Songs for the US/Canada Tour

Here is the performance list for the Il Volo Palasport 2016 Tour:

2016 Tour Italy

Ineke thought it would be a good idea to ask you which songs you would like to hear on their US/Canada Concert Tour beginning next month.  (Can that be in just a few days?!!)

Ineke and I agreed on two of our favorite, “Eternally” and “Ancora”.  

I think it’s cool they included “Il Mondo”.  Haven’t heard that in a while.  Hope they keep it for us.

Out of left field, I would like to hear a little song they’ve been teasing us with for a while called, “All of me”.  It’s the one recorded by John Legend.

How about you?  What would you like to hear?



61 thoughts on “Songs for the US/Canada Tour”

  1. Love them all – hope they are going to do their duets – love the Gianluca and Piiero song or maybe the duets they did before My Way and Unchained Melody

      1. Yes, and I want to hear him sing the “high” vivere! Also want him to do the Pino Daniele medley, even though someone else doesn’t… lol!

  2. I hope they leave Vent’ anni, the duet with Piero and Gianluca in their set. I also love IL Mondo (but I think it’s a no brainer that they will sing it since I feel it’s their “signature” song) , my other choices would be Canzone per te and even though I know they won’t sing it, I’d love to hear Vacanza Romane.

  3. Great selections!!! I love El Reloj!!! Agree with the songs you all suggested!!! These Concerts will be magical, enchanted evenings for each of us!!! Their voices just get better & better!!! I notice they look more mature!!! I hope Ignazio has not grown taller! He towered over me at PBS on Sept 12. Grande Amore!!!

  4. If they could sing Aspettero, Ancora and Non Farmi Aspettare in my first concert….Wow!!! Thank you for giving us the chance to express our preferences! I like all their songs but those kill me! Thank you!!!!

  5. Hard to pick a fav, everything is wonderful. But I agree wholeheartedly about ETERNALLY. Just love that one. I also love Beautiful That Way. Movie that is from was heart wrenching. Thanks so much for sneak preview. Our Detroit concert is one month from tomorrow. Getting excited.

  6. Hello Chris, Ann and Emilia!

    Looks like we need concert DAY. Starting in the morning and allowing them to have an hour lunch, then continue singing until we all have dinner together, then singing into the night. That way we can hear it ALL!

    Hey Team Il Volo! Did you see that? Please and Thank You!

  7. It is impossible to choose but I ADORE ANEME E CORE. However, so thrilled to see GIANLUCA will bring back ARANJUEZ!!!!!!!! I will see two concerts this year-just thrilled.

  8. I am hoping for Core N’grato, My Way and Unchained Melody for the duets. They have not performed any of those for audiences on this side of the pond. I love Ancora and the other songs on the new discs but I much prefer these duets to the ones they are singing in this current Italian tour.

  9. Any others will be fine, but please let Ignazio sing “To Night”!!!! It would also be nice if I could sit by him when he sings it! I know, Marie, but let this little old lady have some fun!! Texas is waiting impatiently!!♡♡♡

    1. That’s OK Dot. Just whisper that he’ll see me again in Vegas in a couple of days! Well…maybe you shouldn’t. Let’s see how I behave at the Florida concerts first. Wouldn’t want to scare the boy.

  10. Another comment: Someone please help me!!!
    Where is the box that says: Media Options
    I can’t seem to find it. I want to print out an Il Volo Flight Crew badge for the 2 concerts I’m going to in March – BUT I can’t find it!!!

    1. Nancy, Look at “Flight Crew Badge” upper left in gray OR in a day or two I will post, “Who’s Going Where” again and I will include copies of the badge.

  11. They can sing anything and I will be happy, only not Smile, if I had to choose a least favorite that would be it, but only for personal reasons. My favorite, if it is possible to pick one, is Recuèrdame, or No Hace Falta, the harmony is out of this world. See, I can’t pick just one. Core N’ Grato would be over the top. I wish they would do requests, but then we would be there for days which is fine by me.

