Everybody needs some comforting sometime.  Yes, even our boys.  They are on the road so much– away from home, and even though surrounded by crowds and their own entourage, they get lonesome sometimes for a comforting hug from someone close to them.

Michele, being somewhat of a father figure, may get called on for a comforting lap sit.  Macho Ignazio isn’t above asking him for a little cuddle.1 hugs

Hugs from Mom are always welcome and comforting, and Moms are always happy to oblige.  Nothing like a warm embrace from Mom to make you feel loved and safe.

1 hugs 1

Gianluca is always happy to give little brother, Ernesto, a comforting smooch.  It’s obvious how they feel about each other.
1 hugs 2

When Piero gets home from a long time away, he really wants a hug from sister, Mariagracia.

1 hugs 3

knows when his brothers need some comforting affection, and he is 
ready to give them a hug, whether they want it or not.

1 hugs 4

There is nothing like a comforting shoulder to lean on, and Gianluca finds one 
ready for him, along with a gentle pat on the forehead from brother Piero.1 hugs 5

Just enjoying being together can sometimes be a comfort.  Ignazio embellishes it with a sweet hug.
1 hugs 6

I hear that the boys are looking for a full time “hugger” to accompany them on their trips…..someone always ready to give comfort when needed. 

We all know that there is nothing like a “grandmotherly” hug for real solid comforting, and ladies, I hear that they are interviewing for the position.  Now Marie and Loretta, no pushing. (no offence, at the grandmotherly, Marie)  

You must have a refined demeanor for the interview.  There will no doubt be others applying for the job.  I’m not saying when or where the interviews will be held, since I want to get there first, so don’t get your hopes up.  I have had a lot of experience in hugging, and am highly motivated to get this job. 

If, for some reason, they decide to continue to hold interviews after I have given it my all, you will have to take your turns with the other hundreds of candidates. And, if that happens, I wish you well, and may the best hugger win.

1 hugs 7


21 thoughts on “THE POWER OF A COMFORTING HUG ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Ok, there’s going to be some stiff competition out there! I’ll have to volunteer for the substitute mother’s hug though. Lol!! Hugs to all. We’ll see our guys soon! Stay warm!

  2. Love it, Mary!! My family was rather reserved!! When I met Carl & his Italian family that all changed!! I’m an experienced huger & am sure they must need more than one grandma to cover this position!!! Big hugs to all this lovely Sunday morning!!! We Are Love!!!

  3. hug

    verb (used with object), hugged, hugging.
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  4. I can’t wait to give them big hugs and get mine in return !!! They are the best huggers !!! They have more Grandmothers then any other three boys in the whole world but always have big hugs waiting for all of us !!! They need and thrive on all of our hugs when they are far away from home and we are ready and more then willing to shell them out !!💕💕

  5. Wow. ” A refined demeanor” I guess that prohibits us pirates from applying… Oh wait, I know! Pirate school taught me all about pirate refinement so that will have to do. I know I can offer a good warm hug and a pinch on….uhhh a pat on the back! Rub their backs! Yes, I can do that! Maybe even arrange a piratey smooch!
    I’m all set for March! Piero is set for a real treat! I will hug Gianluca until he squeeks! Ignazio is so much taller than me I might not reach his back, but I shall think of something. Ciao!

  6. It was a great article–thank you for your creativity and wonderful ideas to give us ever more loving info and pix of our boys

  7. Another great post Mary. I love how affectionate Piero, Ignazio and Ginaluca are especially with each otherI They will give a hug, kiss or hang an around each other or even walk along arm in arm which is so lovely to see. Every once in awhile when they are sitting, I see Piero pat Ignazio or Gianluca on the leg or sometimes one of them just places their hand on each other’s cheek. It is really beautiful to see.

  8. Mary, I love that posting! Because I am on the short side, Pirate I, too, will have to stand on my toes to hug Ignazio. However, that never seems to be a problem when the time comes. But I expect to be in the line for hugs to and from Piero. And that job seem right up my alley. Can’t wait for March!

  9. I am an experienced hugger from way back but the BEST hug I have ever received was from Ignazio last year, wow can he hug & he will bend over to hug us.
    I hope I can be first in line for the job of travelling huger. I will evern work for free. Long as I can give Ingazio hugs all day

  10. As matriarch of 14 lovely men, I’m all hugged out. But- none of them can sing. Maybe, if I really tried, I could hug the hell out of Ignazio!!

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