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Wow!  Il Volo is amazing, and so are their fans!  IlVolovers have done an amazing job documenting the concert in Anacone.  As much as there is to this post, there is a lot more out there.  Check out our affiliate, All Things Il Volo, and LiJoy’s Facebook page for some fun behind the scenes periscopes and video clips not included here.  🙂

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L’amore si mouve


Tour nei Palasport 2016 — Ancona ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Photo Album


Il Mondo


Tour 2016; Ancona ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook Photo Album



Si Me Falta Tu Miranda



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Grande Amore




Sauro Simonetti

Quando l’amore diventa poesia


Per te ci saro

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Il tuo sguardo manca



Spettacoli Interview with Piero Barone (Italian) ~~

Spettacoli Photo Album ~~



Best Day of My Life



Concerto Ancona 8/1/2016 ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official Photo Album



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Imagine ~ Shari Noioso; guest star

Good Night!

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  1. Kelly, this is great. Thanks so much for posting it. It’s amazing how we can see the actual concerts now almost as they are happening!! I love it!

  2. Kelly, Thank you for making the concert come to my home live and in person.. Everything is Beautiful and you did it all for us… Thanks, Thanks, Thanks… And Il Volo thanks you too…

  3. Is that what Ignazio is doing taking opera lessons? Then we all have to mention how fantastic his voice is. When I first heard him sing Tonight I wasn’t keen on it but I have heard it now several times & now I appreciate the quality of his voice singing it now. He can sing opera beside Piero or be himself he is out of this world in everything he does.

  4. I’m glad you are enjoying. 🙂 I have a lot of help with this, though. Lydka is making this possible. There is no way I could keep up without her. 🙂

    1. Kelly it must be time consuming to do these posts, but please know that it is very much appreciated. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you in March!!!.
      Also a big ‘thank you’ Lydka for finding all these precious concert information.

  5. I have translated the interview that Piero gave to the corriereadriatico. I think it is quite interesting although it might not be “news” for everyone!

    “The three musketeers of Il Volo begin their tour at PalaRossini of Ancona” Thursday 7 January 2016 by Stefano Fabrizi

    ANCONA – On 8th January the PalaRossini of Ancona hosts the first date of Il Volo’s world tour “Live Palasport 2016”.

    With Piero Barone, one of the three musketeers, an exchange of wisecracks a few hours from the launch.

    Q. From “Ti lascio una canzone”, as little more than young boys, to international stars in little less than six years. Don’t you risk losing your sense of proportion, How do you manage to stay grounded?
    PB. The trick is simple: believe in those who are really dear to you like family and sincere friends. Then put your faith in a team of professionals who manage to decide the best things for us. When you are welcomed by thousands of people who praise you to the skies, you find your sense of proportion again when telephoning from one end of the earth to another to those who care deeply about you.

    Q. Starting out from Italy, then the launch in America. How did it happen?
    PB. Often Italian artists are unknowns at home while they achieve a miracle when they go abroad. In Italy, they wanted to make us into the trio of the new melodies, but really we did not feel that we were cut out for that kind of music or, at least, not only for that. Then they introduced us to Tony Renis who believed in us and, having a deep knowledge of the American market, he put us into a “made-to-measure” suit! It worked.

    Q. And how do you find working for Tony Renis?
    PB. A great professional. He has been fundamental for getting the Il Volo project under way. A project that has been, and still is today, being followed by our manager, Michele Torpedine, who manages to keep the rudder straight for this wonderful ship. Now we are being produced by Celso Valli. For us it has been a new step forward in our artistic growth.

    Q. And how does it stay afloat?
    PB. The first thing certainly is studying. In singing, especially lyrical singing, practise is fundamental. And in the face of fierce competition, the first ones who must believe in success must be us: never give up. And all this means lots of sacrifice; and, at our age, it is even more complicated: the mind turns to having fun, then we remember our responsibilities and that the jobs of a great many other people depend on our artistic fate.

    Q. Singing, of course, but do you have instruments that you like to play?
    PB. I play the piano, Gianluca the drums and Ignazio is definitely adept at many instruments. But let’s be very clear, we play for amusement: we do not hold ourselves out as professionals …

    Q. You are the oldest in the group – are you the most wise?
    PB. For us three, age is just a number; we were obliged to grow up in a hurry. Ignazio is the most lively, while Gianluca and I appear to be more thoughtful, but I assure you that when it comes to “making mischief” it’s a real contest. Sometimes we think up gags to put forward on the stage but often we move off script and this gives a certain uniqueness to our live performances. It was an unusual thing to see us trim the piano player’s beard. Or other crazy stuff carried out on stage or off it.

    Q. What are the subjects that cause you to disagree and which ones unite you?
    PB. In six years together we have constructed our roles following our personalities. So, Ignazio follows the production, Gianluca takes care of the songs while I get involved in managerial issues.

    Q. Right now, what is your greatest collective satisfaction?
    PB. With our experience as just 20-year olds, to have brought so many young people closer to lyrical music.

    Q. How does the choice of songs for the concerts come about?
    PB. Gianluca proposes the basis, then there is a discussion between us and finally a discussion with our producers.

    Q. A wish to be fulfilled?
    PB. To sing at the Met, at La Scala of Milan and to win a Grammy. Dreaming costs nothing!

    Q. Among your projects, is there an opera to perform?
    PB. At present, I think that I am the only one who would like to take part in an important opera. But I still have to keep studying. A lot!

    Q. Your first time in the “Le Marche” region?
    PB. Only passing through, unfortunately. But it’s like that in the other places where we go.

    Q. This evening is the first official date of the tour at PalaRossini of Ancona, while on the day of the Epiphany, there was the preliminary date at Roseto degli Abruzzi. How did it go?
    PB. Very moving. Spine-tingling. Every time that you get up on stage, whether it is the Arena at Verona or a small hall, the emotion and the adrenaline levels are always raised. The love that we receive from the public helps us. And this evening I am sure that it will be the same at Ancona.

    1. Bernard Duffy,
      thank you for translation ! 🙂 You are doing a good job. We, who don’t understand Italian, and use the web translator, appreciate, a lot, your contribution. Have a nice day ! 🙂

    2. Thank you so much for that translation! It is nice to know what is going on with Piero and he expressed himself well in this article. Mille grazie!

    3. Very interesting interview. Thank you Bernard for this very clear translation! It is so much appreciated.

  6. Dear Lydka, Piratesorka and Ineke

    I am so pleased that you all found it helpful! I will try to do some more translations when I have time. It is easier to do them at the week-end, of course.

    However, I am so grateful to be able to see and enjoy the other content on the site – like the wonderful videos from the shows in Ancona and Padua (Padova) – that I wanted to make my own contribution in exchange.

    You really are a very friendly group of people. I look forward to getting to know you better as time passes. Being passionate about this music and such wonderful artists as Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca means that we have so many things to share. I am already thinking of the memories we will all have of events that have not even happened yet!

    For me, the concert in London cannot come around soon enough; but I shall enjoy the build-up to it by watching excerpts from the Italian and North-American parts of the tour that the Flight Crew are working so hard to provide for us.

    Best wishes to everyone and Goodnight from England!


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