“I’ll, be loving you, eternally….” ~ Jana

When I got back from my walk tonight, there was a nice surprise waiting for me in my mailbox. The guys were waiting for me, ever so patiently! They were a little cramped in that small box and suffocating in that envelope. I couldn’t wait to get up to my apartment and let them out! I gave a little shout, as not to alarm my neighbors and quickly did a little dance around my living room, holding it closely, giving it little kisses all over, as if they were really here! Alas, they are not, but I can hold them close to my heart now, any time I want…can you?

There they were, just looking at me, and only me. Gianluca with that serious look, Piero with his half grin, and Ignazio with his beautiful smile and eyes half closed…I have them, in the palm of my hand!   I could hear the rustling, the cajoling…”hey, open us up!  We want to tell you our story!  Hey!  Ow!  Igna!  Piero!  Guys… says Gianlu!”  Yes, guys, soon – I have a few things to do first….”book

Even though the book is in Italian, the words you can understand, leap from the page as if the guys were right there. As you read their passages, you can hear their voices telling you their story and imagine the expressions on their faces of happiness and pride, as well as fear and sorrow. “Finally” it says on the back cover, they can finally tell the truth, their story. It’s the first official book of Il Volo – first you think? I can hardly wait for the second one! What chapters lie in their future; what mysteries lie ahead? For we do not know their destiny – they do not know their destiny. One thing we know for certain though, is that they are certainly destined to do great things, whatever they may be!

I will not tease you with cliffhangers from the book, because I encourage you to get your own copy. You can translate it the hard way, by typing it in Google Translate, paragraph by paragraph, as I was doing… or you can get the book and use the translate app on your smart phone (that can be easily downloaded) and scroll across the words. It’s like when you were a kid and you had the magic mirror decoder to decode the secret messages. The words magically appear in English, right before your eyes! It takes a little adjusting and practice, but it is worth it.

For those of you that say you will wait for the English version? Well, I applaud your virtuousness! I am sad to say, I admit I am part of the “gotta have it now” generation. For who knows what tomorrow will bring?? I ordered it about a week or so ago and was surprised to get it this week, as I wasn’t expecting it til next week. So a very nice surprise! When you use the app, the words just jump from the page and it’s like getting a hug from each of the guys as they tell their stories….I must say I love the way the book is laid out. It is very simple and straightforward. Whoever did this, Rizzoli? Did a marvelous job! Yes, we have read countless interviews of them and translations of those interviews, but this book is more than just a few sentences, it is paragraphs of their most intimate thoughts and memories that they are sharing with us.   So, don’t wait… go to amazon.it and get your copy today!

However, I am once again, in a dilemma….like the empty picture frame around my heart that was miraculously filled this past July, the inside cover of my book is blank and once again, awaiting their signatures! Will this dream come true, as my other one did? Can I sneak my copy of the book into the meet and greet in Detroit? In Vegas? Will they be pleased that I have an Italian copy?  One may never know, as I await to begin my own chapter of my “avventura straordinaria!”  Only a little over 100 days til they land at the Fox in Detroit – let the countdown begin!blank book


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  1. Jana, I loved your account of getting your new book!! You are a trooper to translate paragraph by paragraph! Enjoy each and every word of it. And yes, let the countdowns begin!! 🙂

    1. Jane – thanks! You know, a labor of love… 🙂 I do understand a lot of it because of the Spanish, but you do miss some of the details! Lol!
      Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Jana

  2. Jana, please tell me how to order the book, pretty please. I have only seen it for sale in the US in the computer version. I want the hard copy. Please e-mail me: marialeps@comcast.net. I will be forever grateful.

    1. Maria – email sent! 🙂 I also posted below for others, in case they were interested…. 🙂 I have it on the Kindle as well – yes, I’m pretty covered… 🙂 Jana

  3. Oh Jana! You made me want to read it soooo badly!!! It’s hard holding out for the English version. Think I’ll wait until just after Christmas. If no English version is in site, I’ll happily order the Italian one.

    Come on Guys! I’m dying here!

    I have to say though, I’m glad people are not translating the whole book on a social site. That would not be fair. We need to either wait for the whole thing in English or translate it ourselves. I will have THE BOOK!

    1. My thoughts, exactly. I’ll gladly buy it in Italian, if I can get it hardcover, but I really want it in English. Either way, I hope to have it in hand in Las Vegas!

