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Author Unknown

This beautiful verse made me immediately think of Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio.

It sums up their life as we know it now.

What makes this verse all the more meaningful is that it applies perfectly to

three young men ages 20, 21 and 22.

I know grown adults twice these ages where this verse does not apply at all.

So how did our three special Italians learn some of life’s most valuable lessons so early on?

All are blessed to have come from such loving, caring parents.

We continue to learn from our parents long after the day they are no longer on this earth with us.

These three still WATCH, LISTEN AND LEARN from the ones who brought them into this world

and continue to stand behind them every step of the way.

Such intelligent young men from such wise parents.


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    1. Actually I do believe that Piero’s Nonno Pietro is his maternal grandfather. The Barone grandfather is deceased, Correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Jane, very nice words. 🙂
    Photos from signing session In Bari and Rome.
    The guys are filming at Lago Di Tenno their new video Per Te Ci Saró,they are surrounded by beautiful autumn nature,so it certainly will surely nice video. 🙂
    Single Grande Amore was certified by the Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana – FIMI as Double Platinum Record (more than 100.000 copies sold). Congratulations Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca ! 🙂 And Buon compleanno to Pietro Ognibene ! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Post today Jane there don’t have to be words just look at those pictures. Love all around. And Happy Birthday to Nonno Pietro. God Bless Him.

  3. These kinds of father – son pictures are what I hope and pray for with this trio. (of course ones with mothers as well) This is the sort of thing that keeps these guys on the right track.

    1. Myron!
      You are so right! I can’t help but wonder what those fathers had to say to their sons after that episode in Miami!! I have a feeling there weren’t any words minced!!

  4. Wonderful Jane !! They all come from extremely loving and supportive families. That’s why Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio, despite all the fame and attention, are so grounded and have such beautiful and loving hearts. To know them is to love them more and more each and everyday 💕

  5. Jane! This is so nice! Great family photos! Just like a family album! Oh, wait! It is our family album!! Silly me!!
    Happy Birthday Nonno Pietro! A million more! Your grandson is ours, too! Thank you for him!

  6. Thanks Lydka for gorgeous pictures of the signings

    Does anyone know if Meet & Greets are at Casino Rama in Orillia , they said Ticketmaster is supposed to be selling meet & greet & Ticketmaster said they don’t know anything about meet & greet in Canadian Casino Rama. Canada is getting short changed this year. Casinorama said to get hold of Il lVolo promoter to find out about meet & greet, can I get hold of the promoter or do I call Italy??? Does anyone know??

    1. Loretta, Keep in contact with the venue or try your local PBS station or even Ticketmaster. There are still a couple of U.S. sites that don’t know about the concert/M&G yet.

    2. Loretta I can’t even get Casino Rama to tell me when the tickets go on sale for the concert, let alone the meet & greet.

      1. Penina just found out today they are selling tickets if you go to the casino on November 15th at 10 am no meet & greet. They said maybe Ticketmaster from what I finally talked to Ticketmaster & he said MAYBE but not sure but only on line on November 16th at 12 noon & look for a VIP & ask for meet & greet but don’t hold your breath. I had to fight with that satuypid recording for 10 minutes because it was determined to sell me a ticket to anyone the stupid machine & I had to keep saying “representative” or “agent” until what ever I finally said probably a few swear words I got through to an agent. The way I feel now this has turned me off going at all dealing with Ticketmaster is the pits. Hope you don’t have the same trouble as I do dealing with ticketmaster

