Myron and Jeannette meet with Il Volo and Barbara Vitali to discuss details of plans for the March Il Volo Fan Faire.

myron, jeannette and gian

(hint: the most important news is toward the end of this article)

Report on meeting of officers of “Il Volo to Las Vegas” and “ Il Volo Fan Faire” with

Il Volo guys and manager in Las Vegas Nov. 15 – 20, 2015.

For Jeannette and me the goal was to sit down and share the various ideas for the Fan Faire with the guys and with Barbara Vitali, one of the managers (road manager) and to get their input and ideas.

Il Volo arrived in Las Vegas at 6:00pm Sunday, November 15 and went to the hotel – a portion of the MGM Grand Hotel called the Signature Towers. We had our first of many communications in the next few days that same night by email and text. We knew that they would have to “squeeze “ us into a very busy schedule. On Monday, this meant being a bystander in the background while all of these performers (including Il Volo) went about the business of interviews, wardrobe try-ons, photo shoots, more interviews, some meetings with producers and American representatives and more interviews. Oh, by the way, did I say they did interviews ? I felt sorry for the guys since they were going from one to another of these things and in different hotels – not just the MGM – around the strip. They would start at about 9:00am and go until 10:00pm – whew ! This went on Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday until rehearsals started.

The main Latin Grammy show was in two parts: lessor parts on Wednesday afternoon and the main event Thursday, November 19 with red carpet starting at about 3:00pm Pacific time.

Each day Jeannette and I were communicating with Barbara via email or text as she tried to find time to fit us in. We all knew that we did not want the usual “fly-by” talk while on the way to doing something else. We all agreed that we wanted a nice, quiet sit-down and chat time. After various “maybes” and “how about this?” that did not work out because their schedule was almost always about 20 to 40 minutes behind, Barbara finally gave up on trying to fit it in during these days and decided to do it after the sessions. She was lucky when she found out that I live only 15min. away from the the MGM so it is easy to get there for me. Jeannette is further away but we still made ourselves available for anytime she could do it. The end result was 4:00pm of the day after the Grammy show – Friday, November 20- just before they were to fly back to Italy. When we got there, Barbara was still running late with a meeting (even on that last day ! ) so to kill time we went into a coffee shop just off the lobby of their hotel to have something to drink until she was to give me a text that she was ready to meet.

As we walked in I went: “ hmmm ? That is someone familiar ahead of us at the counter ordering something to eat and drink with two friends.” Was luck with us? Yes. It was Gianluca and friends. We ordered our drinks and sat down deciding to wait until he was finished eating his salad. I noticed that he would look over at me once in a while as though he recognized me a bit but was not sure (after all it has been a year and half since we last saw each other up close). When he finished eating I walked over and introduced myself and asked if he could come over by our table (about 6 ft. away) for a few minutes. Then everything started to fit into place. We talked about our plans for the Fan Faire which he was anxious to know more about. We talked about his singing technique and other professional things (its my job, you know) . I asked him if he remembered the first time we ever talked and when he said Chicago at Barnes and Noble 2012 we were set. Jeannette and I came away with the same feeling people seem to get all the time: this is one wonderful gentleman- kind, caring and great to talk with and Not in a hurry to get it over with like some famous people are.

I asked if we could take a photo and he offered to take it for us. The result you see above. Just as we said goodbye (he had to go finish packing for departure was only three hours away) he gave us each a couple of nice, wonderful hugs . He seemed to be very happy that he saw us and that we were meeting with Barbara – and Lo! She sent a text just at that time. Off we went to meet with Barbara.

There are a lot of details to discuss but the main focus with Barbara and therefore all Il Volo management was one point: getting a commitment that on March 25, the boys will come to be with us at the Fan Faire sometime before their concert later that night. Well, I did not even have to start asking. (I cannot give an exact quote but an approximate one)

{ Barbara started by saying that she was determined that on that day (March 25) the boys WILL come and spend quality time at our Fan Faire – not just a little time but “quality”time. She really likes the idea of a relaxed and “laid-back” time with fans and wants to turn it over to us. Then the real clincher as she looked over and said: “ after all these years of support, you deserve it “ }.

