Il Volo Professional ~~ 2015 Latin Grammys: Grammy Night


Hey Everyone!

The Latin Grammys is always a big night for our guys whether they are nominated or only performing.   They always seem to have so much fun, and they always take us with them for the ride.  As promised, here is a look at the entire night.  A GINORMOUS thanks to our affiliates and all the IlVolover world for working overtime to find all the pictures and videos!










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Il Volo and Natalia Jimenez Latin Grammy Awards ~~ All About Il Volo




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Il Volo Latin Grammys Ceremony and Red Carpet Gallery ~~ All About Il Volo





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Latin Grammys Backstage Interviews and A Lot of Fun ~~ All About Il Volo






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Il Volo Brief Links/News ~ November 19, 2015 ~~ All About Il Volo


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11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ 2015 Latin Grammys: Grammy Night

    • Joan, Piero wrote this comment to photo : “Good morning to all passengers, is the commander Barone speaking. The landing took place on time ,from Las Vegas to Rome. “

  1. After watching these things happen from the sidelines this week in Las Vegas – not just on Grammy day but all week from Monday thru Friday when they flew out of here, this was a week of hard work. I know they have fun doing it at the time but then they had to go on to another interview or photo shoot and then another, etc. the boys worked their heads off this week. We talked to Gianluca just two hours before departure and he was really worn out – tired. He hoped to sleep on the long flight.

  2. . The guys always work hard at what ever event they are part of and I’m sure they have fun but it is a lot of work and when they are in the states I never forget the time difference between Italy and our West Coast. That’s a killer. No wonder Gianlucca was worn out I’m sure the other two were tired too. Can’t wait till March so excited.

  3. What a great time they had! They were awesome as always! Whether they are up for an award or not THEY SHINE LIKE NO ONE ELSE DOES! Hope they all get a good sleep on the flight home.

  4. Hi everyone, I stay to see only Il Volo performance in the Latin Grammy (I usually do not see this show). When I saw them my first impression was, oh no! What happened here! I just did not appreciate it at all. But I decided to hear it again and see what the message of the song is. Then I told myself this could be a hit for those people who like Natalia Jimenez and Il Volo. They sang beautiful. The song has a great message. I believe the song “Recuerdame” is sang by her also. I know they had a fun time and got more exposure with this performance and just by being there. I just love them. Ciao

  5. I didn’t think I liked the song at first, either until I listened to it on Il Volo English Translations and read the lyrics. This is Natalia Jimenez’ song. You can see it on Vevo on You Tube. “Creo En Mi.” Beautiful song! Beautiful video!

    • Addendum!
      When Natalia Jimenez was with the group La Quinta Estacion they recorded, with Marc Anthony, the song Recuerdame which Il Volo has sung in concert and has on several of their CD’s!
      Kelly! Thanks for all the hard work putting this post together!
      Marc Anthony was married to Jennifer Lopez and has several albums and movies with her if anybody is interested in looking them up!

  6. Every picture, every video of our guys were just as amazing as they are… They shine whether they are on stage, in an interview or just in front of someone’s camera… They have such poise and grace and genuine feelings of love and respect for everyone… They just never show a down side in public… They are true professionals at all times… I can honestly say, it is not a put on… It is genuine… The Latin Grammy’s show cased them once again and it was another feather in their cap … They won the hearts of everyone at the show or watching the show that night as they always do when they perform… Thank you Kelly for posting these great clips of Il Volo…

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