More (Italian) Sunday Funnies From Ann

I had to start with this video!

This is so funny!!  Enjoy!

 This is what happens in Italy when you illegally park in a Disabled Parking space.

 Don’t you just Love Italians!!!

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Good Sunday Morning Flight Crew

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17 thoughts on “More (Italian) Sunday Funnies From Ann”

  1. Being from Boston myself, I understand the Italians. All of my friends were either Irish or Italian. My Italian friend and I would slurp the juice after the salad was gone. I don’t think her mother ever knew. We were just little kids. JoanieG

      Now you want to dance the tarantella???!!! What did you drink??!!! Did you smoke something you shouldn’t have?!
      See!! This is just the thing I’m worried about with all of you who are going to Vegas!!
      It’s called :
      People get to Vegas and go just bat bonkers! Put the Il Volo Concert on top of that and it’ll be absolute MAYHEM!! I see trouble coming!! Yes, I do!
      Thank the Lord THE BAIL FUND will be available! I have every expectation that it will be needed!!
      “Left Behind” Lynn

      1. Lynn you just have to sk for a raise ( think you are working??) or else win a lottery & then you can dance with Ignazio with me. Come on now fess up you have to have a stash somewhere or hit up one of your relatives to give you a loan. I am going to be paying myself back for a year so also can you.

  2. OMG talk about hitting the nail on the head! They are all so true and funny! Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are all just great, but I can’t believe that cop let the guy drive away like that when he could barely see out of his vehicle!!!

    1. I thought the cop was very laksed he didn’t seem to care at all that he was parked in a handicapped spot all he wanted to do is take picture & I wonder how far the got in when he was driving I can’t imagine he got far without an accident.

      1. Loretta and Jane, I was thinking the same things as you two! There is no way that dumb ass could see out of the windows of his car well enough to drive! The cop ought to be ashamed, too, letting him leave! Who knows what happened afterwards?

  4. Hey Ann! Thanks for collecting all these great funnies! You definitely have an eye for the amusing! Keep up the good work!

  5. Also I would like to comment on the handicapped parking I wish there were people here who would carry a vehicle away when a non handicapped idiot parks in a handicapped spot. I asked a guy one time when he was parked in a handicapped spot if he had a handicapped permit & he asked me if I was the handicapped police & I said YES. So I told the police who was a few cars over & that IDIOT said he probably won’t be long so I insisted he give that guy a ticket & he finally sauntered over to the mans car. So some police aren’t any different that the owners of the cars.

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