      1. Yes, it would be nice if they are able to set up a signing session, whether it’s the CD or the book, in Vegas – too bad they are only there one day and off to CA the next!

    2. Marie – thanks – that was the idea! 🙂 Not like the guys are hurting for money right now, but they’ll need all the money they can get to support their families in the future! Lol! Yes, I’m glad not too many are translating… I did see an Instagram post though on a paragraph from Ignazio’s story….just a photo from the book, not in English though. Jana

  4. Well, Jana…you are among the lucky ones! Now all I need, besides the actual book, is a Smart Phone and that translation app! My day will come…hey, I never dreamed I’d be doing this..! Have fun with the book and the concerts…I’ll be seeing them in March!! Thanks for the post…I love the “guys” and I love the Flight Crew!! I remain impatiently awaiting the book AND the real thing!! Dot in Texas!♡

    1. Dot – isn’t that what children/grandchildren are for? 🙂 I’m sure they’d happily share or maybe hint you want one for Christmas? Lol! Or you could buy the book and a few Italian dictionaries!? 🙂 Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Buona fortuna! Jana

  5. Jana, Me too. I have an Italian friend who could read it to me. How romantic is that. Don’t laugh. At 86 anything can happen. Joanie G

    1. Joan — hmm… you just gave me an idea… 🙂 The guy who cuts my hair is from Italy! Darn and I cancelled my hair appointment today! Quick, get the book or the Kindle version! 🙂 Jana

  6. How wonderful that you have the book in your hands, Jana!! I will have to wait for the translation. Don’t have a smart phone & I have trouble getting a phrase translated! Lovely, Joan that you have a friend to read it to you!! Have a great Saturday IlVolovers!!!

    1. Anne – yes, I never dreamed a year ago, how much my life could change due to 3 young Italian guys! It’s certainly been an amazing ride so far. There’s always Google translate on the computer! And dictionaries! Buona fortuna! Jana

  7. Buongiorno early birds!

    Just wanted to answer a few of you before I went out with the guys for my walk…yes, it’s another glorious fall day in Michigan with bright sunshine, blue skies, big, puffy, white clouds, and a definite chill in the air! A good day/evening to curl up with your favorite person, in my case, my cat 🙁 and perhaps a good book? Does Il Volo come to mind? 🙂

    For those of you that are interested in getting your own copy, here is the web link to amazon.it. Be sure to get the “copertina rigida” their translation of hardcover. I did get the first level expedited shipping, and yes, it is almost the same price as the book, but it is worth it to get it in a few weeks, which is sooner than they tell you. 🙂


    Buona Fortuna a tutti!!


  8. The book is certainly very interesting and I hope it will be translated into other languages.We, who do not understand Italian,will have to wait, aspettero, for the translation….

  9. How exciting, but I will wait for the English version. However, I too am counting the days until they arrive at the Fox in Detroit. We travel a lot, and I’m planning everything about the all important date of Feb 27. First time I ever eagerly awaited the winter months.

    1. Barb – do you live in the Detroit area? Are you on FaceBook? I’m “JanaAmoreIlVolo”…. 🙂 Yes, most of us wait for Christmas – however, our Christmas is delayed by a few months this year! The next 3 months cannot go fast enough for me! Jana

      1. Hi Jana….. yes I live in Macomb twp. I do use Facebook a little, so I just send you a fiend request.

  10. Jana you should get a SPECIAL HUG from the boys because you are such a devoted fan .Especially of MR. SMILE.
    I will wait for the English version. I am not sure I can handle another ‘tech’ matter.
    My grandson redid my computer and now I have two screen Word 10 and can not find my old stuff. I am lucky Adam and his mom come every time I tex them “HELP”.
    Great post.

    1. Gina – thanks…. yes, that would be nice – be sure to tell them when you see them! I’ll wait for it in Vegas! Lol! Especially the one from Mr. Smiles! 🙂 I do hope an English version does come out – I will probably get that one, too! Believe it or not, I’m not the most techie person either, but I am determined and can usually figure things out.

  11. Lucky you Jana I guess I’ll have to wait to see hopefully if there will be an English version. Won’t that be a great read going to their concert in Las Vegas in March. Have a great day.

