ryan is becoming more experienced at driving safely
    Also that I am alive & kicking & going to Los Vegas & Steve & Stefan is coming with me
    Also that I can hear Il Volo music every day & see Ignazio’s beautiful face every day
    Also if Ignazio’s was told to stop talking how about everyone texting him or going on twitter or email that he continue to entertain us with his sense of humour. I want his free spirit back & I intend to do twitter & do anything to counteract whatever he was told. I also noticed at the interviews I just saw he looked distracted & not very happy or more like bored. That isn’t like him. Even when they were answering questions the other day to fans he wasn’t talking as much & seemed impatient. I look forward to his sense of humour that’s what makes Ignazio. I wa\nt my precious back.

  7. I am smiling because all our boys are safe and sound and in my life everyday bringing a smile to my face.
    I am smiling because I am extremely fortunate to be going to five concerts and 4 M&G’s with people who love them as much as I do !! And I am especially smiling because I will be meeting so many of you in Las Vegas !!
    I smile from ear to ear when I think about my love for my beautiful children,grandchildren,my wonderful Flight Crew family and our three amazing guys !!
    I certainly have a lot to smile about these days !! 😃

  8. I’m Smiling Because:
    -today was a sunny day (my time + 6 hours) ☼
    -I have the best parents in the world
    -we are health and love each other, eternally 🙂
    -I am grateful for everything that happened in my life and for all whom I met (bad things, problems and not sincere people teached me, gave me life lessons and it makes me stronger and maybe better ? person)
    -I got today new beautiful books
    -already ordered “L’amore si muove Platinum Edition” 🙂
    – through Il Volo music I met nice people and gained new friends 🙂
    -Il Volo music always brings to me many wonderful feelings and different emotions,they are my amazing relax, musical passion ♫ ♫ <3 ♪ ♪
    -I am grateful that I can be fan of three sensitive, beautiful souls who sing with all their hearts
    -after a long time I understood that think about a brighter day, because life is beautiful that way 🙂

  9. I’m smiling because reading YOUR reasons for smiling makes me realize that we are all able to “see the brighter side of life”, thanks to OUR GUYS.
    Marie, only 121 days to go! I am sooo looking forward to travel with you, listening to, you know who, in your IL Volo licenced car.

  10. I am smiling because my daughter Deborah has had her last Chemotherapy treatment and the doctors feel confident that after her surgery she has a chance for a good recovery … I am smiling because thanks to Myron Heaton taking me along on his journey to have a fan convention in Las Vegas, I have been able to do more than just admire and enjoy Il Volo… I have helped Myron put an event together than will bring so many of our Il Volo family together … I cannot tell you how excited I become every time I get a new registration and know that this event is going to be a great way to honor our three young men from Il Volo who have brought so much joy to all of our lives… I hope that we can make this first fan convention so special that we will be able to do it again for Il Volo whenever they come to the USA…

      1. Loretta, I feel like I have gotten to know you through our emails and I cannot wait to meet you and your family… It is truly going to be my pleasure to finally meet you in person…

      1. Thank you Marie, I will be going back to Ca. for Deborahs surgery and those prayers will be answered when the Surgeon give us the news that he removed all her cancer and she will be on the road to recovery…I know that all our prayers will be answered… I am confident of that… I am home for a few weeks and the best part of that is I have time to connect with all of you on the Flight Crew… I have miss you all so much… Our guys have a busy year ahead of them which means we will have so much to talk about and share … Our love for Il Volo has no bounds for the are our Grande Amore…

    1. Jeannette, this news does my heart good! Bless you and Deborah, your family, and Deborah’s medical team.

      It will be so great to meet you and all these sweet friends in Las Vegas! Thank you for being there helping it to happen.

      Love and peace,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  11. Dear Kelly I’m smiling because into my already great life came IL Volo in 2013 and now The Flight Crew to talk about IL Volo. Just makes me smile all the time. knowing there are other ladies who feel the way same way as I do about IL Volo. Can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas. Have a great day.

  12. How can we convince the “powers that be” that we desperately want an English edition of the book? Apparently it’s not in the plans now.

  13. I am smiling because I am so thankful the boys of Il Volo came into my life at the exact time that I needed something to pull me out of the grayness I was experiencing after my husband of 52 years passed away. Suddenly, I had these Italian boys to listen to, to watch both them and their careers grow. And grow they have done. They have brought me love, laughter, and the most beautiful music ever heard with their magnificent voices. Now, they are young men, and known throughout the world. And I feel as proud of them as if they were, indeed, my Italian grandsons. And I’m smiling because I am listening to the new CD “If I Can Dream” by Elvis. I really, really love it!

