It’s Carnival Time in Venice ~ LynnK

The Magnificent Venetian Celebration of Carnival


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  1. Thanks for this posting. Beautiful pictures. When we were stationed in Germany we went to some “Carnival Time” events. The parades were the most fun. They had ‘tanks’ on the floats dispensing vine. “Wild” evening parties. Unfortunately at my present age I would be lucky to make thru the parade.

  2. We were in Venice a few years ago and it was packed with tourist as I’m sure it always is. We finally had to sit down at one of hundreds of outdoor tables and had each, a small pizza and 7-up which cost $25 not including the gellato for another $5. St. Mark’s Square was covered with pigeon poop because there were thousands of them just hanging out with the tourist. Italy is so beautiful especially Amalfi , Rome, Florence and Pompeii.

  3. Thank you Lynn. The pictures are wonderful. I was lucky enough to go to Venice three times and so happy I purchased a mask and gorgeous gold embossed wine glasses that to me are priceless.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! My granddaughter is is an artist and loved the masques. I brought her one from Venice a couple of years ago and it is displayed in her bedroom. Thank you for the links.

  5. This looks beautiful, Lynn. The masks are simply amazing. I would love to be a part of this celebration someday! Thank you for the good post!

  6. So THATS where that dang parrot went!!! Such a rascal that Igor!
    Actually when I went to Italy, Venice was the city I was not interested in. I thought it would be too “Touristy”. However, once I got there I was smitten!. I ended up walking away from the touristy spots and took in Venice on my own. I went to mass at St.Marco’s Basilica and had a fabulous seafood lunch in the little town of Burano which is part of the Lagoon. Thanks for this video, it was pretty splendid to behold!

  7. Thank you, Lynn!! Looks like such a fun time!! The costumes & masks are magnificent!! It is my one regret that I will not get to Italy. This very elderly body could not make the trip. Great historical lesson with lovely photos! Grande Amore a tutti!!

  8. Anne we never let our elderly thoughts take over our body. We keep forging ahead with positive thoughts to make sure it understands that we are going to keep going.

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