  7. Marie with the casino I had to join there playing site so if I go for a 3 hour drive to their casino on the 15th I can buy ordinary tickets for the concert but they said like most venues we have to get meet & greet from ticketmaster & ticketmaster said MAYBE there is meet & greet but don’t count on it & they are selling them on 16th on line. So if I wait till the 16th & they are not sold on ticketmaster I am still screwed because I wont get a front row seat which I could have got on the 15th if I had gone to the casino. That’s why I wanted to know for sure. No matter where I go I won’t get meet & greet. The concert is starting at 5 pm there which doesn’t sound like a 2 hour concert like just do a few songs then leave. February weather is usually cold & snowy here & if 400 hwy is closed off because of snow we are all up a creek. The promoter who set up these concerts did a poor job & just got theatres anywhere & at anytime. I would have liked to understand what they guys said to a
    fan when she was asking them about the concerts being in the winter this year when they were being interviewed & the fans were asking questions. It seemed to me that they were just fluffing her off. Also there is nothing they can do about it now anyway.
    Don’t get me wrong I am not blaming them but we have to put up a petition to ask Mr. Torpedine or Barbara to get tours back to the way they used to be. To me this is very disheartening, This is my fault but I have been putting off my hip operation for a year & half now & I am in pain & want desperately to see them before I have this operation which is sometime next year I HOPE. The way hospitals are working here now they are shutting down operation rooms & cutting back costs unless an emergency so people are waiting a year & over for operations.
    I hope it doesn’t sound as if I am whining (probably does) I am seeing them at Buffalo & I am glad I have my daughter-in-law’s daughter & husband with me this year because last year Kleinhans Music Hall the meet & greet was down a few flights of stairs & I had some generous Italian lovely people making sure I got up & down the stairs. Now if I get down the stairs I have a (h) of a time getting up.
    Now I will ponder & have to decide what to do. Caiou

    1. Loretta, here is a translation of that part of the interview for Sorrisi :
      Margareth from USA asks: “why haven’t you promoted the album and the book on US TVs?” While Janis, also from USA, asks “Upon programming your tour in USA, have you considered the weather in February in the north-east of USA?
      G: We already had to come back due to this hurricane, Patricia!
      Sorrisi staff: Wait… Janis says that they’re very worried and they hope that neither you nor they will have to face snow!
      P: Janis, I’ll answer…
      I: Is Patrizia’s cousin (meaning the snow) coming?
      P: Janis, don’t worry! We have insurance policy on the tour! Anyway, we’ll be back soon in the USA, on a promotional tour in December.
      I: Tell about the book!
      P: Then , the album… well, the book’s release has not been set yet… it only came out in Italy.
      P: Set! Don’t you like set? It only came out in Italy! We’ll be back in December on some TV shows, we don’t know which ones yet… we can’t say them! But, we’ll be present! About bad weather, February and March, (sighs), about bad weather, we’ll sing inside…
      (Ignazio says something in Sicilian, making gestures also)
      G: What did he say?
      P (to Gianluca): don’t worry, later I’ll translate!
      (More words from Ignazio)
      P: Ah, bad luck! I’m Sicilian and I don’t understand, can you imagine? About bad weather, we let you know that we’ll sing inside arenas and theatres, so no problems with colds!
      G: Yes, but to get there…
      P: To get there…
      G: If there’s a lot of snow, that’s what she was talking about!
      P: I try to divert you and you says “she means to be careful while travelling to US”!! Anyway, if the weather would be inclement you already know why…
      I (interrupting Piero): we will invite Patrizia’s cousin at dinner, that will sweeten her. Nothing will happen.
      P: Patricia is the hurricane that came to Mexico … Anyway… keep calm. In case of bad weather we will solve the problem.
      F (Francesco-Sorrisi): And what about the American television?
      P: We will return to US in December to promote the new album and soon after we will go to South America. We won’t stop, we will go to US and South America in only one trip…
      G: We will be out of Italy like 20 days and we will come back here on December 24th.

      1. Thanks Lydka it is wonderful to know some of what they are saying although they can’t control the weather. Poor guys flitting from country to country it must be exhausting on them but they don’t show it except when they are really tired from non stop performing. I’m sure when they get home they go right for their families hugs. At least I will see them twice this year in Buffalo & Vegas. There is so much I want to ask them but probably won’t have time.
        Hope you are cured from your cold & feeling better

  8. Hi, Jane, Marie, and all,

    So beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing the precious love that streams from Our Guys and their families through just one photo, one song, one look in their eyes, one Hug! Personally, I welcome an all-in-one experience! …Whew! 😉

    Celebrating the Synergy of Love,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. I get so excited when reading all the posts from all of you. I’m cracking up while drinking my coffee. I can’t wait to meet all who are attending the LAS VEGAS concert. Just finished listening to our BOYS on YOU TUBE and just sitting in a semi-darkned room for effect and day dreaming the dawn away before people start stirring. Have a wonderful and blessed day all of you my dear friends.

  9. This is wonderful, Jane! It’s the 10th now! Don’t know how I missed this yesterday!! Lydka, thanks so much for the photos & translations!! Have a beautiful day where ever you are!! Grande Amore IlVolovers!!

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