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Time to Relax With Yet Another RANDOM Post from LynnK

And who of us hasn’t been one of these at one point or another!

Ten wonderfully quirky Italian animal-related idioms

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Italian is full of bizarre idioms and proverbs which can confuse foreigners.  Here ⇒ http://www.thelocal.it/20160116/ten-wonderfully-quirky-italian-animal-related-idioms


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I thought it might be worth mentioning these three sites for those Crew members who might not know where to go for English translations.

This is the one you recommended :
Il Volo English Translations

Il VOLOPT-ENG’s music and videos with subtitles

Lyrics to Il Volo’s songs in English

I’m sure there are other sites out there but these three ought to hold everybody!

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(Lynn’s thoughts on the Flight Crew?  Should we be mad? ~M)

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You didn’t know you needed to know this!!



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Thought this might entertain the Crew!

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Now here are some fabulous chuckles for everyone who likes

wine…and still  hilarious for those who don’t.


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It’s funny how 8 glasses of water a day seems impossible

lynn relax 8But 8 glasses of wine can be done in one meal

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LynnK, Not Groupish and Without Phone-itis in Albany

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Hey Crew!

Sorry I didn’t post anything about the Albany concert. Other people said just about everything that could be said and I didn’t take many pics because I wanted to enjoy the concert without “phoneitis!”

I didn’t do the M&G, but people I talked to after said it was very short and hustled. Their buses were parked next to the theater and they got on and headed to NY.  Not one stitch of advertising on the buses or equipment trucks. Definitely a missed advertising opportunity. If I’d hung around a little while I’m sure I’d have seen them but I didn’t want to be groupyish (?)

The third nite they were in Albany they stayed at the Hilton which is where I stayed the next nite. So I missed seeing them there by one nite! By the time I checked in they had left for their sound check! Or I chickened out! Take your pick! One of the parking valets said that when they all checked in it was a loud, yakking bunch of Italians!

I also talked to some of the members of the orchestra and told them how great they sounded.  One of the violinists accompanied Piero and Igna for their duet on O Paese d’ O sole and he was terrific. He put as much emotion in his playing as they did in their singing. For me that was the best song of the concert! Nobody seems to be posting about it. They really acknowledged him, patted him on the back and said grazie, grazie to him! I told him what a great job he did! He smiled, said thanks and seemed a little shy and embarrassed! I said thanks to other members. They are with the Albany Symphony Orchestra. There were thirteen of them.

I took some photos of their buses and the equip trucks on my phone.  I walked around the corner of the the theater and they were all lined up there. 

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Also a black stretch limo was just closing it’s doors. Alot of serious looking security! I think it was Governor Cuomo. He’s Italian and I’m sure he met them at the Columbus Day parade in NY.  He comes up to the Saranac Lake/ Lake Placid area frequently for short rests. He and his daughters ski and hang out. I stopped to get gas and looked over at the next pump and there he was filling up his own vehicle. Just him, no one else around him! No security, nothing! Gave him a thumbs up!

I had watched so many concert videos on the various Il Volo sites that when they appeared at the top of the stairs with the lights and smoke and music it seemed like another video. Such a sense of unreality! I said to myself ” You better wake up! This is the real thing this time!” I was in the seventh row which was great. Close but not too close so I could see them, the band and orchestra. The Maestro was there which surprised me. I thought Albany might be too small for him but sure enough he was there! It was funny to see Igna do his orchestra conducting thing! Holy Cow! his voice just soars! Hearing him in person you can really hear what a powerful, musical capacity he has. Somewhere I read that he is working with Piero’s opera coach. You can here it in his voice, breathing and opened chest that wasn’t there before. I can’t wait to see how well he and the other two develop over the years! And I can’t wait to read what Myron says after the Vegas concert!

The orchestra seats were mostly an older crowd and it seemed a little subdued. I was worried the guys would think we were a bunch of duds! I couldn’t see the balcony from where I was so I don’t know how they were reacting. They got quite a few standing O’s but I think a lot of the older ones just couldn’t get up from their seats. There was a lady in a wheel bed type thing at the side and all three of them went off the stage to talk to her. Piero asked her a few questions. Couldn’t really hear. Can you imagine the effort to get her and the bed thing into the theater. There were several sets of stairs to get into the main part of the theater and they must have had to pick it and her up those stairs. A real fan!

Over all it was just fantastic! Can’t wait to go to another of their concerts!
See Ya!

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It’s Carnival Time in Venice ~ LynnK

The Magnificent Venetian Celebration of Carnival


More Randomness ~ LynnK

Every now and then I wonder if I’ve gone off the deep end.  Then I get these emails from Lynn and know that if I am a little strange I am not alone. ~Marie

Six quirky reasons Italian New Year is awesome

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I thought you might like this story from the BBC news . The Maremma breed of dog used to guard the little penguins was originally and still is used in the Abruzzo and Maremma regions to guard the sheep and goats! I want one! Or two!!

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Just to show you the US is not the only place where weirdness occurs!

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Let’s buy one and throw a party for Il Volo!

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Randomness ~ LynnK

I think we’ve hinted enough now.  Our LynnK will be bringing us some “different” video’s and such under the title of “Randomness”.  Here is her first installment.  It’s ok to be a little afraid. ~Marie


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This is beautiful. I would have given anything to see in person!

An illumination presented recently at the Vatican as a gift to Pope Francis from various environmental groups to highlight the threat of global warming.

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Some of the most common superstitious rites and traditions on New Year’s Eve that are meant to bring about fortune.

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New Year’s Eve in Italy sees a range of superstitious rites and traditions that are meant to bring about fortune. Here are some of the most common.

From north to south, a plate of cotechino and lentils will be served at dinner. The meaning of this tradition is related to the Romans, for whom lentils symbolized abundance and money, and the fatty meat of the pig an omen of abundance. Another tradition in the realm of food is eating pomegranate, which symbolizes loyalty and fertility, particularly effective if eaten in the company of your sweet half. When midnight strikes, you’re supposed to eat 12 grapes, one for each month of the new year, as grape also symbolizes luck.  

Very important! On New Year’s Eve, you’re supposed to wear something red (usually underwear) for love and luck in the new year.

Another tradition is to throw out the window broken old things to symbolize letting go of what is useless to make room for a new start.

Superstition has it that if the first person you meet after midnight is a priest or a doctor, but also a postman or a bell ringer, you’ve got something to worry about; if it’s a woman, it’s not a good sign; if it’s a man, you can rest easy (a bit of a sexist superstition, perhaps?).

The tradition of kissing under a mistletoe hanging from a door is more recent, and it’s meant to drive away evil spirits. It’s also common – and appreciated – for men to bring a mistletoe to the women in their lives on the first day of the new year. – See more at: http://www.italymagazine.com/dual-language/new-years-eve-traditions-tradizioni-di-capodanno#sthash.4jjvGEXY.AwWGtI1W.dpuf


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Here is a look at the gorgeous new Etihad A380 Airbus which flew our Guys to Abu Dhabi and New York ! Maybe we could boot the cabin crew off and do a little Flight Crewing the next time the Guys fly Etihad! Marie has the sign up sheet! And don’t anybody bring that parrot!!

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Heh! Heh!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkle, twinkle, little star

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For article and pictures :

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My brother-in-law sends all this goofy stuff! His retired buddies send stuff back and forth all the time and somehow he thinks I need it, too! Actually some of it is pretty hysterical! And I’ve determined you need to see it too!! Heh! Heh!

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