When the Privacy Also Takes Flight

Today we would like to share this article written by our affiliate “All About Il Volo”.    We think it’s important.  Like Kelly said, ” …Our readers are good, but it’s always a good reminder.”

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When the privacy also takes flight

Ignazio Boschetto - TriesteAfter Sanremo with the huge popularityIl Volo achieved in Italy and the creation of hundreds of Fan Clubs and pages of course things are changing for them and also for AAIV. Piero,Ignazio and Gianluca almost cannot walk on the streets without meeting dozen of fans thrilled to greet them and have the unfailing ‘selfie’. And it is time to think about this. – Read in English

Dopo Sanremo e l’immensa popolarità che Il Volo ha raggiunto in Italia, e la nascita di centinaia di Fan Clubs e pagine, ovviamente le cose sono cambiate per i ragazzi ed anche per AAIV. Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca ormai non possono più camminare per la strada senza incontrare dozzine di fans elettrizzate di incontrarli e di scattare l’immancabile “selfie”. E’ giunto il momento di pensare a questo. – Leggi in Italiano.

Il Volo in Roma June 24When the privacy also takes flight

After Sanremo with the huge popularity Il Volo achieved in Italy and the creation of hundreds of Fan Clubs and pages of course things are changing for them and also for AAIV. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca almost cannot walk on the streets without meeting dozen of fans thrilled to greet them and have the unfailing ‘selfie’. And in spite of their availability and kindness sometimes they meet people that do not respect their privacy invading meals, private conversations, personal activities (like shopping). And now even… sleeping!

Ignazio made two broadcasts where he talked about people that called them at late night hours, faking wrong numbers, disturbing when they are resting, annoying when a call maybe an emergency, anything but not a joke. People that for some reasons have their phone numbers. This kind of thing for sure does not come from normal fans, even from normal people. The limit between being a fan and a stalker maybe is invisible for some people, and can be easily surpassed.

For this reason it is good to talk a little about limits. To be a fan includes going to all concerts you can, buying all CDs, books, … you can. Meeting other fans, waiting sometimes and respectfully outside a hotel or airport to see your idol, going to signing sessions, travelling to see the city where your idol was born. To be a fan does not include invading a restaurant and interrupting a meal or a conversation, staying in front of or even knocking at the door of his house, camping in hotel lobbies and practically hunting your idol, acting like a paparazzi, taking photos (or filming) in not public appearances, being a pain in the ass asking to your idol to record a video greeting your best friend, her family and pets.

In order not to cross this limits or encourage people who are doing this, we decided some time ago not to publish more photos of private or non professional activities that were not published by the guys themselves and also photos with fans that met them and asked for photos. Only, of course, organised fans meetings or public appearances with groups of fans. This is why you cannot find any more this kind of photos here. This is why – for example – we did not publish the photo of Piero shopping with his sister that was published by a site.

And we invite all the fans and Fan Clubs to think about these limits and to look for a new, nice, fair, healthy way to be a fan.

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15 thoughts on “When the Privacy Also Takes Flight”

  1. The only reason the boys will be safe at the “Meet & Greet” I plan to go is that by nature I am not a “hugger”. Otherwise they would not be safe.
    A great article and one to be followed.
    But some of the younger generation call and hang up just to feel “close” to their idol. This “method” of connecting has been around forever. It is hard but I do remember my teenage years and the feelings I had about someone I admired.
    I do object someone giving out anyone’s phone numbers and addresses.
    The boys are different in using the Facebook and Twitter. Piero and Gianlucae like to post their ‘serfies” and Ignazio is more private. I wonder if their management have some stipulations on how much they need to be accessible to their fans.

  2. We all need to be very respectful of our wonderful guys’ privacy. They have shared so much more with us then we deserve and we should be thankful for their generosity.
    Shame on whomever have crossed the line.

  3. Good article and good reminders. I have always been amazed at how open and available the guys are to their fans. They are young so social media is a way of life for them, but it also is a huge thoroughfare for invasion of privacy issues. I can’t imagine the demands made of them just by being famous which is all the more reason to give them their space, private space to balance it all out.

  4. There seem to be scum bags everywhere. Privacy is so important. I didn’t sighn up for Mand G because of just that reason. I would love to hug Piero, but I am too shy anyway. I bet he would be grateful for that. Joanie G

  5. Well, I’m a hugger and I did sign up for meet and greet! Someone once asked, “how long do you hug a child?” The answer was “until THEY let go”…so I’m going with that! We , as fans, do need to respect their privacy! This was an excellent article.NOTE to the guys…turn off your phone when resting!! Love these young men and am so looking forward to seeing them in person! Thanks Flight Crew for all you do!!

  6. And you thought I was kidding about buying and restoring an abandoned village in Italy as a bolt hole for the Guys!!!!!!

    1. Hey Lynn! I’m still packed from the last time you mentioned it.

      Also Lynn, can we call it something other than “bolt hole”? Some of us are not error free in our typing and…

      1. Very funny!! OK! Will think of something else!! Refuge, maybe? Does sound a little more civilized! Bolt hole is a British expression I picked up somewhere!

  7. Thanks for that video hopefully the right people are watching it. It is a disgrace that there are so many ignorant people that have no sense of respect. Listen to how Ignazio is talking to these insensative people with respect.These guys work so hard & on the go from place to place & to think that they aren’t given the respect of privacy as they give to others & especially at night when they need their rest & sleep. Guys you are going to have take your phones off the hook so the idiots can’t get through to you

  8. I’m somewhat surprised Ignazio was that respectful, Loretta. He really was! I mean 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning!! Give them a break!!! I should do a post called, “What do You Think Ignazio Really Wanted to Say?” But I would be afraid of the answers…Including my own!

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  10. This stuff comes with the price of fame. It can’t be that big of a surprise to Igna or the other two guys. I’m wondering how somebody got his private phone number…

  11. I saw the video on All About IL Volo and thought Ignazio said it very well. I can’t believe people would do such a thing. I know they share their lives with us all (Maybe a little too much) but he handled the situation very well. I was also afraid once they became famous after Sanremo and Eurovision, privacy would be no more for them. People in this world need to be more respectful of peoples’ lives. The guys seem to handle their life changes and challenges very well. Guys keep up the good work! I am a hugger and would hug them tight and tell them God will keep them safe and do what they do best and keep up the good work. I will pray for them to be safe in tall their travels. xxxoooxxxooo

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