Personally Speaking~What a guy!


Never let it be said our guys are  not humble in every sense of the word.

Here we see Gianluca vacuuming at his home in Abruzzo.  I can see where doing this type of work might give him a sense of normalcy as compared to being on the road life style. I am thinking he probably does not mind doing this at all.  This only goes to show they do the most mundane chores despite their famous status in the world! 

They have always said their families keep them grounded and this is evidence of just that.

I know a boat load of ladies that would be more than happy to come and help you, Gianluca!




16 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~What a guy!”

  1. Love that charming Gianluca helps out at home!!! As has been stated before, They Can Do Anything!! My cleaning lady is as sweet as can be & with me for 10 or so years but I’ll take GG any day!!

    1. I have a cleaning lady but I would prefer Gianluca. He can sing while he is cleaning. I love that voice. Maybe he can convince the other 2 to help him.
      Alice in Florida

  2. Lets see, I could have Gianluca vacuum for me and Ignazio could cook for me, what could I have Piero do? Hmmmmm….

    Why, he could do anything at all for me! With those piano playing fingers I bet he could give a great massage!

  3. He cooks.
    He cleans.
    He sings.
    He takes beautiful photography.
    He likes to draw.
    He speaks 4 or 5 languages.
    Is he even human?

  4. The greatest at anything he can do! PERFECT! God made him special and his parents are blessed to have a son that makes them proud. What a perfect gift from the Lord!

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