That is exactly what we were looking for. Could not ask for something better !! What a relief and we did not even half to argue about it at all. Barbara was very much on our side and very gracious. But she has to work with a production company – CAA – and the company that does the meet & greet programs. It is a group called “ OMG-VIP “ out of L.A. Barbara has to wait until the schedule sets, sound-check time, rehearsal time, also where are they going to stay (I said they should stay in the Palms hotel where all their activities are – she agreed) or are they just going to get on the bus after the meet and greet and drive through the night to L.A. – the next stop. Once that has been figured then she will know where to plug us in.

Bottom line as stated above: she is determined to secure a nice “quality time” with us in the Fan Faire. So that is what we are planning. The Il Volo boys will visit but that the time slot may change as we get closer.

I write on behalf of Jeannette and myself when I say the visit with Gianluca and Barbara was absolutely wonderful. There are still challenges ahead that we will have to take on at that time but this was a wonderful way to end a very busy week.

refer to: http://www.ilvololasvegas.wordpress.com


Note:  If you haven’t Registered for the Il Volo Fan Faire now is a good time!  Ilvolo2LV@outlook.com
  ~Marie & Kelly

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  1. Myron & Jeannette, Thank you both for all the hard work you’re putting into the Fan Faire! What a dream it’s going to be!! Forget Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Come on March!!!

    1. Thank you so much Marie, Kelly and all the fans in the flight crew.. For Myron and I, it is truly a labor of love… Meeting with Barbara made the dream of having a Fan Faire come alive when she became excited about what we have put together… The absolute delight of the evening was the accidental meeting with Gianluca … He was just so thrilled to find out that we were having a Fan Convention for Il Volo… He kept say, you are doing this for us when we are at the Pearl??? He was so kind in sharing time with us enjoying hearing about our project…

      I have to say this young man in more beautiful in person than he is on stage … Not only his appearance is perfect but so is his heart… He is a very kind and gentle young man…

      1. It is so encouraging and heartwarming to me whenever someone has the opportunity to spend a moment with our Gianluca. If only just to know he is still the wonderfully kind and gentle young man we fell in love with a few years ago. Thanks Jeannette for that reaffirmation!

      2. Jeannette, I know exactly what you mean. He is the sweetest young man! Thank you for all the hard work you and Myron are putting into this Fan Faire and for meeting with “the boss”! Ciao!

      3. You are very welcome Marie… I hope you know that my fingers wanted to write pages of accolades about Gianluca, but I tied my fingers in a knot with only my index finger sticking out so I would keep it short..

      4. On Jeannette! I’m so jealous. Gianluca is so gracious and indeed gorgeous in person. I can hardly wait for March to get here. One week before, my family is giving me a birthday gala for my 70th birthday. The trip to Vegas as part of my gift. I’ll be staying at the Rio but I’ll be crossing the street for sure just to be in the same building as our guys.

      1. Yes, Loretta! The short story is I finally got a VIP package with seats in the 5th row aisle, section 4, which is the middle section. But it took a lot of doing! I’ll email you the whole messy story!

  2. I wish you were going too, Gina. I know it isn’t possible for everyone to be there. I don’t like to speak for Myron, but early on I know his plans included making the Fan Faire an annual event. If his plan still holds and he and Jeannette aren’t burned out from this year’s planning, we will all meet again next year! Plan on it!

    1. Yes, Marie. That is a continuing conversation with Barbara Vitali. A lot depends on the success of the Fan Faire this year AND PART of that depends on the success of the concert. We can’t do too much about selling the concert tickets but we are trying. BOTTOM LINE: We need to sell out all 2500 tickets in the Pearl Theatre at the Palms.

      You know it does not always have to be the front row tickets at $150. it can also be the $46. tickets in the balcony and sides. Point is you are there and the place gets sold out.

      Our Fan Faire is getting close to being sold out only about 20 or so spaces left to go.

