Personally Speaking~Always time for fun~ Jane

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No matter how busy they are or what country they are perched in IL VOLO always finds time for a little spontaneous fun in their day to day routine.

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Now I have to admit that Marie is responsible for Ignazio pinching Piero’s buttock!!  SHE taught both Ignazio AND Piero this technique while in Detroit last summer.  Although I’m not sure if Piero enjoyed Ignazio’s pinch as much as he did Marie’s!

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13 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Always time for fun~ Jane”

  1. Don’t you just wish that you could have been a fly on the wall to see what it was that preceded these moments and also what followed? Especially the pinch?

    Better yet – to have been there in person and joined in the fun?

    1. now I think I know what is going to happen in Vegas March 25. hmmm
      wonder if I should warn the guys ? No, I don’t think so. Just sit back and observe sounds better. After all what happens in vegas stays in Vegas. Maybe that will happen too.

      1. Myron, these ladies are having fun so I don’t think we have to warn the guys about the Crazy Grannies from the Flight Crew… I know that when they get to the Fan Convention they will be respectful of our guys, after all we do not want to scare Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca away and having them running from our party… We will respect their space and if they choose to give us a hug or a kiss, we will love it for sure… But we want more Fan Conventions in the future, so please ladies contain yourselves… You don’t want these young men traumatized for life and never want us to hold a fan convention for them ever again…

  2. Igor the parrot has graciously offered to be Marie’s escort for the Fun Faire Banquet in Las Vegas! Because Federico Zaccone, Il Volo’s stylist is booked elsewhere I graciously offered to style Marie’s outfit for the occasion!
    Several weeks ago the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Special was shown on TV and I spotted a gorgeous, spangled and befeathered concoction absolutely ideal for Marie! Igor and Marie in matching feathers! What an entrance! What a couple!

  3. Jane, Marie, and all the rest of you, I really needed to hear about our guys horsing around, and the comments you all made. It was one of those days where if something CAN go wrong, it DOES. Grrrr. So now I can relax and reread the fun things that you have written. And Marie, I was sitting next you in Detroit when the famous pinching occurred. That was a fun trip in Detroit, even tho there was no singing – in person by our boys, I mean.

  4. I remember, Allene. You sat on my left and poor Jane was on my right. I think you both were heading for under your chairs at the time. That will teach you to sit by me. Fortunately, they both seemed to like it. Especially Piero! If you remember the Boys did a whole lot of horsing around that night. I love to see that. They work so hard and need to play like the very young men they are.

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