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Every now and then I wonder if I’ve gone off the deep end.  Then I get these emails from Lynn and know that if I am a little strange I am not alone. ~Marie

Six quirky reasons Italian New Year is awesome

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I thought you might like this story from the BBC news . The Maremma breed of dog used to guard the little penguins was originally and still is used in the Abruzzo and Maremma regions to guard the sheep and goats! I want one! Or two!!

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Just to show you the US is not the only place where weirdness occurs!

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Let’s buy one and throw a party for Il Volo!

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26 thoughts on “More Randomness ~ LynnK”

  1. If I had won the lottery I would take all of us to Italy( yes,even the parrot) and we would see every Il Volo concert. Don’t worry Pirate, there would be enough money left over to buy you some more Cannon’s.
    Marie has to promise to share Ignazio with us though! Yes Marie, share Ignazio! Marie are you there? Where did she go? What, she’s on a flight to Italy? How did she do that so fast?

      1. I see you all talking about me. I haven’t said anything because it’s not nice to say, “I’ll share Ignazio over the parrots dead body.” See? Aren’t you glad I didn’t say anything?

      2. That can be arranged Marie! I think both Lynn and Pirate will volunteer to do the dirty deed!

      3. Oh how ya abuse me poor parrot Igor, all he wants to do is sing a few songs by Il VOLO for you Marie. I think he is working on a imitation of Ignazio singing Memories right now. Just for you.

      4. Nothing, no one, and certainly no molting bird could possibly imitate that Man of Great Mane, that Prince of all princes, that Sizzling Singer of song….who belongs to me.

    1. Loretta! That’s what started me off to begin with! And somehow I washed up on shore with Bette!! I actually sent it just to entertain Marie!

      1. It’s a steal! Now we only need 28,500 more people to donate $24.58. If you look at the numbers attending Il Volo concerts it should be easy! Do not send me money! I will use it to attend yet another concert next month.

    1. Too funny,Jill! It made me stop and think! I was going to ask “Who’s Walter?” Oh! Ignazio’s horse! Fast on the uptake, there girl!

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