‘Twas The Night

I have a need to post this poem I wrote (mangled) in 2013.  It’s my favorite for obvious reasons.   Yes…I plan to post it every year.


  ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the villa,
not a creature was stirring, not even Godzilla (couldn’t think of another rhyme)

When, what to my wondering eyes should I hear, (I take liberties)
but a song and three Boys, not tiny, but Dear! (lots of liberties)

I saw Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio too,
up to my rooftop, to my living room they flew!

They were dressed all in Armani, from their head to their foot,
but their clothes were all tarnished, with ashes and soot.

A bundle of love they had in their pack,
and they looked just like heaven, when I calmly stared back!

His eyes how they twinkled! His dimples how merry! (that really is a line!)
Piero’s glasses were there, the color of cherry! (that one’s not)

Gian said not a word but went straight to his work
and filled all my dreams with songs and a perk!

He’d left me Ignazio all covered with bows
and giving a nod up the chimney he rose!

He sprang to his Fiat, to Piero gave a whistle,
and away they both flew, like the down of a thistle.

But I heard him exclaim as they drove out of site,
“Happy Christmas to all, I hope Marie doesn’t bite!”



17 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night”

  1. Marie, that is so good! I’d like a ride in that Fiat! Take all the liberties you want! That was precious! Can hardly wait til March!♡♡♡

    1. Merry Christmas, Marie, and all Flight Crew Bloggers! Thanks for all the wonderful things that are posted here, even warmed-over poems (sorry, Marie). This poem is good,even though it is a rerun! However, if IL VOLO showed up in my living room dressed to the nines, I would not be staring calmly at them. I would probably stand there with my mouth open in awe. Then when I came to my senses, I would hug & kiss them all (yes, even your beloved “Precious”), & then share Christmas cookies & hot chocolate with them. WOW, what a Christmas dream come true that would be!
      I hope everyone’s Christmas dreams come true. Buon Natale a tutti ‘.

  2. Love this one! Maybe in years to come you could find something better that rhymes with villa? Like…Pasta Barilla? A gorilla? Atilla? How about a chinchilla? 🙂 lol! Still love it!

    Christmas greetings to all from sunny Florida!


  3. Love it Marie !!!! All of it !! You can have your Dimples !! All I want for Christmas is my GG coming down the chimney ( if I had one-but I do have a front door !!) and crooning to me by the tree !!! I don’t think that’s asking for too much !! Right ?? It’s not as if I’m asking for all three !!! But of course I do love them all and it would be more then thrilling if all three did show up !! What a beautiful dream !!
    Marie I’m wishing you and the entire Flight Crew Family a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year that brings to all of us Il Volo, health,friendship,love, happiness and peace !!!

  4. Hi Marie great poem love it and of course you know who I wish was coming down my chimney but oh my I’m already getting ready to March. Have a great Christmas.

  5. I hope you do post this every year. I love the side comments so much and yes, you do take liberties, especially with Mr.Dimples!. I think he would really have a good laugh you ever let him read this…. or maybe not because maybe then he would take off running! Thanks for leaving Piero for me, so thoughtful of you!

  6. I’ll tell you Marie if Mr. Dimples comes back to me & tells me you bit him then I will show him what a real kiss is. Better watch out when your in Las Vegas.
    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

    1. Merry Christmas to everyone and a Blessed one too. I am glad we can chat back and forth as much as we do. It’s mostly the 3 that we chat a lot about but we can’t help it they are angels from heaven who give us such joy and life back into our hearts. Buon Natalie to Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca and their warm welcoming families. God keep you safe as they travel to and fro. Just to makes us happy and we like them they know. God Bless everyone.

  7. Marie, this will always be a classic and yes, it is absolutely necessary to post it each year! 🙂 Great creative writing!! “Calmly” I think not! 🙂

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