    2. Be sure and tell them to stay home for Holy Week like good Catholic boys next year and come to Vegas when it is Spring!

  3. Yes!! Thank you Myron and Jeannette for all of the hours, weeks, months spent organizing this wonderful event. This information is now the icing on the cake! March can’t come soon enough!

    1. In the past we could not make any statement of certainty about the boys coming to us. Part of the problem is that they have to fit in two meet and greet programs in the same day. For us the best idea came from Barbara who said that she would like to see the Ticketmaster meet and greet run by us – not the L.A. group.

      The other meet and greet is a private one for VEGAS-PBS which is, of course, one of their sponsors. But we are working closely with PBS also.

  4. What a lovely picture! Lucky you having face 2 face time with Gianluca. It must have been very special. Thanks for the detailed report. Kind regards, Dana

  5. Thanks again for all your hard work Jeannette and Myron. Gianluca and Barbara were so sweet and gracious and more then that so very excited about the Fanfaire !!! It is great PR for them and now it will be even more exciting for those of us attending this very special event !! I can’t wait to meet everyone March 25th !!!

  6. I’m going to walk my own plank… I am just GREEN with envy and so delighted for you all at the same time! This is sooo wonderful! Now if you excuse me, I gotta go jump.

    1. Myron, How wonderful for you, (and for all of us) to see your plan coming into fruition. You had a dream, and now it’s coming true. How fortuitous that Il Volo was in Vegas at just the right time for you to make contact and be able to talk to Barbara face to face about the Fan Faire. Just shows that it pays to “dream big” and have faith in the outcome. Much gratitude to you for having this idea and seeing it through to its glorious conclusion.

      1. Thank you, Mary, for your kind remarks. Right now, we can’t let up – we have to keep inviting people to come.

        By the way, long distance awards may be given out. So far there are two contenders: One person is coming from South Africa and another is coming from Melbourne, Australia – WOW ! I don’t know which one is further . Have to look that up.

      Remember! The ship is in DRY DOCK!! Don’t run off the plank! You will go SPLAT!! Right on your face!
      STEP off and head for the BUCCANEER for a rum or two or three!! Drown your sorrows! The drinks are on me!!
      YES! Take the bird!! Rum for him, too! A lot of rum!!

  7. Myron and Jeannette, My total thanks. Myron , you have been so gracious to me . I look forward to seeing you in March. Joanie G

  8. Ok ladies (and gents?) – if this isn’t motivation enough to get on that diet, don’t know what is!? We don’t want the guys pinching more inches than necessary in March, right?! We all want to be the girl in the golden dress that Ignazio had his arm around in the video. So, put on your sneakers, snow shoes, boots, etc.; scarves, hats, earmuffs, and sunglasses; and get out there and walk! I hear you burn more calories if you are trying to keep warm? 🙂 (at least you will walk faster?)
    And don’t forget the moisturizer! Don’t want any extra wrinkles! 🙂 Lol!

    Yes, this is going to be an awesome dream for many of us – maybe even better than PBS in Detroit?

    What happens in Vegas; stays in Vegas, but I’m sure this will remain in our hearts forever!

    Yes, thank you Myron and Jeannette! I’m sure all of the “pain and frustration” any of this has brought you was quickly forgotten a few days ago!

    Vive, Las Vegas!

    1. Jana, that was rotten! You sent me a great cookie recipe less than an hour ago along with your address to mail cookies to you. What kind of game are you playing?

      Still…happy you’re part of our March dream!

      1. Marie! Give the bird a cookie!! Maybe he’ll stop singing Grande Amore!
        Take him to Vegas and leave him with Myron for voice lessons!!

    2. Jana, It would take more than walking and moisturizer for me to be the girl in the golden dress, but you go for it, girl. Better than Detroit??? I don’t think anything could be better than that, but would love to be proven wrong! I know it will be fabuloso.

  9. This is such great news! Myron and Jeannette, thank you for your perseverance, it is so appreciated. I am so looking forward to meeting you all at this sure to be unforgettable event!

