Jana Fun

Our Jana is having too much Il Volo Fun!  First…

Today at our little Il Volo late lunch/early dinner party!! 

jana party dec

Il Volo Christmas gathering of Detroit gals!  It’s growing!!   We met at the local Olive Garden.  Our next party planned is Gianluca’s birthday – Feb 11!  I’m still stuffed to the tips of my blonde and gray hairs!  Lol!  We all think it’s still pretty amazing how we never would have met, had it not been for the guys, and all the others, as well!  The old saying that strangers are friends we just haven’t met yet, certainly rings true with Il Volo fans!

 And truly much to my dismay, I think I got nominated as the ring leader!  Lol!

Then as a “permanent” phone bank volunteer for Detroit PBS she gets to meet GIADA…

jana party giana 2

 Here is picture of Giada and me and Chris in the far background on the top row of the volunteers!  They took lots of pictures and her husband was there also!

Grande Amore!

See?  Way too much fun!  Plus, I can’t resist printing this “mirror image” photo Jana sent me a while back.  Sweet, even if it is she and Ignazio. ~M


10 thoughts on “Jana Fun”

  1. Thanks, Marie! Sweet post! Love to all! Merry Christmas, off to Florida tomorrow….

    Buon Natale, ciao!


    1. HI Jana, Chris and Ginny, good to see you again having fun. Hope you kept an eye on Ginny, Jana. You know how she likes to flirt with guys in restaurants! The Minnesota girls are planning a winter Il Volo hoot if the snow doesn’t get in our way. Hope to see you in Vegas.

      1. Yes time is sure flying! At airport at McDonald’s and sitting under a picture of Venice! Lol
        Ciao. Boarding in about an hour.

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  3. Isn’t it amazing how our ears are trained to recognize the Il Volo boys voices. I heard Ignazio start a Christmas carol on a radio station I have only heard them once AM740 while I was driving today. The Christmas carol was “Oh Holy Night” sung as only they can. That made the rest of my day

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