What’s in a Name? by Mary Bohling

Did you ever wonder how the name “Il Volo” came about? Wouldn’t it have been great to have been a fly on the wall when Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca and the men who fashioned their careers were discussing possible names for the group? The guys have told us that when making a decision about anything pertaining to their music, it has to be unanimous. Considering their youthfulness and inexperience in the music business, and the backgrounds of the older men, one wonders just how the decision was made.

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Ignazio has said that “the music makes us fly.” And “the flight” is SO THEM that it seems likely that the guys had a big part in choosing the name.

When their voices were first put together and getting some exposure before the public, they were known as “The Tryo.” But it soon became obvious that the name wasn’t characteristic enough for them, and so Il Volo was born.

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There is a sweet episode recorded in one of the early videos in which the boys (and they really were boys at the time) are shown walking down a street in Italy. They stop to talk to a woman that they have met. Ignazio is asking her if she likes the name “Il Volo.” He is so earnest and seems to value her opinion. All three seem to care about what she thinks. It is so typical of their natures, that even at that age they were thoughtful and considerate of their fans.

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Ignazio’s feeling that “music makes us fly” probably was shared by the others, and may be the reason for choosing The Flight as their name. No doubt they didn’t understand at that time just how appropriate it would be in terms of how their careers would take flight. They surely had no idea then of just how high they would fly and how much they would accomplish in just a few years, making the transition from boys who had an unusual talent for their ages to men whose music stands on its own for quality, beauty and musical perfection.

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Today they also spend a lot of time “in flight” on planes of all kinds, commercial and private. It’s fortunate that this is an era in which air travel is so accessible, allowing them to meet their schedule’s requirements, and also have time at home with their families. Their flight from Abu Dhabi to New York City involved 14 hours in the air. Fortunately, it was an aircraft as luxurious as a posh hotel, but that isn’t always the case. Because the concerts are often scheduled on back to back days, they may have to do a concert and the Meet and Greet, and then get on a plane that night to get to the next venue. It’s no wonder that Piero has said that it seems like they live on planes.

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When I was talking to Piero at the Meet and Greet in Detroit, he said that they had to hurry because they were flying to Huston that night. It was then almost midnight, and I thought, “what airline has a plane leaving at this time of night?--and Houston ??” That wasn’t on their itinerary. I found out later that they flew to Houston on a private jet to attend and perform at a Charity Ball….and then back the next day to a concert just across the border from Detroit in Canada.

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No matter how you look at it, “In Flight” is the perfect name for our guys. I wonder if those who made that choice realized what a perfect fit it is for these young men who have soared into the music world and into the hearts of so many.

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  1. Mary, this is a wonderful article. I am so thankful those responsible for putting these three voices together and then introducing them to the world did just that. A name could not be better suited for these three. What a joy it is to watch them fly!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better Mary and Jane! That name has brought me more JOY than I could ever explain in words.

    I love Il Volo so much that yesterday I called the Polizia Provinciale in Italy and told them I was the one who killed Delilah!

    1. Lovely! Just freakin’ wonderful!
      Now, l’ll have to blow the Vegas Bail Fund to retrieve you from some Italian lock up! What are we gonna do if somebody runs amok out there in Vegas? Leave ’em sitting jail in Sin City?

      1. Would you rather have the Boys singing to inmates? Lynn, let me make this sacrifice. Just add a little money to my commissary account now and then.

  3. Mary, you got it so right! And so did they – right from the beginning! Their voices soar into the heights and we fly with them! What a blessing for us all!

  4. Marie, Marie, Marie…you kill me!! I always wanted to change my name to Maria, now I’m glad it’s not Delilah!! Thanks for the early morning laugh, and thanks to Mary for the article!! You girls are priceless! ♡ from Texas!!

  5. This is the wrong video. I have no idea why the link changes with this commenting! Sorry for it. The name of the video is IL Volo EPK Interscope. It is on YouTube in my account geertiify.

    1. Thank you for trying to give us this video. I edited your trials. However the video appears to be blocked. It must have just happened. Maybe it will be released later today.

      1. Well, I clicked on the little YouTube sign under the videoo above and it took me to youTube where it said it was blocked. In another 2 seconds the video ran. Go figure!

  6. I noticed now also the remark of Copyright fringes… But a second later the Video started – luckily! One of the very early interviews in 2010 already!

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