    1. Did you see my comment above about the “long distance” award ? I have not checked it out the miles (or kilometers) but between you and Charmaine – that is going to be the winner.

  10. Thanks so much for creating this Fan Faire event for our Il Volo family, Myron & Jeannette. Appreciate all your hard work!!! Jeannette, so happy that Gianluca was at that Deli!! The photos are great!!! Gianluca is such a Love!

  11. How incredible that Myron and Jeannette were able to have that time with Gianluca…and, of course, with Barbara. They deserve it!! I’ve already shared elsewhere with Myron and Jeannette how grateful I am for all the time and effort they’ve put into planning this amazing event for Il Volo fans, but I would like to say here, as well, how wonderful it is that they have done this for us. Molto, molto grazie, amici!!!

    1. you are very welcome. We have to keep “truckin” as they say. Can’t let up (until after the concert on March 25th ).

  12. I want to add my thanks to Jeannette and Myron. The winter will be easier to get thru knowing that we have this wonderful event to look forward to. Even the excitement of Christmas pales in comparison. See you in March!

  13. Thanks you so much Myron and Jeannette for all your hard work I know what I;m gong to be thankful for this Thanksgiving now I really can’t wait till March and you know the great thing about Il Volo is I think if you would have met either Ignazio or Piero they would have been the same sweet way because they are all kind amazing men. What great news.

  14. A lot of wonderful people on this site. Thanks to all of you for your comments. So many of you are part of this project. This whole group ( I think) is together because we know that in the popular music there is too much “disposable and mediocre music” sung by below average singers. After so many years of drought – So finally a trio of boys (young men) comes along that turns that whole thing on end by producing quality music, long lasting music performed by the best male voices in the business working today.

  15. And Myron I also want to add these guys are so wholesome that we can rest assured we get a clean performance with no off colored language & pure fun with also Ignazio’s sense of humour. I laugh at him even when I don’t understand what he says & at the meet & greet these wonderful young men are so loving & caring of their fans.
    I am so looking forward to this fantastic get together that you Myron & Jeannette have worked so hard to finalize everything. Wonderful to see your pictures above & I know who to look for to give you both a big hug

  16. Cracking me up with the weight loss comments — especially since I’m right there with you. See what three sexy Italians do to us? You should have an accountability group. I love mine. 🙂

  17. I am just so dang excited for all of you! What an absolute dream to have the Guys join in a casual and dare I say ” family style” get together!! A great experience for them, too and a definite change from the cattle stampede of a M & G!
    Myron and Jeanette! What a coup! Getting to meet those two special people! And I’m sure they both realized after meeting and talking to you and hearing about the Fan Faire plans that the Crew is not in it for what they get from Il Volo but what they can give back to them for all the joy they have given us!! Thank you both so much for all your efforts!
    Myron, would you share some of conversation you had with Gianluca about the technical aspects and training he’s had? And anything else you would care to share. I am genuinely curious and would like to understand more of what I’m hearing when they sing!
    What a terrific group this is!! Lucky me to have found you all!!

    1. The vocal technique items that we talked about were mostly along the lines of two areas: My comments in 2012 when we first met about the pure vowels that he used and how now these years later his vowels are even better, bigger and more rich than way back then. His opening of Delilah is a masterclass in great and pure vowels. We also talked about the high quality repertoire they choose. He said that young people like him should get to know these songs. I said they are songs that will last on and on and on. At which point he interrupted me and said : “Eternally ” – I laughed out loud.

      Frankly, give me a glass of wine and him ” POM” and we could talk voice all day.

      1. Myron! I have noticed over time that when Gianluca sings in English his Italian accent has almost completely disappeared! You would think he was a native speaker. I’m reading their book and he said other languages have always come easily for him!
        Is there a reason why he usually leads in when the three of them sing together? Thanks! Lynn

    2. re: language – the boys have a linguist these days. At the beginning they did not so that is now a help. Gianluca is very good at hearing sounds. That is why he is also good at doing impressions of famous people – there are various videos of him doing the Marlon Brando – God father impression. It is quite good. He also has done a nice Dean Martin impression as well as some famous people from Italy. That same good ear will pick up other languages very well.

      re: singing lead – I am not sure why they still do it after these years but they started out that way because He was the winner of the original voice competition that brought them together. Piero was 2nd place and Ignazio was 3rd so when they formed that was the priority in their arrangements. I think they can move past that and make it more equal. Next time I have some private time with them I will ask.

