Personally Speaking~Looking Good!

Living the life of a nurse for a career is not a glamorous life to say the least.  Shower, put on clean scrubs, fix hair and I’m on the floor for duty.

When I see photos of the preparations Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have to go through EVERY TIME they step on a stage I am thankful for the little prep it took me to pull off my gig every day.

To start with, take three  amazingly handsome Italians and try to make them even better?  Is it even legal?  The make up artists and hair stylists that have the privilege of working with these guys do an outstanding job of doing just this.  Many thanks to their great crew!







12 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Looking Good!”

  1. I do not like make-up on men. Handsome men do not need it, the natural look is always the best and the most beautiful. 🙂 A man should be neatly dressed and well-groomed,but all in a “healthy mode”. 🙂 There is nothing worse than a man, who is narcissus. In Slovakia, we say, that every man prettier than devil is handsome. 😀 Our boys are handsome without makeup. True beauty comes from the heart and from the soul ! 🙂 Charisma is the greatest ornament of man. 🙂 Charismatic man ( of course also with a lovely personality and rich inside) is more handsome than classically handsome man without a spark.

  2. Lydka, I agree with you that our guys are handsome without all the makeup. That’s just part of show biz in this part of the world I guess. I love the natural look for men and women. True beauty does come from the heart and soul that is clearly evident with these three young men!

  3. Having done a lot of theater, I can tell you that with the powerful lighting that’s used on stage their faces would just disappear. They would all look pale and ill. Handsome with make-up. Beautiful without make-up!

    1. Marie is right!
      For the needs of television cameras make up artists make adjustments not only singers but also politicians and civilians all participans. is the same in all states.It is a necessity!
      And in Europe it

  4. It looked as if Ignazio was having parts of his hair curled. I thought his hair was naturally glorious. Probably it is just touch-up. True beauty shinging through. You aid that right Mary

  5. I read somewhere recently in an interview that Ignazio doesn’t think he’s handsome! Can you imagine that? I think he’s just gorgeous especially when he does that spontaneous smile! All three of them are handsome and it’s not just their looks. It’s their personalities and their true enjoyment and interest in other people. I think they must be a lot of fun and just plain nice to be around!

    1. I agree Lynn. Part of their amazing beauty are their personalities that shine through every fiber of their being.

      Ignazio is modest. If a thousand people a day tell me I’m pretty I’ll believe it. Plus, he is a beautiful hunk of Italian man. Sings pretty too!

    2. Ignazio is modest, it comes across in interviews. I think he has it all, handsome, personality plus, intelligence, sexy as all get out and out of this world talent. Wow!!

  6. You guy are right. Our guys would be gorgeous any way . I wish I was one of the make up artists for them. Joanie G

    1. JoanieG! Being a makeup artist for the Guys must be a fun time! Several of past Periscopes show them clowning around in the dressing rooms with the makeup people! One showed Ignazio making weird noises at one of the girls and scaring her to death! I told you they were fun to be around!

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