  12. I would like to hear Beautiful That Way, Eternally, The Best Day
    of My Life, Aneme e Core by Gianluca, Unchained Melody by
    Gianluca and Ignazio, Tonight by Ignazio. It will be amazing
    just to be at the concert taking it all in. March 20 is my date.

  13. Hi Marie, this is more difficult than what I thought!!! All the songs that are on the performance list are amazing. If I had to include my favourite songs to this list then I would probably have to replace the following songs (even though it breaks my heart!!!!!!)

    Tornera l’amore to Romantica
    Cinque giorni to Unchained Melody (Ign & Gian)
    Chist’e o Paese do sole to Core ‘N Grato (Ign & Piero)
    Canzone per te to Eternally
    Io che amo solo te to Anema e core (Gianluca)
    Surrender to Ancore

    Thanks Marie, only 38 days more to go before our first concert!!!!!

    1. Yes Emilia,Aspettero I love too much /and L´immensitá/.
      I´m glad that Gianluca will sing Aranjuez!
      I look forward to the first concerts.

    1. Hello Mary Ann, I am from Cleveland, but a snowbird, so I will be seeing them in Tampa. I hope the weather is good for you on that date. I wonder who (Barbara?) arranged the tour dates to have them traveling NE USA in February? Piero thinks “not to worry, we’ll be inside” little does he know that Cleveland, Buffalo etc. weather is unpredictable. Have a great time, how could you not.

      1. Rose Marie, that’s funny! I’m from just outside Columbus, Ohio and I’m going to two concerts in Florida and the one in Vegas. I don’t trust our weather here either. Escaping!
        Both Cleveland and Pittsburgh are close to me….but no!

      2. Hi Marie, lucky you for going to 2 in Florida. I am going to Vegas, but it was last minute and could not get M/G just mezzanine. I am planning on going to Myrons event at the Palms. Are you, would like to meet you. I’ll be the one with the big smile. Oh, wait, that won’t work will it? We’ll all be smiling.

      1. Any song they sing will be OK with me. Beautiuful That Way is one of my favorites. Also Piove and La Vita. I love them all. Marie, I have something to show you. Hopefully we will meet in Ft Myers.
        Alice in Florida

  14. you know, they just have too many songs now in their repertoire! and they keep adding more! what’s a fan to do??? A special request concert would be nice. Barry Manilow did that once. It was like a roulette wheel thing and whatever song it landed on, that’s the one he sang! Although I think it landed on certain albums, as he had so many and he sang a song or two from that album….

      1. yeah, think I saw him 13 times or so? we even flew to Vegas when he was at MGM to see him, had 2nd row end seats, awesome! yeah, a bit Manilow-esque? He really put on a great show though!

  15. I really love so many on their playlist including the solos and duets. I would love to also hear Core N’Grato from their summer tour. I too love Eternally and can listen to it over and over! Others I would like included would be Romantica and Vacanze Romane (I can’t figure out why they haven’t sang either of these songs at their concerts). My dream list also includes Aspettero, Non Farmi Aspetarre, Ancora and the one that started it all “O Sole Mio”. Of course, it would be a very long concert but who would complain.

    1. Two cities in Canada isn’t enough, since both cities are on the other side of the country. If I had my choice of songs Eternally, La vita, just to name a few.

  16. I think during their concerts in the USA, they will perform several songs in English. I also think they will perform mostly their songs that are on their new CD. Some of the songs that we hadn’t heard before, was for their Italian audience. I’ll be happy with any song they sing!

    1. I hope you are right! It was obvious to me that they needed new songs for their Italian audience as this was their second tour there of the year. So I hope they will sing My Way and Unchained Melody here in North America as they never have performed those here . Time will tell!

  17. All are fabulous, solos, duets, all of it. They are all fabulous…I would love to hear Maria, Gianluca solo. My daughter and I will be in Atlantic City Feb. 13 with Meet and Greet !!!!!! I’m going to faint…..I just know it….

  18. I’d love to hear “Caruso”. Less than a week until I hear them in Buffalo! I have great seats (2nd row center) but no M&G. Any ways to get a gift to them?

  19. Marie, are they bringing Shari with them on this tour? I see the two songs “Imagine” and “Beautiful That Way” listed but with her name there.

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