  18. Myron and Jeanette, I have no words that will express how grateful I am for you both for your hard work organizing this event! Tears were flowing as I read Myron’s post! My husband and I are Sooo excited about meeting all theIlvololovers who will be there in Vegas at the Fan Faire and we can’t wrap our heads around the fact right now that we are actually going to have quality time with our guys. We have M& G tickets, but I know that won’t compare to what we will experience at the Fan Faire gathering! Hurry up March 25th!
    We are going to their concert in Nashville on March 1st and at the Zoe Ganga Resort in Temecula, Ca, also! YIPPEE!
    Thanks again!😍❤️

  19. Myron I hope Barbara & Mr. Torpedine are going to be there. I did meet Barbara last year but just briefly & I would like to meet Mr. Torpedine. I’m sue they would be thrilled with an invitation as well

    1. I have invited Barbara and she will come but Michele will not be in town on that date as far as I know now. That might change.

  20. Hi Myron,

    I just checked out the mileage from Melbourne
    Australia to Las Vegas and it is 8,157 miles.
    The mileage from South Africa to Las Vegas is
    9,999 miles. So South Africa wins!
    I thought Hawaii island to Las Vegas was a long
    trip, but I guess not.
    I look forward to seeing you all in Las Vegas.

    1. Thank you Jill. I did not have a chance to check it out so now I know. Without those two I think the Hawaii distance would win.

      1. Wow, that is a lot of mileage!!!! Hopefully I will be able to sleep most of the flight (about 23 hours flying time).

  21. How wonderful that you met and talked to Gianluca and then Barbara! It’s always great to hear how nice and thoughtful they are. They never disappoint. So happy for everyone that is able to attend. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  22. I’ve been laughing, I’m happy for the Fan Faire and all that will happen in March/2016. I cannot go, my budget is not ready for this. But if there will be a next one I might plan for that one. Thank you for the story & for the picture. It is all so tender and just wonderful. Thanks!

    1. I am so Happy that Myron’s dream is coming to fruition. I’d love to be able to go to Las Vegas and see the show, go to the M&G and the Fan Fair, but I too am financially strapped this year as well as my I need knee replacements some time soon. So we can commiserate together and hope IL Volo will have another one in the future. Everyone who is going have a wonderful time and share your moments with us.

      1. So, for what it’s worth…

        My first year that I knew of IL VOLO, 2011 / 2012, I had this passing thought that if $500 came to me totally unexpectedly (above and beyond my other needs), I would go to the concert in Seattle (a road trip away).

        Oh my gosh! … a few days later a colleague / mentor contacted me to say how much she appreciated my work, and that she was giving me a $500 (exact amount, you will notice!) gift certificate. She has never done that before or since! Of course I was soooo grateful, and a few hours later I realized… Oh my gosh! That’s the $500!

        So my friend and I went to the concert, which was so incredible at the Paramount Theatre that I truly felt like every molecule of air was singing!

        And on top of it all, I wrote the Guys (boys then) a note, requested it to be delivered to them, and to my amazement, it was immediately delivered. Sitting in our first balcony seats, when I went to turn off my phone (20 minutes before the concert), I found I had a cell phone voice mail from IL VOLO staff saying the Guys had received my letter and wanted to invite me to the Meet & Greet after the show! Here we are smiling so hard I’m surprised my face didn’t break…

        So… you might not have the money this exact minute, but as I like to say, “I haven’t been to my mailbox yet!” Anything IS Possible!

        For those who don’t have the money now and Really Want to Go, I hope you have a wonderful surprise that makes it possible!