    1. If it comes out in English before the Las Vegas Concert we’ll have to add “Book Club” to the itinerary. We can read our favorite parts… like how Ignazio was so excited to see me in Detroit this past summer that he jumped up and down, hugged me and wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I tried to push him away.

      Jana, you probably haven’t gotten that far in the book yet.

      1. Marie – I’m sorry to say the book ends before that, but will probably be in the next book! Lol! 🙂

  12. What a wonderful idea! I could buy the book and try to understand it. If I don’t I’ll translate it. I could have them sign the book also in Feb/2016. Thank you for your story, your happiness and your love for Il Volo. I think we are all there. Have a great day!

    1. Mayra – nothing ventured, nothing gained!! I’m sure the guys would be thrilled to know we are all trying to learn Italian to translate their book!? They have said in interviews that they like it when the audience sings along with their songs – let’s learn all the words to their songs in Italian and really show them our devotion at the concerts! 🙂

      It will be interesting to see what/how they have the meet/greets set up for this tour. As I’ve read in the past, you are not usually allowed to have them sign anything or give them anything personally. I’ve also seen that they plan to have a Q&A session at them as well.

      Those that attend the early concerts in Feb will have to let the rest of us know what to expect! 🙂


  13. How wonderful it would be if the English hard cover copy would be here in time for our FanFaire in Vegas. Who knows. We might even be able to get it signed. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

    1. Allene – yes, that would be pretty cool! I’m sure we won’t be able to experience anything like we did at PBS, but we can only hope!?

  14. Nice posts, Jana! Thanks!
    For all of you computer and tablet owners , try going to Playstore, find the Google translator app and install! It will translate any language! You don’t need a smart phone. My tablet and smart phone are synced with each other so whatever I do on one I can do on the other.
    I can’t remember how I synced the two but I’ll get into Systems and try to back track and figure it out and post about it!
    Or get one of your family whizzes to do it for you!
    If you go to the Amazon.it site up in the right hand corner is a key to convert the site to English. Order the eBook version and your translator should take care of everything, I THINK! I am ordering both the hard cover and the eBook versions. So we’ll see what the translator does! Good luck to me !!
    I’m sorry if I’m creating mass confusion here but the translator app let’s me read anything printed in Italian about Ill Volo as well as newspapers in Italian, Spanish and French! I’m even reading articles in Slovak for the love of Lydka! On either my tablet or my phone!
    I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on info about Il Volo when it’s just a matter of installing the translator app!

    1. Sorry! I just read ehast I posted and I shouldn’t have put that sync business in there! It just created confusion ! Just see if you can install the translator app on your computer or your tablet or have someone do it for you!
      Leave it to me to over complicate things! Sorry!

      1. Now I can’t even type! It’s supposed to be what in the first sentence! I need to get off here!

      2. don’t worry Lynn, it’s usually ME that causes all the confusion! Glad I’m in good company! Lol! 🙂 Jana

        Wonder what the guys would think if they knew all the trouble we are going through just to read their book??

    2. Lynn – yes, great idea for those that have a tablet, as well – much bigger to read on! I’ll have to download the app to my laptop and see if it will work – I have Win 8 and you can download all the apps. Although, since the Kindle app is an app itself, not sure if the two apps will work together. I tried in vain to try and figure it out on mine, but maybe I will try again! Thanks!

  15. Il Volo en el Lanzate Show Univision, funny video :

      1. Lydka! Loved that one! Great to see Igna in action in the kitchen. Would love to watch him work at the pizza parlor in Marsala with his sister! Thanks!

      2. Thanks! I was able to watch it today on my channel! Igna really knows how to work the dough! Did everyone catch the little trick with him sliding it around his back? 🙂 It went pretty quickly!

        We’ll all have to make some Il Volo pizza! He can cook for me anytime!


      3. Marie – yes, I thought it was just me, but I did notice Piero’s voice didn’t sound quite right? Of course, this was taped several weeks ago when they were at the other Latin Grammys in LA. So, hopefully he has recovered by now? 🙂 Igna certainly loves the camera though!

  16. Jana from what I have seen at meet & greets the guys are perfectly willing to sign Cds that people bring, the back of out Flight Crew badges, or anything else! Bring the book–for sure they will sign it!

  17. I rewatched the video and all I could think was wouldn’t Ignazio be a natural to have his own cooking show! One of those maniacal, goof around chefs!! HLOL! Hysterically laughing out loud!!

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