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Would it be safe to say that we (Ilvolovers) have adopted Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio as our own, as in “to take by choice into a relationship?”  (Webster)  When they first came to our country on tour and then settled in LA to work from Universal Studios, it was love at first sight for us.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with Ignazio’s sweet dimpled cheeks, Gianluca’s beautiful cherubic face and Piero’s rascally hair and demeanor?
moscow 1
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And on top of their adorable appearances, when they opened their mouths in song, we were blown away.  Who were these darlings from across the ocean—Italians??  Really??  They seemed like our own right from the start.  Of course they had parents in Italy, but they had let the boys come to us, so–finders, keeperswe wanted them for our own.  We thought (hoped) that if we loved them enough they would never leave us.  Didn’t they seem right at home singing the National Anthem at the Dodgers game in LA?

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But their talent and universal appeal was too great to be limited to the USA.  We really knew that it was inevitable that they would be recognized by the world.  And, truth be told, we wanted the best for them.  And since they always said that their mission was to bring Bel Canto music out of Italy and into the world, we knew that we would have to give them up for the greater good.  As Gianluca said, “It was more than a choice–it was our destiny.”

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So, even though it wasn’t official, we adopted them into our own families. They are as real to us as our own sons or grandsons.  A day doesn’t go by without their voices being a part of it.  We may even have a picture or two along with our family photos.  We search for news about what they are doing and where in the world they are.

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We scan their faces for signs of fatigue.  We are relieved when they look happy and relaxed.  We are proud of their success.  And we pray for them daily, because we have adopted them and made them OUR 6.png


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  1. That is so true – I cannot get thru a day without listening to them and checking to see what they are doing. They certainly have stolen my heart, especially Gianluca – but love them all

  2. Mary, you NAILED it! They ARE part of our families! I pray wveryday for Jesus and amaryllis to keep them safe, just as I do for my biological family! I thank God each day for giving us these fantastic young men!
    A day isn’t complete unless I listen to one of their cds or watch a DVD of them!

  3. Mary, your writing is always spot on. I always agree with what you write. But not this time. Sorry. Yes, I always need to know what they’re doing. Yes, I have their photo’s among my family photo’s. Yes, I watch their faces for signs of sadness, illness and fatigue. But, Oh Mary, I NEVER agreed to “Give them up for the greater good.” No one even asked me! I want peace for the greater good, but I want Il Volo for ME! Right here in the U.S.A. (preferably next door). Every day! All the time! Forever! Sorry Mary.

    1. I understand how you feel, Marie, but I’m afraid that ship has sailed…. the die has been cast, etc., etc….bottom line: you can’t tie down a whirlwind, and they have “whirlwinded” onto the international scene.
      As they say in t he song, “I can’t stop loving you, but believe me I’ll never tie you down.” We can’t—just let them go, Marie, but remember we still have a part of them and that will never change.

  4. You write so beautifully. I’m sure we all feel that way. They have filled some lonely hours for me and for that I thank them. Looking forward to Tampa.

  5. Great words Mary and so true. We have to let them fly it is their destiny look how happy they are now the smiles on their faces is what I love to see and the response they get from their fellow countrymen is music to my ears not for me but for them because that’s what the guys have wanted and worked for for so long. I must admit I do also pray for them everyday that God does watch over them and keep them safe. So far He’s doing a great job. Thanks Mary for your beautiful words.

  6. Thank you again Mary for another beautiful post and I feel the same way! It is hard to share them but I am so happy that their beloved country Italia is returning their “Grande Amore”. They have gotten all generations loving their bel canto and I too pray for them and their families who are so supportive and generous in sharing their beautiful sons.

  7. Marie, you are so right. These wonderful men have absolutely become part of our families. As I said before, my day starts at 4:30 am armed with 2 iPads, fully charged and off I go to wonderland. First up is to this site for some new of how you are all doing. Then on to Utube, twitter and then tumbler. On Utube, I spend about 2 hrs listening to IL VOLO music.
    They have become my obsessions, these three, and I make no excuses. I pray for them daily along with my family and friends. I can’t wait for Las Vegas.

  8. I also don’t want to lose them. It’s like seeing my own kids fly away. See you in Las Vegas. Joanie g

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