        Love and curiosity,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Jeanine, as usual you are right on with your words. “I truly felt like every molecule of air was singing!” I felt this. I just didn’t know how to say it!

  23. Soooo much to say!…

    1 – Pirate, you are the Best to email me to check my Flight Crew!

    2 – Myron, Jeannette, and Gianluca, that is one of the best photos!! LOVE it! I’m sure it will be in your hearts… Eternally!

    3 – Oh my gosh! I’m going to both Meet & Greets. What a dream come true!

    4 – Myron, Jeannette, and your team, I am so grateful for all you have done for so long. I remember when, Myron! How fantastic that this is happening and that you got to meet with both Gianluca and Barbara! (I get light-headed just thinking about it!)

    5 – I still want to Dance to their music! Hey, that week is my birthday, so friends, let’s Dance!! Has their music ever been as dance-able as it is in 2015?

    6 – Maybe I’ll get to tell the guys face-to-face, eyes-to-eyes what Divine Grace angels told me when speaking of IL VOLO… “Music is the breath of God.” I know we feel it!

    7 – My heart is so full!
    This could be the best day of my Life! 😉

    Love, gratitude, awe, Grande Amore,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  24. So, IL VOLO Mundial caught on to my Tweets about IL VOLO Las Vegas. I’m saying that because if you plan to and haven’t yet secured your place for the fan faire, I’d suggest you do it as soon as possible. I have a feeling there will be a flood of interest tomorrow morning.

    I confess that I most hope for our Flight Crew Sharing-the-Love friends to be at the fan faire. Amazing to think that I’ve been getting to know some of you since end of 2011 when I first got on the other, pre Flight-Crew site.

    So fun looking forward to March!!

    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I just saw that Jeanine, your tweet was caught by them and they said they are coming… Now I hope they know that they have to pay for the our little party… There are no free rides in Las Vegas… LOL

      1. I included your website for the Fan Faire.

        Love your sharing throughout this blog, including below, Jeannette!

        And for the rest of you… I love dancing and cats, but I work with animals, including communication, so just can’t risk a rift with the parrot!


  25. I want to thank all of you who have so been so kind with your thank you’s to Myron and I… This has been Myron’s dream for a very long time, and I was lucky enough to have met him in June 2014 thanks to this Flight Crew Blog… He asked me if I would like to join him in working to put a Fan Faire together if Il Volo ever should come to Las Vegas… Of course I said yes, and as they say the rest is history… This has been an very unique experience for me and a true labor of love… Myron and I work well together and he has been so supportive during this time and that has helped me to be able to continue on this project with him even when I am in California with my daughter .. So at this time I would like to thank Myron for having faith in me to continue working on our project together… I want to thank Marie and Kelly for your support over the months by promoting our Fan Faire often and last but not least, I want to thank all of you on the Flight Crew Blog who have made this Fan Faire happen by your continued support and for all of you who are attending, thank you for helping making Myron’s Dream of a Fan Faire in Las Vegas come true…

    Thank you all,

    1. Jeannette, you and Myron are fantastic! My husband and I are Sooo excited about actually getting quality time with our guys! We have M& G, but this Fan Faire is going to be absolutely AWESOME!!
      Thanks again for giving us this awesome experience!!
      I pray our Lord will heal Deborah.

      1. Thank you so much for the kind words, and especially for the prayers… Deborah is coming along… It’s a long hard road but together we will come to the rainbow at the end and then sunshine forever after…

    2. I just got back to reading this page and wow ! what a very kind comment, But it must be said that this would not be pulling off at all if Jeannette were not sharing the various tasks that need to be done.

      It is really quite a team. That is for sure.

      There are still many challenges ahead and so we keep on “truckin”

      Thank you Jeannette.

  26. You guys and your comments are the greatest. Looking forward to seeing you in March. The 20th also is my 87th birthday. Just to be in the same room with the boys will be my best b’day ever. Hugs to Myron and Jeannette. Joanie G

  27. Jeannette hope is Deborah is faring at least comfortable. Still have her in my prayers. Keep yourself positive & both of you will come through this.

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