  14. I’m smiling for many, many reasons…
    1. That I found this site and all of you a little over a year ago! I’ve never known such closeness and friendship from people I have never met! Each time I come to this site, I am met with comments that make me laugh, and sometimes cry, with tears of joy. Such a bond 3 young men have created with so many strangers; now friends. The saying, “strangers are friends we haven’t met yet” is so true! I can’t wait to meet as many of you as I can in Vegas and meet up again, with those I met in July! 🙂

    2. In definite concurrence with all of you that Ignazio is safe for us to hug as long as we can at the meet/greet. I have noticed some, as well, that Ignazio is quiet a bit. I hope it is because he is just tired? If it is because someone has told him not to talk, it saddens me very deeply. I hope he is strong enough to overcome it. I know from personal experience, that it will affect him in some way in the years to come, if it continues for much longer. (ok, sorry for the bit of sad note here…)

    3. I’m glad that Jeannette’s daughter is on the “downside” of the hill and getting better each day, heading toward the road to a full recovery!

    4. That I have a perfect boss and place to work, where I can listen to my music all day long at my desk and no one complains “too much” if they hear me singing. Lol!

    5. I’ll always have the special memory of Ignazio from the PBS meet/greet.

    6. I am just tickled pink, because after searching on and off for the last almost 20 years, I was able to find a friend from my kindergarten class on Facebook on Monday! A long story, but we had been in touch and then lost touch over the years. I was tickled for 2 reasons – one, that he said he had been looking for me, too! Two, he had saved the letter I wrote to him many years ago! Ok, 3, I am going to meet up with him when I go to Florida at Christmas!! Of course, now I feel guilty for throwing out his letter! But I had saved it for many years and remember it fondly. He has also heard of Il Volo, but said he was not so much into vocal music. I will try my best to convert him!

    Another friend of mine, who is now a social worker, used to make a “happy” list everyday. This kind of reminds me of it. Even when things seem darkest, there is always something we can think of that we have to be thankful for. For all of us, we just need to think of the boys’ smiles to light up our hearts. They are our “sole mio!”


  15. I too was very relieved and touched by the whole incident following the translation of the boys book. I am going to buy the book in Italian as well as in English when/if it is released. I am so glad Ignazio and his life brothers are ok now. I do have a strong affinity with their welfare, they and their families are so open with us all they feel like my family. Thank you for your page. x x x

  16. I’m smiling,…

    …no matter the valley to cross there is always the mountaintop to scale, no matter the rough seas to endure there are always calm waters to sail, no matter the desert to survive there is the river to wade, no matter the burden of heartache the joy will follow, no matter the Hell apparent there is Heaven to reward,….

    …..LIFE, is forward movement.

    I’m smiling,…because it was the life I was given and I wouldn’t exchange it for another even if I could. All the choices I’ve made and all of the consequences they’ve yielded, have left me still standing and ready for another day of whatever this path holds for me.

    I only know the life I’ve lived,….I could never be so arrogant to know the meaning of someone else’s journey,…

    …..I can only understand their journey from the perspective they would share with me about it.

    Somewhere along the way, I heard three boys sing to my soul, I wandered over here and found all of you, and at this moment in time,…on my journey,..I’m smiling.

    Godspeed, Il Volo

    1. Oh, Jim, you said it… “I heard three boys sing to my soul”!

      As Divine Grace told me when discussing IL VOLO’s music, “Music is the breath of God”

      So grateful for our IL VOLO family here Sharing the Love,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. i’m smiling because March 2016 is fast approaching! I begin and end my days by watching videos of the guys. No matter what my day holds for me or how it ends, at least these few minutes will be very pleasant and happy ones.
    Barb W

  18. I’m smiling because…

    ~ I’m taking a few moments to enjoy reading the Flight Crew!

    ~ IL VOLO makes me smile and dance most every day! I LOVE their new music, the old music, all their music!

    ~ My family sent me my parents’ photography digital images. So precious to see their travels and now compile a slideshow for them of their memories.

    ~ In March I’ll be meeting some of you and having a rocking amazing time with IL VOLO!

    Un bacio e un abbraccio a tutti voi,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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