lI Volo Professional ~~ Palasport Live Tour 2016: Acireale




I think the people of Acireale were the most excited yet!  At least they seemed to have been the most exited to share!

~~ Kelly


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The Orchestra Arrives…yeah; I think the crowd is ready…



Lordana Torissi Facbook Post (photos)



La Vita


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Per te ci saro

Beautiful That Way


Acireale, Palasport – Il Volo Live, 23 gennaio 2016 Photo Album ~~ Studio54network Facebook






Il Volo nei Palasport 2016 – Acireale Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Italian Fan Club



Grande Amore



Data 8 – ACIREALE 01/23/2016 Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Acireale Facebook



Il Mondo

L’amore si mouve

Canzone per te



Tour 2016 Acireale jan22 Photo Album ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook



Solos and Duets

Gian & Piero

Piero & Ignazio


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Il Volo #LiveTourPalasport2016 – Acireale (CT) – 23/01/2016 Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo



Quando l’amore diventa poesia





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Ignazio always makes them laugh…

Till Next Time!



world tour



dont forgetA Note of Interest

Friday, January 29 at 21:00 (Italy)  RTL will broadcast live the concert at Mediolanum Forum in Milan  ( , canale 36 del digitale terrestre, canale 750 di Sky)




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    1. I’m glad you enjoy them! It’s just as fun for me because while I’m working to put the post together, I get to hear everything almost in real time (I have to open every link to see what it is and make sure it works). Thanks, Lydka, for doing such a good job sending me everything you find for these posts!

  1. Hi – was roaming around the 102.5 radio site and it was odd, but I couldn’t find any mention of the Jan 29 streaming of their concert. However, I did find a place on their site where it tells you how to listen on various devices. You can also click “English” for their site in English, however, what comes up is still in Italian. buona fortuna!

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